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Post Award Overview


									    Post Award Overview Instructors
Nancy L. Wilkinson
Director, IFAS Sponsored Programs and the
Director of Finance, Florida Agriculture
Experiment Station

BSBA at UF (Finance); Post Bac work at UF’s School of
  Accounting; Masters in Public Health (Emory)
25 years in Research Administration including
• DSR at UF, Emory University (Pre Award Director) and
  University of Wisconsin – Madison (Pre and Post Award
• Past President of NCURA
     Post Award Overview Instructors

Tiffany M. Schmidt
Assistant Director, Engineering Contracts
  & Grants

BSBA with emphasis in Accounting, Florida Technical
7 years in Research Administration including
• Primary manager for post award at Engineering
• Key member of PeopleSoft Advisory User Committee
• Regular participant in testing initiatives with PeopleSoft
      Post Award Overview Instructors

Dr. Brian Sevier
Assistant Director, Post Award,
  IFAS Sponsored Programs
Bachelors in Food & Resource Economics (minor in Business
  Administration); Masters in Agribusiness; and Doctorate in
  Agricultural Operations Management all from UF

6 years in Research Administration including
• 1.5 years in the core office (IFAS)
• 4.5 years as a department administrator
• Member of NCURA since October 2005
• Discussion group moderator for NCURA’s Financial
   Research Administration (FRA) conference (April 2007)
     Post Award Overview Instructors

Edythe “Edy” E. Zettler
Grants Specialist, Main
 Contracts and Grants

Bachelors of Science, Western Michigan University
   Major – Biology and Minor – Computer Science

Research Administration including:
• September 2000 to August 2006 - Federal Title I Grant
  Administrator (local public charter school)
• August 2006 to present - Main CnG Team Lead for non-
  federal clinical trials, foundation, and industry awards
    Post Award Overview Instructors

Tonya Lewis
Research Administrator II,
Engineering Contracts and Grants

MBA - University of Phoenix, with a
concentration in accounting.

•20 years in Research Administration
•10 years Cost Sharing Administrator
•Member of NCURA
      Post Award Overview Instructors

Kat Carter-Finn
Research Administrator 2,
  IFAS Sponsored Programs

B.S. in Food & Resource Economics with
minors in Agricultural Law and Agricultural and Natural Resource
Ethics and Policy; M.S. in Food and Resource Economics, all from UF.

2 years in Research Administration
• ISP Post Award Subcontract Liaison
• Billing Team Lead

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