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									Make sure you have valid SIP Trunk licences.
Create a new SIP trunk.
   Insert Domain Name, ITSP IP                                      If conference calls and
 Address, Authentication Name and                             forwarding calls over SIP is required
Password as provided by SIP provider.                         you must tick RE-INVITE Supported.
                                Tick registration required.

                                Default SIP port, do not change this.

Specify over which network topology (LAN port)            Specify a codec, Voiceflex supports G711
      The SIP trunk will be running over.                             ALAW and G729.
                                    Create a new SIP URI.
                                                   The local URI field is typically the SIP number that is
                                                      sent in the invite message from the sip provider.
                                                     Eg 01619251957@sipprovider.com is the invite I
                                                 receive from the provider. 01619251957 is what I would
This field is set and cannot be changed.         set in the URI field. The URI can be set here or you can
                                               set this field to use user data and it will look to the users SIP
                                                                 Tabs for a URI match instead.

                                                        The Contact and Display Name field is a
   Create unique incoming and outgoing              generic field where you can specify an alternative
  Group id’s. These will be used to route          name and number that will displayed on the receiving
Incoming call routes and outgoing SIP calls.        handset. Again this field can be set here or on the
                                                                      users SIP tab.
                                      Create an IP Route is a default route that will capture                     Match the Subnet Mask of your
   all traffic that is not on the IP Office subnet                             Network.
or that doesn’t match another specific IP Route.

 Define a gateway. This is the local router.

                                               Specify over which topology this IP Route is to apply.
                                Create a short code to dial out.

   The ; in this short code means wait until dialling is complete before sending the invite. The SIP RFC’s
   state that full number must be present in the invite message for the call to complete. This means you
have to either the press # when dialling is complete or set your dial delay count under System/Telephony to 0.

       This is how to configure the telephone              The line group ID relates to the outgoing group
       number field for a SIP short code. You                            ID on the SIP URI.
       use either the domain name or the IP
       Address of the SIP provider. If you are
    using the domain name DNS must be tested
            And working on the IP Office.
Create Incoming Call Routes for Incoming calls.

                              The line group ID relates to the incoming
                                      Group id on the SIP URI.

                                Set a destination as you normally
                                Would on an incoming call route.
                                             Run Stun?
        If your IP Office is sat behind a NAT device this will break SIP. You may need to run STUN.
This will overcome the problems that NAT introduces to SIP. You may want to liaise with your SIP provider
          to find out if this is a required step or not. Do not fill in any fields in this tab apart from the
                                       STUN IP Address, STUN will discover
                                                these values for you.

Stun server IP address is provided by the SIP provider.

                                                                              All of these values will be
                                                                              discovered by STUN if the
                                                                           process completes successfully.

                                                                             Check this box to re run STUN
                                                                             On start up, ie if there is a power
                                                                             outage etc..

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