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					                                   SCHOOL OF MODERN LANGUAGES AND CULTURES

                       SMLC IT and Learning Resources Committee Meeting
                            Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 21 November 2007

     Present:        Dr P Howarth (in the Chair), Dr Mark Ogden, Dr Jo Drugan, Dr Paul Rowe,
                     Ms Bettina Hermosa – Gomes, Mr. Peter Carlill, and Mr. Mark Flynn

     With: Mrs Ruth Drury

1               Apologies:

                Dr Cecile de Cat

2               Welcome new members of staff/additional members
                Bettina Hermosa- Gomes is the new member of the IT Committee
                Peter Carlill, VLE support Officer present for this meeting.

3.              Minutes of last meeting (17 October 2007)
                The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be a true record of the meeting on 17 October

                Replacing Committee Member
                It was announced that Dr Mark Ogden would be leaving the University of Leeds and the
                committee would now look for a replacement.

MF              CMS
                The contract phase of CMS is being handled in Jan/Feb 2008.

PH              0.5 Information Manger Post
                Nothing new to report on the new Information Manager (0.5) post yet. MF mentioned that Dr
                Kevin Linch from the School of History had produced a web questionnaire; all agreed that the new
                information manager should be responsible for completing it in conjunction with the departmental
                TQEF Applications
                No applications have yet been received for TQEF Funds. MO said that the Language Centre
                were very keen to put in a bid. Simon Davis, SDDU, is trying to push audio applications such as
                Wimba Voice tools.

4               Peter Carlill, ARTS VLE Support Officer
                The VLE team are working on Blackboard and by December 2007 a workable version should be
                ready for use. The migration process is scheduled to begin April- September 2008 during which
                time full training will be given to members of staff.
                The Committee were given a presentation that showed what Blackboard should look like on
                screen. It was explained that there is, at the moment, a problem with shared materials between
                modules but this problem should be rectified once information is received about what materials
                are used by different modules across the Faculty. The VLE team are concentrating on getting
                Blackboard up and running and are being careful not to push new users too much to use all the
                features, but in future further features will be added.

                PC suggested that it would be helpful if a one representative from each department could advise
                when migration would not be possible within their departments to keep disruption to a minimum.
                He also asked if he can be advised on which shared materials appear in different module groups     PH
                across the school, so that all teaching groups can see materials relevant to them. It was agreed
                that this person should be the e-learning representative.

5               Departmental e- representatives job description
                PH said he would email the job specification for this to the other committee members to comment    PH
                and then pass it to MW.
6    SLTC Action Plan
PR   The committee looked at the “Action plan in response to feedback on the student experience”
     given out by PR. It was agreed that students’ personal development had to be addressed and that
     one way to do this was to look at introducing an Internship scheme into SMLC, as is done in the
     School of History. This would work by students being employed to provide a range of duties, such
     as recruitment and admin support. This would involve working closely with students to get the
     feedback we need to improve the student experience. It was, however, stressed that these roles
     were not to do jobs that are irrelevant to the internship’s purpose (i.e. simply to provide additional
     clerical support). It was also pointed out that this was specific to Undergraduates and that the PG
     committee should discuss this if they would like to pursue it with their students.
     JD and PH said that there were similar schemes running in CTS and the Language Centre’s self
     access area and that it might be a good idea to look at how these have been set up or could be

7    AOB
     Mark Flynn mentioned that the University are planning to move to Windows Vista operating
     system next summer.
8    Date of next meeting
     towards the end of January/beginning of February 2008. TBC

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