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					Reserve Officers Association
   of the United States

             Preserving the Nation’s
               For Over 85 Years

                LTC Terry Daheen
               LtCol Mike McCarthy
What is ROA?

ROA is:

   Member Driven

   Officers from All Uniformed Services

   Over 66,000 Members
What is ROA’s purpose?

ROA is Your Advocate for:
   Readiness

   Viable Reserve Forces

   A Strong National Defense
Charter from Congress

  ―... The purposes of ROA is to support and
 promote the development and execution of a
  military policy for the United States that will
       provide adequate national security.‖

Public Law 595–81st Congress
30 June 1950
Revised by Public law 105-225—105th Congress
12 August 1998
ROA Actions...

                 Members Of Congress
                 Congressional Staff
   And           Civilian Leadership
 ROA Staff
 ROA Staff
Communicate      Military Leaders
   with          Corporate & Civic Leaders
                 Other Associations
 Accomplishments for Reservists

• Pay Raises            • Portal-to-portal Medical
• Retired Pay           • Reemployment Rights
• Dental Insurance      • Gray Area Benefits
• Montgomery GI Bill • Drill Points To 130
• VA Home Loan          • Tricare For Reservists
• Thrift Savings Plan
• Full Commissary Privileges
ROA & ROTC Activities...

   Awards and Medals
   Scholarships
   DOD/ROA Pentagon Seminar
   ROTC Memberships in ROA - $4 per year
   1st year membership after commissioning free
ROA Support of ROTC Battalions,
Detachments & Squadrons

   National lobbying effort to:
    –   Provide Adequate Funding
    –   Maintain ROTC Detachments at public Universities
        and Colleges

   At the local level:
    –   Provide speakers and special events
ROA Member Benefits
(including ROTC members)...

   THE OFFICER available on the ROA Website
   Scholarships
   No fee/low fee credit cards
   Discounts on ―Army/Navy/AF/Marine Times‖
   ROA Marketplace
   Weekly personalized Email updates
   Insurance at group rates
Additional Benefits...

   Mentoring by senior officers and professional
   ROA Career Center for Military and Civilian
   Networking for promotion, assignments, &
   On-line services and information:
How does ROA do its work?

   Pursues legislative agenda by:
     – ROA resolutions
     – Identified needs of our members
     – Identified needs of the services
     – Grassroots effort at the local level
     – Partner with the Military Coalition of 35 military
   Maintains a staff on Capitol Hill
Legislative Agenda...

   Reduced Retirement Age for Reservists
    Reserve Montgomery G.I. Bill
    Employment Protections
    Service member's Civil Relief Act Protections
    Spouse Protections during Mobilization
    TRICARE for Reservists
    Tax Benefits for Employers
    Equipment Modernization
    Pay and Benefits Parity
    Reconstitution

    The Professional Association for Reservists
    Protects Reserve force benefits, structure and
    Provides professional development and training
    Facilitates networking with fellow officers
    Represents services in ―Joint Environment‖
    Focus on ―Jointness‖
    International affiliation
Recent Army Accomplishments

   Working with Congress
     –   for full-time TRICARE coverage for Reservists
     –   to reduce Reserve retirement age to 55
     –for Concurrent Receipt for Retirement and Disability
     benefits to include Reservists and Guardsmen
     –   to fund needed equipment
     –Working within DA to determine Reserve role in Homeland
Recent Navy Accomplishments

   Successfully argued for Naval Reserve
    authorized end-strength increase to 87,000 in

   Acquired additional funding for drills, annual
    training, and active duty for special work

   Gained additional equipment funding
Recent Air Force Accomplishments

   Established Air Force Reserve as Major Command
    of Air Force: AFRC
   Established authority for AFRC/CC to serve as
    lieutenant general vice major general
   Saved Hurricane Hunters from being transferred to
   Kept three C-9s at Scott AB for aero-med mission
   $40 Million in NGREA towards LITENING II pods
Recent Marine Corps Accomplishments

 National   leadership organization for procurement of
 the V-22 Osprey as a Transformational Technology

 Acquired   additional funding for drills, annual
 training, and active duty for special work

 Gained   additional equipment funding for the Marine
 Corps Reserve
Recent Coast Guard Accomplishments
   Drove Coast Guard to increase Coast Guard Reserve from
    8,000 to 12,000 authorized end-strength from FY03-FY06.
   Supported Coast Guard organizational transfer to Dept of
    Homeland Security.
   Gained statutory creation of an Office of the Director of the
    Coast Guard Reserve headed by a flag officer.
   Supported Coast Guard active duty end-strength increases
    and ongoing Combat Roles.
   Lead proponent of Coast Guard Integrated Deepwater Project
    with New Start Authority granted in FY02.
US Public Health Corps Initiatives

 Lobby, Support and Advice on developing a Ready
  Reserve Component PHS Commissioned Corps.
 Monitoring the HHS Transformation Initiatives.
 Expand and enhance the PHS Corps
  –   Improve and expand training and deployability of PHS
      officers to areas lacking primary care.
  –   Evolution of PHS Commissioned Corps’ structure size,
      and response capabilities.
ROA’s Proposal: Montgomery GI Bill

    Improve MGIB-Active to allow deployed Reservists to qualify by
     accumulating mobilized time
    Increase MGIB-Selected Reserve to 47% of MGIB-Active
    Include 4-year reenlistment contracts to qualify for MGIB-SR
    Continue MGIB of Reservists who are involuntarily transferred
     from pay to non-pay and continue to maintain qualifying years
    Permit activated Reservists to defer repayment of certain federal
     student loans
    Adjust interest rates on federal student loans when the market
     rate drops below 6%
ROA’s Position: Employer Support

   Enact tax credits for health care and
    differential pay expenses for deployed RC
    –   Provide tax credits to offset costs for temporary
        replacements of deployed RC employees
    –   Support tax credits to employers who hire
        demobilized service members
ROA’s Position: Employee Support

   Permit delays of regularly scheduled
    licensing/certification/promotion exams scheduled
    while mobilized* (being accomplished State-level)
   Change IRS code to permit above-the-line
    deduction for overnight travel expenses of RC
    members from 100 to 50 miles.
Commission on
National Guard and Reserves

   Extended Commission on National Guard and
    Reserves from 12 months to 18 months, with
    final report due NLT 1/31/08.
    –   ROA contributions WILL include:
          White Paper: A Strategic Direction for RC of U.S.
          Position Paper: Reset of Equipment for RC
          Mobilization
          Early Retirement
          Reserve Compensation
President Theodore Roosevelt

              “Every man owes a part of his
                 time and money to the
              business or industry in which
              he is engaged. No man has a
               right to withhold his support
               from an organization that is
              striving to improve conditions
                   within his sphere.”
    For More Information…

 800-809-9448
 1 Constitution Ave, NE, Washington, D.C. 20002-5655
 E-Mail:
        – Army–
        – Navy–
        – Air Force–
        – Membership–