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Sophia Loren

•   Sophia Loren has been taking advantage of Galvanic treatments for 50 years, She
    has never had a facelift. It is noted in all her biographies and you can see it very
    clearly. With a facelift the skin is tighter but it is not rejuvenated and still looks dull.
    With Sophia you can see clearly how fresh and vibrant her skin still is. Would you like
    to know her secret?

•   She drinks 5 liters of water and for the last 50 years has had a Galvanic Spa
    treatment twice a week.

•   You can have the same benefits with this patented Galvanic Spa in the privacy of
    your own home. It is simple, effective and a minimal cost.

•   Would you like to look as good as Sophia Loren at the age of 73?‖
    Notes: The history of galvanic current

•     The ―galvanic current," used today for cosmetic purposes to facilitate the delivery of beneficial
      ingredients to the skin, is named after an Italian scientist Luigi Galvani (pronounced Lu-e-g Gal-
      vani) Galvanic current is safe and effective and has been used in medicine for over a century.

•     For more than 50 years, spa and salon professionals have used gentle galvanic currents in
      customized treatments to refresh and energize the skin. These treatments, through a gentle
      massaging action, help to focus cellular energy and enhance circulation.
What do galvanic treatments cost?

• At leading salons weekly galvanic treatments can cost a
• Galvanic Facials = $100 per weekly session.
• Galvanic Body Treatments = $120 per weekly session.
• Galvanic Hair & Scalp Treatments = $50 per weekly
• That’s a total of $1,080 a month and over 8 hours of
  your precious time spent in salons.
Notes: Introducing Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II System

   • The Galvanic Spa is a programmable device with
      patented self-adjusting galvanic currents and
      interchangeable heads for face, scalp, and body.

   • It works synergistically with specially formulated
      products to assist in the transport of key ingredients
      that deliver revitalizing, restorative, and rejuvenating
Notes: Benefits of Galvanic Treatments

   •   The benefits of Galvanic treatments on the face are immediate as it energises and refreshes
       even the most fatigued complexion leaving it visibly glowing and nurtured with added
       moisture, appearing smoother and more youthful.

   •   Add to this, the ease of doing a Galvanic regularly in the privacy of your own home and at a
       more affordable price.

   •   The amazing benefit of the Galvanic Spa is that afterwards your skin continues improve even
       after your treatment is complete.

              Show before and after photos if guests haven’t already seen them
                                Ask, “Would you like to see the results for yourself?”
Let Hostess read the presentation from here

    Notes: Cleanse the face

    •   It is very important that the face is thoroughly cleaned before begin the treatment. Today we are
        using the Nu Skin 180 Face Wash.

    •   This face wash contains 10 percent active, efficacious vitamin C, making it one of the most
        extraordinary anti-aging cleansers available.

    •   This level of concentrated vitamin C is a potent tool against multiple signs of aging. In addition to
        targeting age spots and discoloration, this rich, creamy formula helps support collagen production
        to diminish wrinkles and firm the skin.
Notes: Apply Pre-Treatment Gel

•   There are 2 gels that you will using during your facial treatment, pre-treatment (in the white
    capsule) and treatment (in the blue capsule).

•   We are going to start with the pre-treatment gel

•   The Pre-Treatment Facial Gel is in the clear tube or vial, that she is using in the demonstration
    here, which calms and cleanses the skin, preparing it for the treatment.

•   Contains marigold essence, kelp and vanilla to calm and deeply cleanse.

•   You always want to use the entire contents on your face and neck. For demonstration purposes
    we will only use half for half the face.
Notes: Set the Galvanic Spa for Pre-Treatment

•   Now that the gel has been applied, we set the Galvanic Spa for the pre-treatment. The spa is set
    to 1 Fountain and we will set the timer for 5 minutes.

•   Your hand should be moist and must be touching the chrome base, which is the conductor of the
    galvanic current.
•   When the spa is first placed on the face, the spa instrument with automatically analyze your skin
    and beep 1,2, or 3 times to indicate it is set for your skin’s needs.
•   (People with highly conductive skin (usually high skin moisture and electrolyte content) will get a
    level three (3 beeps). Their skin can tolerate high levels of Galvanic. People with less conductive
    skin will get a level two, or level one setting depending on how conductive their skin is. A lot of
    people think that getting a level one means that the instrument will be less effective. Remember
    that the instrument is determining the right level for YOU. If you get a level one setting, a level
    one setting is what your skin needs, and you will get effective results. Also remember that
    people’s skin moisture and electrolyte content can change so don’t be surprised if one day you get
    a level two setting and another day you have a level three. Whichever setting you get is the
    setting your skin needs, and can tolerate at that time.)
•   During the treatment it will beep once every 20 seconds.
Notes: How it Works – Pre-Treatment

•   During the Pre-Treat Cycle, the Galvanic Instrument and the Pre-Treat Gel are negatively

•   These negative charges repel each other, driving the Pre-Treat Gel into the skin.

•   The Pre-Treat Gel binds to impurities deep in the skin.
Notes: It is all in the motion!

•   When using the Galvanic Spa we want to move Instrument slowly and evenly and always Work
    your spa upward.

•   There are 3 main areas we target

     –   Mouth & Lips Area

     –   Under the Eye

     –   Forehead

•   A good habit is to repeat Each Move 5 Times in a specific area.

•   Hold spa for 3 seconds at each end point.

•   After 5 minutes, the instrument will signal a final beep.
Notes: Apply Treatment Gel

•   When completed we remove the excess gel from the face with a damp cloth.

•   Now, we apply the treatment gel from the blue capsule.

•   The Treatment gel is positively charged.

•   It contains a form of vitamin E to help moisturize, condition, and provide antioxidant protection. It
    also contains Rose, Sandalwood, and Jasmine Extracts soothe and condition the skin.

•   Plus it s contains other beneficial ingredients to help revive and invigorate your skin from stress.

•   We are now ready for the second treatment. We set the spa for two fountains. This means that
    the device will deliver a positive galvanic current and we set it for a 5 minute treatment again.
Notes: How it works – Treatment

•   During the Treatment Cycle, the Galvanic Instrument and the Treatment Gel are positively

•   These positives charges repel each other, helping to deliver the beneficial ingredients into the

•   The positively charged instrument attracts the remaining negatively charged impurities from the
    Pre-Treat cycle, drawing them out of the skin.
Notes: Tru Face Line Corrector

•   Positively Charged Product

•   Skin is extremely receptive to this product after Galvanic Spa Treatment

•   Effectively softens moderate to deep lines around the mouth, eyes, and forehead.

•   Uses peptides to send age-reversing signals to collagen-producing cells.

•   Can use with your Galvanic Spa to target trouble areas. Set Spa to 2 Fountains (Positive Charge)
    and use for 1 to 3 minutes.
Notes: A Nu Skin Discovery – the arNOX skin enzyme

•   Through research at Purdue University, Nu Skin has made a very exciting discovery in how our
    skin ages. They have discovered a age related enzyme called arNox that when triggered releases
    massive amounts of free radicals. As we all ready know, free radicals destroy collagen and elastin
    and causes our skin to age. The scientists have found that arNOX is triggered at age 40 or later
    and is the cause of sudden aging. You probably know someone who seems to have aged
    overnight. arNOX was most likely the cause.

•   Nu Skin is developing a blend of ingredients that will help inhibit the arNOX enzyme!

•   Studies have found that CoQ10 is natural arNOX inhibitor
Notes: 180 Skin Mist

•   Diminishes the appearance of pores for a younger, more refined complexion.

•   Generously spray Nu Skin 180°® Skin Mist over face with a sweeping motion. Avoid the eyes.
Notes: CoQ10 Complete

•   CoQ10-and essential antioxidant naturally found in your cells that natural inhibits the ArNOX

•   Colorless carotenoids function as blotter antioxidants, absorbing a significant number of attacking
    free radicals.

•   Vitamins C and E- two powerful regenerating antioxidants that contribute to cellular health and
    longevity by helping for a protective antioxidant network so CoQ10 can perform optimally.
Notes: 180 Day & Night Moisturizers

•   These moisturizers are the final products in the 180 system. The daytime moisturizer is designed
    to use in the morning and contains SPF 18 while the nighttime moisturizer is designed to help
    repair your skin during the night.
Notes: Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II System

   The Galvanic Spa doesn’t just end with your face. It contains interchangeable conductors for
       the face, scalp, and body, the Galvanic Spa System allows you to experience multiple spa
       benefits—at home.

   •   For the Face it Fights the signs of aging.

   •   For the Body it Helps combat cellulite.

   •   For the Scalp it Helps stimulate circulation in the scalp to thicken hair and reverse hair loss.
Notes: Galvanic Spa II System for the Body

   •   Body Shaping Gel works exclusively along with the massaging action of the Galvanic Spa
       Instrument and Body Conductor, to target pockets of fat and toxins to minimise and smooth
       the appearance of cellulite for a firmer, more toned body.

   •   A clinical study showed that 35% of women lost 25mm or more, from their thighs in only 8

   •   The Body Shaping Gel contains powerful ingredients such as Golden Chamomile, and Theo
       bromine (pronounced Theo-bro-mine) that encourage the breakdown and storage reduction
       of fat in the skin, and to increase vitality, firmness and even out dimples in the skin.

   •   Use morning and night 2 days per week on each problem area.

   •   Research shows when the Galvanic Spa along with the Body Shaping Gel is used twice in
       the same day, the benefits are cumulative.

Notes: Nutriol Hair Fitness

   •   The Galvanic Spa in combination with Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment can
       revitalize and strengthen hair. It promotes hair that looks and feels more

   •   Increases the availability of active nutrients and vitamins to the hair follicle.

   •   Helps correct scalp and hair imbalances, leaving hair healthy-looking and shiny.

   •   Nutriol® Hair Fitness Treatment is formulated with Tricalgoxyl®, a patented scalp
       nourishing ingredient derived from polysaccharide-rich seaweed that works with
       other essential ingredients to remineralize the scalp and enhance hair vitality.

   •   Tricalgoxyl® was developed by a European laboratory with over 40 years of
       experience in the field of trichology (the study of hair and scalp treatment).

                    LOOK AT THESE RESULTS!
Notes: Key Benefits
It is Effective

•   The treatment gels are specially formulated with several skin- and hair-beneficial ingredients that
    help concentrate cellular energy and support stress recovery.

•   Your radiant complexion, fuller, healthier looking hair, and improved appearance will leave people
    wondering how you find the time.

It is Affordable

•   Compared to traditional galvanic treatments at spa centers, the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System is a
    cost-effective investment that delivers wonderful, re-energizing results.

It is Convenient

•   User-selectable polarity increases the number of products that can be used with the Nu Skin
    Galvanic Spa™ System.

•   Flexible program timing accommodates a wider range of applications: scalp, face, body.

•   Replaceable batteries eliminate cords, adapters, and dependence on electrical outlets. Great for
    when you are traveling.



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