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Deeside Ice Skating Club May NEWSLETTER Welcome To new members Zoe


Deeside Ice Skating Club May NEWSLETTER Welcome To new members Zoe

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									Deeside Ice Skating Club                  Club fees for 2007-08 are as follows:
                                          Full annual          £127
                                          Full half yearly     £63.50
                                          Full monthly         £11 x 12 months
                                          = £132

                                          The following discounts apply to
                                          additional skaters from the same

                                          Second skater
May NEWSLETTER                            Full annual           £103
                                          Full half yearly      £52
Welcome                                   Full monthly          £9 x 12 months
To new members Zoe Newbolt, Amy           = £108
Shone, Emma Anderson and Katy
Royston                                   Third and subsequent skaters
                                          Full annual        £75
Congratulations                           Full half yearly   £37.50
Ashley Waterhouse, 2nd Level 10           Full monthly       £6.50 x 12 =
Ladies, Telford Open                      £78
Chloe Walker, 1st Level 9 Ladies,
Telford Open                              Non - skating fee      £17.50
Joanie Myburgh, 2nd Level 7 Ladies,       This is for parents/guardians of skaters
Telford Open                              aged under 14.
Kimberley Myburgh, 3rd Level 7
Ladies, Telford Open                      Northern Free League
Matthew Barlow, 1st Junior Solo Dance     This is an inter Club competition taking
Dumfries Qualifier                        place in Sheffield on May 12th. The
Matthew Barlow and Olivia Colley, 1st     Clubs involved are Blackburn,
Couples Dumfries                          Bradford, Sheffield, Nottingham and
                                          ourselves. The team to represent the
Apologies to anyone whose                 Club was selected on the basis of
achievements have been inadvertedly       results in the Club’s mini annuals.
omitted.                                  Where the first placed skater was
                                          unable to go to Sheffield the second
Membership Renewal                        placed skater has been asked. The
Please complete and return a 2007-08      team is Maisie Jones, Natalie Haime,
membership form in order to renew         Kimberley Myburgh, Beth Powell, Joe
your membership and to help the Club      Walsh and Tom Gregory. Good luck.
keep its records up to date. If you pay
6 monthly or annually the fees are due    NISA Cup
now. There is NO increase in fees         Good luck to our skaters representing
and the Club has also decided to pay      Wales in the NISA Cup in Aberdeen,
the WISA membership fee for this          The team comprises Ashley
current year. On renewal Club             Waterhouse, Beth Hitchmough, Ben
members will automatically become a       McNulty, Jennie Reynolds, Beth
member of WISA. This means you will       Powell, Sarah Evans, Kimberley
be able to claim a 25% reduction in       Myburgh and Joanie Myburgh.
NISA membership fees when you
renew or join NISA. You need to quote     Show DVD
your WISA membership number.              Please complete an order form for the
                                          show DVD. £5 a DVD.
Synchro                                       members competing in the Deeside
There is a practice on Wednesday May          Free Open
   th                                                  th
16 6.30-7.30pm. If you are interested in      Monday 4 June 7- 8pm       Synchro
joining the team(s) please come along.        practice
Please note we are aiming to compete in
Dumfries in October and that there are        Wednesday 6 June         Coaching with
synchro practices at other times too,         Marika and Vitaly
usually on alternate Fridays 5.15 –
6.15pm.                                       Monday 11 June 6- 8pm           Extra
                                              practice ice only for those Club
New Committee                                 members competing in the Deeside
The Committee for 2007-08 is                  Free Open
Mandy Moran - Chair
John Haime - Treasurer                        Wednesday 13 June music priority
Jenny Roberts - Secretary                     given to those skaters competing in the
Ian Davies, Lisa Jones, Peter Booth,          Deeside Free Open
Simon Lawton Hayes and Joanne Walsh.          Saturday 16 June         Deeside Free
                                              Open competition
Dance Social                                  Sunday 17 June           Deeside Free
There will be a dance session in Saturday     Open competition – NO CLUB
5 May at 5pm. All Club members
welcome free of charge. £5 for non            Monday 18 June 6-7pm            Extra
members.                                      practice ice only for those Club
                                              members competing in the Welsh Solo
Deeside Dance Open                            Dance competition and /or the British
Please come and support our skaters.          Dance Championships
Free to watch. The timetable of events will   Monday 18 June 7 - 8pm          Synchro
be put on the noticeboard.                    practice
Deeside Free Open                             Monday 25 June 6- 8pm           Extra
Entry forms now available from coaches,       practice ice only for those Club
the website and Club. Closing date for        members competing in the Welsh Solo
entries is Friday 18 May.                     Dance competition and /or the British
                                              Dance Championships
Forthcoming events
               nd                                                 th
Wednesday 2 May           Practice ice but    Wednesday 27 June        Synchro practice
priority with music given to those skaters    only
competing in the Deeside Dance Open
                                              Saturday 30 June     Welsh Open solo
Saturday 5 May      Dance Open draw           dance competition
4pm.                                          Sunday 1 July        Welsh Open solo
             Dance Social 5 -7pm              dance competition – no club
         th                                                                   nd
Sunday 6 May           Deeside Dance          Rink closed for maintenance 2 July to
Open competition from 11am NO CLUB            22 July inclusive – no club. Ice has
Monday 7 May           Deeside Dance          been booked for Club sessions on
Open – all day                                Wednesdays and Sundays from
                                              Wednesday 25 July to Wednesday15th
Wednesday 9 May      Rehearsal for            August inclusive.
show numbers for WISA Gala
                                              Sunday 19 August – Recreational Dance
Sunday 13 May            WISA Gala – NO       League
Wednesday 16 May         Synchro practice     Please check the Club noticeboard or
only                                          website regularly for
                                              updated information.
Monday 4 June 6- 7pm            Extra
practice ice only for those Club

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