W9 Minibeast Food Chains by asafwewe


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									W8               Minibeast food chains
The list below shows some of the minibeasts that you may have found around
           Oare and what they eat. Use this to help you make some
                         land minibeast food chains.
       Minibeast                           What it eats
         Slug                        Decaying and living plants

          Snail                      Decaying and living plants

       Earthworm                    Bacteria, fungi, dead plants

          Ant                       Plants, nectar, other insects

         Beetle                              Other insects

       Centipede                              Small insects

        Millipede                          Decaying plants

       Shield bug                             Plant juices

        Ladybird                  Aphids and other small insects

      Grasshopper                                 Plants

         Cricket                          Insects and plants

         Spider                 Flies and other spiders sometimes

       Woodlouse                  Dead plants and animals, fungi

         Earwig                   Dead plants and other insects

           Fly                       Dead plants and animals

  Butterflies and moths                          Nectar

                  eaten by                eaten by
   Producer              primary consumer     secondary consumer
  Dead plant                     Flies                       Spider

                      Oare Gunpowder Works Wildlife Activity Sheet 8

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