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Brunswick Centre, Westborough, Scarborough (Personal Callers Only)
Harbourside, Sandside, Scarborough YO11 1PP
Langborne Road, Whitby YO21 1YN
John Street, Filey YO14 9DW

Scarborough, Whitby, Filey, Tourist Information Bureau,
Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough YO11 2HG
Tel: Accommodation Hotline: 01723 383636                              Marketing & Communications
                                                                       Head of Service: Ruth Hyde
     General Enquiries: 01723 383637

                                       Scarborough Borough Council

                                                   DOG RESTRICTIONS

           Areas subject to dog ban byelaws all year round

           1.       Dean Road Cemetery
           2.       Eastfield Play Centre
           3.       Eastfield Play Area
           4.       Edgehill Play Centre
           5.       Falconers Square
           6.       Granville Square
           7.       The Green, Burniston
           8.       Linden Road Playground, Newby
           9.       Merryweather Gardens, Northway
           10.      Newby Farm Junior Playground
           11.      Newby Farm Senior Playground
           12.      Quarry Mount
           13.      Olivers Mount (South Playing Field)
           14.      Shuttleworth Gardens
           15.      Wykeham Street Junior Play Area
           16.      Wykeham Street (All Weather) Play Area
           17.      Manor Road Cemetery
           18.      Woodlands Crematorium and Cemetery

           19.         Copse Hill Playground
           20.         Crescent Hill Paddling Pool
           21.         Filey Cemetery
           22.         Memorial Gardens
           23.         Northcliffe Gardens

           24.         Airy Hill Playground
           25.         Abbots Road Playground

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    26.         Stakesby Vale Playground
    27.         Whitby (Helredale) Cemetery
    28.         White Leys Playground
    29.         Pannett Park
    30.         Sleights – “The Hump” Enclosed Playground

    Areas subject to seasonal Dog Ban byelaws (1 May to 30 September)

    31.      Scarborough North Bay (Corner Café to Sea Life Centre)
    32.      Scarborough South Bay (Lifeboat House to Aquarium Top)

    33.         Coble Landing to end of Royal Parade

    34.        West Beach (Battery to Former Beach Café)
    35.        Sandsend (Bank Bottom Car Park to Sandhills)
    Please note; in addition all beaches are subject to the provisions of the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act

    Areas Subject to Dogs on Leads Byelaws

    36.      Alma Square
    37.      Alexandra Gardens
    38.      Bracken Hill Playground
    39.      Briercliffe Playground
    40.      Castle Dykes
    41.      Castle Holms Mini Golf and Putting
    42.      Clarence Gardens Putting Green
    43.      Corner Putting Green
    44.      Crescent Gardens
    45.      Dale Edge Play Are
    46.      Deepdale Playground
    47.      Durham Street Playground
    48.      Eastway Play Centre
    49.      Falsgrave Park (Lower Area)
    50.      Gallows Close (Between Allotments and Endcliffe Depot)
    51.      Gildercliffe Play Area
    52.      Grosvenor Gardens
    53.      Holbeck and South Cliff Gardens (Upper Section)
    54.      Loders Green, Eastfield
    55.      Manor Road Bowling Greens
    56.      Manor Road Playground
    57.      Maple Drive Junior Playground
    58.      The Mere (Area Bounded by Unadopted Road)
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    59.         Merrydale Playground
    60.         Moor Lane Play Area Newby
    61.         North Bay Promenade (Scalby Mills to Corner Café)
    62.         Northstead Manor Gardens (Lake Area)
    63.         Olivers Mount (Memorial)
    64.         Osgodby Play Area
    65.         Overdale Playground
    66.         Peasholm Park and Lower Glen
    67.         Ridgeway Playground
    68.         St Martin’s Square
    69.         St Nicholas and Town Hall Gardens
    70.         Scalby Parish Hall (Sports Area)
    71.         Sea Cliff Bowling Green
    72.         Sea View Playground
    73.         South Bay Promenade (Lifeboat House to Aquarium Top)
    74.         Valley Road Gardens (North of Valley Road)
    75.         West Square (Garden)
    76.         Wykeham Street Senior Play Area
    77.         Sandybed Recreation Area

    78.         Clarence Drive Playing Field
    79.         Crescent Gardens
    80.         Glen Gardens (including Golf Course)
    81.         Promenade (Coble Landing to Royal Parade)
    82.         Southdene Bowling Green
    83.         Filey Country Park (Part)
    84.         Filey Town Hall Gardens

    85.         Crescent Gardens
    86.         Battery Parade and Promenade from Spa to Upgang Ravine
    87.         Byland Road Junior Playground
    88.         Ellerbeck Way Playground
    89.         Formal Gardens (Land between Khyber Pass and East Crescent)
    90.         People’s Park
    91.         Helredale Recreation Ground
    92.         Kingfisher Drive Junior Playground
    93.         Larpool Lane Playing Fields
    94.         Marton Court Amenity Area
    95.         Muncaster Way Junior Playground
    96.         Runswick Bay (from South End to Sea Wall North to Cockpit Hill)
    97.         Saxon Road Play Area
    98.         Sleights – “The Hump” Play Area
    99.         Staithes (Staithes Beck Bridge to First Breakwater)
    100.        Tate Hill Beach
    101.        West Cliff Sports Ground
    102.        White Leys Playing Field

    Copies of the Byelaws may be purchased from the Council’s Director of Corporate Services, Town
    Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough.
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    There are many areas in the Borough suitable for exercising dogs which are not subject to the above
    Byelaw controls, however they are likely to be subject to dog fouling controls under the Dogs (Fouling
    of Land) Act 1996 (see Below). Please show consideration for other people when using these facilities
    and always clean up after your dog.

    All land which is open to the air which includes covered land open to the air on at least one side and to
    which the public are entitled or permitted to have access with or without payment.

    All highways which are carriageways and to which the public have access and which have a speed limit
    of 40 miles per hour or less, including grass verges, footways and footpaths adjoining such highways.

    Village greens but not rural common land.

    Urban common land.


    Carriageways with a speed limit of more than 40 miles per hour and the land running alongside them.

    Land used for agriculture.

     Land used for woodlands, i.e. commercial woodland as opposed to woodland used predominantly for
    recreational purposes.

    Land which is predominantly marshland, moor and heath.

    Rural common land.

    Note:- Clearly defined footways which go across non-designated land, would be subject to the
    provisions of the Act.


    Alma Veterinary Surgery                                      Tel: 01723 360484
    11 Alma Square                                               9-10 Mon-Sat (open surgery)
    Scarborough YO11 1JR                                         Appointment Only 2-3 &4-6pm Mon- Fri
                                                                 Sat Appointment only 2-3

    Cundall and Duffy                                            Tel: 01723 375947
    156A Falsgrave Road                                          8.30am – 6.30pm
    Scarborough YO12 5BE                                         Daily

Last Updated January ‘07                              4
    Swanzdale Veterinary Care Centre                        Tel: 01723 363006
    99 Scalby Road                                          9-10.30am, 2-4pm &
    Scarborough YO12 5QL                                    5-6.30pm Daily

    Filey Veterinary Centre Ltd                             Tel: 01723 513119
    Veterinary Centre, Station Road                         9-9.30am & 6-6.30pm
    Filey YO14 9AH                                          (Daily: ex Wed 2-3pm)
     (also at)
    15 Hungate Lane, Hummanby                               4-4.30 Daily
                                                            (ex. Mon 7-7.30pm)

    The Beck Veterinary Practice                            Tel: 01947 603269
    Woodlands, High Stakesby                                Mon-Fri 9-6.30pm
    Whitby YO21 1HL                                         Sat 10-2pm
                                                            (Sun. emergencies only)

    Clevedale Veterinary Practice                           Tel: 01947 825042
    10 The Parade                                           9-6.00pm Mon-Fri
    Whitby YO21 3JP                                         Sat 9-12noon



    Mrs M Adamson, Keepers Cottage Pets’ Hotel,
    (Boarding Kennels and Cattery)                          (01723) 862234
    Moor Lane, Riggs Head, Scarborough, YO12 5TG   
    (3 miles from centre of Scarborough)

    Martin & Debbi Lawrence, Coppergate Boarding Kennels (01723)870440
    Coppergate Cottage, Gowlands Lane, Cloughton
    Scarborough YO13 0DU (6 miles from centre of Scarborough)
    Email: Website:

    Mrs A.E Smethurst, Appletree Cottage Cattery,
    Station Road,                                           (01723) 583835
    Cayton Scarborough. YO11 3TL
    (4 miles from centre of Scarborough)

    Mrs Harland & Mr Hecker, Pet Sit, 81 Burniston Road     (01723) 355635
    Scarborough YO12 6PH
    (1 mile from centre of Scarborough)

    Mrs R Knight, Linglands Cottage, Gowland Lane,          (01723) 870756
    Cloughton, Scarborough. YO13 0DU.
    (5 miles from the centre of Scarborough)

Last Updated January ‘07                            5
    Paul & Wendy Hayes, Cayton Carr Kennels & Cattery,     (01723) 582125
    Station Road, Cayton YO11 3TL
    (4 miles from centre of Scarborough)

    Mrs M Smith, Springfield Kennels & Catterry            (01723) 892095
    Springfield House, Sands Road, Hunmanby
    Nr Filey YO14 9QN (7 miles from centre of Scarborough)

    Mrs M Tomlinson, Fieldside Cattery                     (01723) 862252
    Pasture Lane, Seamer, Scarborough YO12 4PY
    (4 miles from centre of Scarborough)

    Mrs S A R Beck, The Arbour Cattery,
    The Animal Health Centre                               (01947) 820333
    High Stakesby, Whitby. YO21 1HL
    (1/2 mile from centre of Whitby)

    Mr Ian Kitching, Valley View Boarding Cattery          (01287) 660637
    New Road, Castleton, Whitby. YO21 2EX
    (17 miles from centre of Whitby)

    Mrs J Mitchell, Brackenhill Kennels & Cattery          (01947) 810380
    Brackenhill Lane, Eskdaleside, Sleights, Whitby.
    YO22 5ER
    (4 miles from centre of Whitby)


    Scarborough Borough Council                            Tel: 01723 232535
    Animal Care and Dog Control Wardens                    Fax: 365280

    Out of hours emergency contact                         Tel: 01723 351558
                                                           Fax: 376675

    Police – Scarborough/Whitby/Filey                      0845 60 60 24 7
    RSPCA – Regional Centre                                0990 555999
    National Canine Defence League                         01325 335055
    Ryedale District Council                               01653 600666
    Hambleton District Council                             01609 779977
    East Riding of Yorkshire Council                       01262 422561
    Redcar and Cleveland Council                           01642 444000

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