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					                                          Inspiration for Mom's
Being a Mom is probably the most rewarding job in the world, but it can also be a job that is not
recognized for the amount of work that goes into it and the time and stress it can bring a mother.

Stay at home Mom's need inspiration every now and again, as much as anyone who works full time or
part time in any job. I just want to highlight here that Mom's are special and some of the reasons why they
are so special.

In how many ordinary jobs does one person have to do the role of almost everyone in the company? Stay
at home Mom's have to be the CEO, the cleaner, maid, chef, taxi driver, psychologist, accountant and so
many other jobs. The work of a stay at home Mom is incredible. Multi-tasking is not a good enough word,
maybe super-multi-tasking would better describe what stay at home Mom's do.

Mom's, remember this and remember you are special, take inspiration from the fact that there are many
people who just could not do what you do. Imagine the life skills you have now, I doubt there is much that
you couldn't turn your hand to now. You didn't get an instruction manual when the kids were born, you
learned all you had to by trial and error, maybe a little bit of learning from other people, but mainly you do
this on your own.

Take inspiration from the fact that you are watching your children grow up, you will look back in the future
and remember these magical times you had together, the good times as well as the bad. Motherly love is
the most special love there is, it's a special bond, take pride that you are making the most of this love and
enjoy every moment.

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