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									      Cultural Program
International Students at BiMBA
What is on their
mind while they
Top challenges doing business in China
 Unclear regulation
 Bureaucracy
 Lack of transparency
 Inconsistent interpretation of regulations
 Poor intellectual property rights protection
 Difficulty enforcing contract terms
 Corruption

Source: 2004 Am-Cham-China and AmCham-Shanghai Member Questionnaire
    Objectives of the Cultural Program
   To cultivate cross-cultural sensitivity
   To understand the underpinning values of
    doing business in China
   To build up confidence and ability to
    conduct international business in a foreign
    (Chinese) culture
  Components of the Program

Historical and cultural
      Sites visits

                       and on-site
                                     Company and
                                     agency visit
Genghis Khan Cenotaph
                                                      Qufu, hometown of Confucius
                                                      and cradle of Confucianism
Tongwancheng, where the
powerful nomadic kingdom
                                                      Linyi, The Bamboo Slip
                                                      Museum and where The Art of
                                                      War was unearthed
Xi’an, World Cultural Heritage
for Terra-Cotta Warriors

                                 Map of historical and cultural sites
                  Lecture Topics
1. The nature and influence of Confucius and Confucianism
   on Chinese Society
2. The Art of War by Sun Tzu and its Role as an Inspiration for
   Strategic Thoughts
3. A Strategic Analysis of Chinese Unification under the Qin
4. Ghengis Khan’s War Practice and Strategic Guidance
5. The Cultural Conflict and Transformation Between Nomadic
   Tribes in Northern China and Central Kingdoms along Chinese
   History and its Inspiration on Cross-Cultural Management
    Feedback of BiMBA04 FT International Students
                  (September, 2004)

Coupled with relevant, clear and poignant lectures, this trip
provided me with a solid understanding of the subtle nuances
and underlying foundations of Chinese society.

                             Jon Galligan
              BiMBA 2004 Full Time Student from U.S.A.
  Company and government agency visits

   You will have plenty of time to conduct this
   kind of visits during your MBA study at
   BiMBA, together with your Chinese
   The cultural program will facilitate your
   analysis and synthesis of case study in the
   Chinese business setting
   Message to Cross-cultural Experiences

It is wisdom to know others;
         It is enlightenment to know one's self.

               The conqueror of men is powerful;
                      The master of himself is strong.

                              -Tao-te Jing, chapter 33

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