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									Department & Program Five-Year Plan
Due in the Dean’s Office: September 26, 2008

Purpose. The departmental five-year plan is intended to link planning, assessment and external
review with line and space requests and with curricular planning. These departmental plans will
contribute to the Dean’s Council planning and budgeting processes for the College. Each
department should use the development of the plan as an opportunity to reflect collectively on the
mission, objectives and future plans of the department.

Plans for AY 2008-2009. In September 2007, every department was asked to submit a
completed five-year planning document. In this year’s planning document, you need only update
last year’s document to reflect changes over the past year and revised plans for upcoming years.
Each department should fully complete Section I (Summary of the Year) and Section II
(Department and College Data) but should only update as needed the plan developed in response
to the questions in Section III (Questions for Department Reflection and Planning). A significant
redrafting of last year’s plan is not necessary. If your department is being reviewed in AY 2008-
2009, the plan should be developed into your self-study document (see information on the Dean’s
Office web site).

We’d like to urge you to pay attention to the following:
    Data: Comment on the data provided in the order listed and attach the tables
       included in the appendix. Please don’t feel you must comment on everything; focus on
       changes or particularly notable variation from College norms or means.
    Planning: Pay particular attention to the questions that ask you to look ahead 1-5
       years. Use the planning table to map out key issues for the next 5 years; use the narrative
       sections of the report to provide supporting detail. We’ve clearly separated the planning
       questions in each section.
    Assessment: Indicate what assessment plans you have in place, what data you have
       collected in AY 2007-2008, what if anything the department has done to respond to
       the data. Department mission and learning goals should come from your assessment
       plan. Please attach your complete assessment plan and indicate what changes were made
       in response to data collected this year and what aspects of your assessment plan you plan
       to pursue in the next academic year.

    Forms attached:
       *Summary Department Planning Table
       *New or Replacement Line Request
       *Non-Personnel Budget Request
       *Facilities and Furnishings Need Requests

    Attach to Final Report:
       *Data tables provided
       *Department Assessment Plan
Department & Program Five-Year Plan—AY 2008-2009

Date of Last Department/ Program External Review: __________________________
If your department or program was evaluated within the last year, your 5-year plan should
respond to the recommendations of the outside evaluator and indicate how the department is
working to implement them.

I. Summary of the Year: Accomplishments & Challenges
     What have been the major accomplishments of the department during this past year?
     What have been the major challenges of this year?

    Planning Questions
     What are the major things the department plans to work on next year? During the next
       five years? (Complete attached Departmental Summary Planning Form.)
     What challenges do you anticipate the department facing over the next year? The next
       five years?

II. Department and College Data (Provided by Dean’s Office)
     Course Evaluations
     Enrollment Data
     Budget
     Grade Distribution
     CLA Fact Book

Comment on Data Provided. Note significant changes since the previous year. Particularly
comment where data relate to an element of your 5-year plan or reflect a change in an area the
department has been focusing on over the last year.
    For course evaluations, use the data now available on learning objectives to assess how
       your department is meeting its learning goals.
    For enrollment data, comment on any significant changes or shifts in enrollment
       particularly those that you feel have implications for curriculum or staffing.
    For budget, comment particularly on any significant discrepancies between budgeted
       amounts and actual expenditures.

III. Questions for Department Reflection and Planning (revise only as needed)
Use the questions below as a framework for your planning document. Where questions do not
seem relevant, don’t feel you have to respond to them. Similarly, feel free to add areas of
particular importance to your department that the questions do not address. Wherever possible,
please indicate how available data, either that provided by the College or collected in the
assessment process, support the needs and inform your conclusions.

    How does the department define its mission?
    What are the department’s student learning goals?
    How are these goals and the mission conveyed to students?
    How does the department’s mission reflect the mission of the college?

    How does the curriculum implement the department’s learning objectives for its majors
        and minors? What courses are particularly critical for implementing these goals? (Please
        attach syllabi for key courses at each level. Attach assessment rubric(s) if you have
        developed one (them).)
    How is the curriculum structured? What’s the relationship between introductory,
        intermediate and upper-level courses? Is there a capstone experience for majors and/ or
    How does the department contribute to general education? What courses in the
        department are most frequently taken as Gen. Ed. courses?
    How does the curriculum integrate: experiential learning, study abroad, internship or
        praxis experiences?

    Planning Questions
     Are there new developments in the field that you see as likely to necessitate curricular
       changes within the next 3-5 years?
     What curricular issues are of current concern to the department? Is the department
       planning to make changes in the curriculum in the next year or two in any of the areas
       above? How do assessment data reflect these concerns?
     Do you anticipate or are you planning for changes in class sizes or enrollments over the
       next year or several years? If so, what changes do you anticipate and how do you plan to
       address them?

    How would you define the department’s place in the College curriculum and programs
        and its relationship to the broader liberal arts mission of the College?
    How is the department connected to other departments and programs in the College?

    Does the department have adequate and appropriate faculty? Are the faculty deployed as
        effectively as possible?
    If the department has untenured faculty, how are they doing? What has the department
        been doing to mentor them? How has their presence contributed to the department?

    Planning Questions
     Are there particular faculty development needs in the department? How do you propose
       to address them within the department or what help do you need in addressing them from
       the College? What particular plans do you have in place for the development and
       mentoring of your untenured faculty?
     What short-term and long-term staffing needs do you anticipate in the next 5 years as a
       result of: retirements? Increased student demand in a particular area? Need to add a new
       area to the curriculum? Sabbaticals, replacements and leaves?

     How many majors and minors does the department have? Has the number
        increased/decreased over time? How do you explain these changes? How have they
        effected the department?
     Does the department have any means for benchmarking their students against students in
        the field nationally or at comparable institutions (e.g. evaluation instrument, conference
        presentation, prizes)? How do Drew students measure up against other students?
     How does the department structure advising? Is advising within the department effective?
        In what ways might advising be strengthened?

       What does the department do to create a student community and to involve students in
        the life of the department?
       What do majors do after graduation? How does the department track majors and minors
        after graduation? What percentage attend post-BA study? What fields of employment do
        students enter? What does the department do to help students define and clarify their
        post-graduation plans?

    Planning Question
     Do you anticipate a significant change in the numbers of majors and minors within the
       next five years? What makes you expect such a change? How is the department planning
       for this change?

     Does the department contribute to interdisciplinary programs in any way? Course
        offerings? Shared faculty?
     If so, how does the interdisciplinary connection contribute to the department?

    Planning Question
     Does the department have plans to expand or establish connections to an interdisciplinary
       area in the near future? If so, in what way?

    How does the department make use of technology in its teaching and learning?
    Do available teaching and research spaces meet the department’s technology needs?

    Planning Question
     What technology needs does the department currently have or anticipate having over the
       next several years (i.e. hardware, software, support, training?)

    How does the department address diversity in its curriculum?
    How diverse is the department faculty?
    How diverse are the students attracted to this department or field? Do you make any
        focused effort to recruit diverse students into departmental courses?

    Planning Question
     What are the department’s goals with regard to diversity over the next 5 years? Do you
       have plans to increase faculty diversity in the future or to make curricular revisions to
       address issues of diversity?

Global Education
    Does the department participate in a study abroad program? Do students from the
       department study abroad on approved list programs with some regularity?
    Does the department curriculum reflect, where appropriate, global and international

    Planning Question
     Does the department have plans to increase its involvement in study abroad experiences,
       either through a DIS, participation in a semester-long program, or creation of a summer

Experiential Learning & Civic Engagement
    Does the department offer or require experiential learning in the form of internships, field
       experiences, off-campus experiences?

       Does the department incorporate service learning experiences into any of its courses? If
        so, which ones and in what ways?

    Planning Question
     Does the department have plans to incorporate service learning or experiential learning
       elements into its courses or major/minor requirements? Within what timeframe?

Space and Facilities
(Complete attached Facilities and Furnishing Needs Request to make specific needs known.)
    Does the department have sufficient office space for full-time faculty? Does the
       department have space for adjuncts?
    Does the department control other non-office space (lounge, research, etc.)? If so, what
       kind of space and how is it used?

    Planning Question
     Do you anticipate needing additional office space for full-time or adjunct faculty within
       the next 5 years? Do the offices need renovation or replacement furniture?
     Does the department have other unmet space and facilities needs? How will addressing
       these needs advance the objectives of the department and its curricular and program goals?

    Does the department have sufficient resources to accomplish its academic mission in all
       of the areas outlined above?
    In what areas do the resources seem to be particularly insufficient?

    Planning Questions
     What additional resources do you anticipate the department needing in the next five years?
     What would these additional resources enable to the department to accomplish?

Assessment (Attach departmental assessment plan)
    Does the department have a plan in place for assessing student learning outcomes?
    Has the department collected assessment data?
    What were the major insights the department gained from a review of that data?
    How have your findings been used to change your academic program or in other
       decision-making processes in the department?

    Planning Questions
     What assessment data do you plan to collect in AY 2008-2009? During the subsequent 3
       or 4 academic years?
     How do you anticipate evaluating and making use of this data?

    Does the department benchmark its curriculum against peer or aspiration institutions
      regularly? If so, which are they? How have you used these comparisons in thinking
      about curriculum or other aspects of the department?
    Does your disciplinary or professional association provide curricular benchmarks or
      models that the department has used in the past or plans to use in the future? If so, how?

Self-Study and External Review
     If it is not already on the review schedule for the next two years, should your department
        be scheduled for self-study and external review?
     If so, why do you think this is the appropriate time for your department to undergo
        external review?

                                                          Use this form to summarize departmental planning issues over
     Departmental Summary Planning Form                     the next 5 years. The narrative in your 5-year plan should
     Department: _____________________                        explain and elaborate on the issues noted briefly here.
     AY 2008-2009

                            AY 2008-2009   AY 2009-2010         AY 2010-2011               AY 2011-2012              AY 2012-2013
Faculty Deployment:
 Line Request
 Other off-campus faculty
 Revisions to major
 or minor(s)
 Revisions to General
 Education Offerings
 Impact of outside
 programs on Dept.
  (e.g. MAT)
 Data Collection
 Other Space Needs
 Furniture and other
 equipment needs
Program Review:
 Implementation of recs.
New or Replacement Line Request Form Cover Sheet – AY 2008-2009
Due in the Dean’s Office: September 26, 2008

If you are requesting a full-time faculty position that is either a new or replacement line,
please answer the brief questions below and then attach a narrative that lays out the plans
for and need for the position in the context of your 5-year plan. Departments need not fill
out this section of the form if they do not intend to request a new or replacement full-time
faculty line.

Department or Program:________________________________________________________

1. Position title ________________________________________________________________

 New Line                               Replacement Line

2. Description of Position (i.e. the job description that will be used to advertise the position.
Refer to “Elements of a CLA Position Description” on the Dean’s web site for required and
optional elements of the description)

3. Rank of Appointment: ______________________________________________
(Appointments in the College are usually made at the new or early assistant professor level. Is
there any reason why you would be requesting that this appointment be made at another rank or

4. Summary Rationale Statement. Provide a phrase or sentence that encapsulates the
rationale for this request to be used in the College budget document presented to the
Expenditure and Allocation Committee.
Non-FT Faculty Budget Request – AY 2008-2009
Due in the Dean’s Office: September 26, 2008

Department or Program_____________________________

Indicate requested increases in your department or program non-full-time faculty budget
for AY 2008-2009 (i.e. Adjunct Faculty, Staff, Student Employment, Operating Budget)
Please summarize the request in the table below and then attach a narrative that provides
full rationale for each requested item, explaining the need in the context of your five-year
plan and assessment data You may explain the specific need here and simply refer to the
appropriate section of your five-year plan for the context of the request.

Line (Account #)               Current Budget                  Increase Requested

Total Increase Requested

Indicate if any of your department or program’s non-faculty budget lines can be reduced
from AY 2007-2008 to AY 2008-2009.

Facilities and Furnishings Needs Request – AY 2008-2009
Due in the Dean’s Office: September 26, 2008

Department or Program_____________________________

The Dean’s Council will use this information to prioritize space and facilities requests.

I. Space and Furniture for New and Replacement Faculty. If you will be requesting
a replacement line, what needs to be done so that the newly hired person can occupy the
incumbent’s office? If you will be requesting a new line, is there a furnished office (and
lab space, if appropriate) for the newly hired person to occupy? If you will be requesting
additional adjunct staffing, is there a furnished office available for the adjunct(s)? Please
explain specific needs below.

II. Other Facilities and Furniture Requests. Does the department or program have
other immediate facilities and furnishings needs which you are requesting be funded in
AY 2008-2009? Please provide a specific rationale for each request within the context
of the space and facilities needs you define in your five-year plan.

III. Classrooms and Common Spaces. Are there classrooms or common spaces used
regularly by the department that are in need of renovation or refurbishment? Please give
specifics. Does the department have additional suggestions or recommendations about
the use of or need for common and classroom space in the college?


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