mpeg2 editor,edit files on mac, trim/split/cut/convert mpeg2 files

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					How can I edit MPEG-2 movieclips on a Mac?
MPEG2 editor/cutter/splitter/trimmer/joiner/converter for mac

MPEG2 editor for mac is a handy little application for through editing MPEG-2 movie
files,especially for ones recorded with your Digital TV/HDTV app iTele/ EyeTV(these
TV programmes automatically encoded in MPEG-2). While being simple and intuitive,
it allows you to play, edit and convert MPEG-2 movieclips on your Mac.

When you install the MPEG2 editor for mac, you will be able to edit MPEG-2 file, trim
MPEG-2 file,cut MPEG-2 file,split MPEG-2 file,join/merge MPEG-2 files into one,
adjust Effects(Brightness,Constrast,Saturation), set many encoding parameters
including resolution, encoder, frame rate, video bitrate, convert and export all of
your MPEG-2 movieclips (with sound) to a range of different formats like MOV, DV
and MPEG-4 with extremely fast encoding speed and exceptional quality. Once
you've converted your MPEG-2 movieclips you can start editing them in iMovie,Final
Cut Express or Quicktime Pro.

Download mpeg2 editor for Mac

Description: little application for editing MPEG-2 files on Mac, mpeg2 editor for mac can trim/cut/split/convert/export mpeg2 files for use in iMovie,Final Cut Express,Quicktime Pro.