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									                                 2005 Annual Analysis of Customer Questionnaire
                                                                                    5   Excellent
                                                                                    4   Good
                                       59                                           3   Satisfactory
                                 60                                                 2   Poor
                                                                                    1   Very Poor
                                                                                    0   No comment
       % of customer responses

                                 50                        47
                                                                                                 39                                    40
                                 40                                            37
                                                                                                30                 29
                                           21            22
                                 20                                                                                                                        16
                                 10                                                 7
                                                                                                          4                  6
                                                2                  21                   3                                                                       211
                                                    01                0                     0                 10                 01             101
                                        Overall              The       The accuracy               Ease of           How timely           How      The quality of
                                        service          timeliness of    of your               contacting         the advice is       courteous   the advice
                                      provided by            your       payment.                practitioner        received to       contractor    received.
                                         PSD               payment.                              services.           contractor       queries are
                                      Pharmacy.                                                                       queries.        dealt with.

”Practitioner Services Pharmacy, will strive to ensure customer & stakeholder requirements are
satisfied or exceeded; this will be achieved primarily by accurate data processing to agreed
timescales. Practitioner Services Pharmacy shall provide advice on dispensing and payment
issues to assist our customers and all processes shall be developed with our customer’s
requirements and statutory & legal requirements uppermost. We are committed to the effective and
efficient use of resources, ensuring value for money is obtained from the services we provide.
Quality is a basic business principle and its improvement is the responsibility of every employee.”
(extract from PSD Pharmacy Quality Policy)

To determine if PSD Pharmacy are meeting their customer requirements PSD forwarded a
customer questionnaire to all pharmacy contractors in Scotland for completion.  1401
questionnaires were distributed, with 585 contractors responding (42%).

The results of the responses to the questionnaire are displayed above. A number of contractors
were unable to provide responses for questions two and three, as they are branch contractors and
their head office receives the payment, consequently the denominator was reduced accordingly to
take account of the lack of response. (% were rounded to the nearest whole number this has
resulted in slight rounding differences). It is evident from the results that PSD are meeting in
excess of 90% of their customer’s expectations regarding their requirements and 97% of
customers are satisfied or more with the overall service provided by PSD.

In addition to measuring the success of meeting the customers requirement PSD asked
contractors to submit comments and suggestions, in order that PSD can make changes if feasible
to continually improve the service that they provide to their customers.

Analysis of the comments and suggestions was undertaken. It was apparent from the responses
that 10% of contractors were not satisfied with the accuracy of the payment. Some contractors
commented this was the result of an inaccurate payment as a result of –

   •   Sticky/missed scripts/stock orders

Prepared by LH/QA/PSD 15/11/2007                                                                                                                                      1
   •   Differing prices e.g. specials

Although all of the issues raised were resolved and payment reimbursed this resulted in some
contractors questioning the transparency of the payment. Follow up letters were sent to
contractors who provided comments on adverse issues they had experienced, requesting if they
require further assistance to contact Lorna Ramage, Customer Services Manager. To date, none
of the contractors responded to this opportunity. PSD have introduced a new double detection
unit on each of their scanners, which detects sticky scripts and this will reduce the effect of the

5% of contractors rated the ease of contacting PSD unsatisfactory; this was generally
accompanied by a comment –

   •   Unsure who to contact
   •   Out of date telephone numbers
   •   Leaving a message/voicemail and their call not being returned
   •   Temporary numbers in use

Contractors requiring a detailed listing of telephone numbers and contact names were notified to
Lorna Ramage, who forwarded a current list.

It was noted that comments regarding unsatisfactory telephone contact were greater in the
Edinburgh area. Elliot House in Edinburgh are awaiting the installation of a new phone system,
expected to be installed by mid December 2005, this should improve this situation.

6% of contractors were not satisfied with the timing of advice received from PSD.            Typical
comments were –

   •   Leave message/s, which take days to be returned
   •   Queries take weeks to be resolved
   •   Length of time to receive adjustments is unacceptable

PSD at present do not have in place a formal customer care policy, but it is hopeful that the
impending customer relations improvement programme, managed by Brian Cowie and Camille
Lorigo will result in a policy which will permit measurement and provide guidance to staff and
customers with regards the length of time to respond and resolve queries.

Notifications of amendments to contractor name/address/status were forwarded to Moira Hanley
for action.

As a result of the questionnaire a number of contractors provided complimentary comments –

   •   Very satisfied with service provided, sincere thanks to everyone involved.
   •   Anytime I contact PS they are very helpful.
   •   Happy with the service - have no real need to contact with any problems.
   •   I think you provide a very satisfactory service that needs no change.
   •   We have always found Practitioner Services Pharmacy very approachable and very helpful.
   •   Always find advice helpful. Thanks.
   •   We have never had any cause for complaint with the service.

Many thanks to the contractors for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. It is intended that
this questionnaire will be forwarded to contractors in 2006 and the responses compared with 2005
results, PSD look forward to your continued support.

Prepared by LH/QA/PSD 15/11/2007                                                                   2

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