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									Dealing With Difficult People
Outline                           cal exercises, role play,       ♦   Persuading the other
                                  case studies, and discus-           person to change
Whilst many of the people         sions to give participants
with whom we come into                                            ♦   Modifying the situa-
                                  the experience they need
contact are co-operative                                              tion
                                  to deal with the issues.
friendly and helpful, some                                        ♦   Dealing with your spe-
individuals are more chal-                                            cific issues
lenging. Understanding
“how” and “why” people            Objectives                      ♦   Improving communi-
differ is a basic require-        The objectives of this work-        cation
ment.                             shop are to:                    ♦   Managing a difficult
This programme provides           ♦   Help participants un-           boss
tools and techniques for              derstand how and why        ♦   Developing better
dealing with difficult peo-           other people may                peer relationships
ple.                                  seem difficult to work
                                                                  ♦   Resolving client issues
                                                                  ♦   Dealing with interde-
                                  ♦   Provide simple solutions
Who Should Attend?                    to deal with the most
                                                                      partmental issues
♦     Managers with difficult         frequently occurring        ♦   Dealing with intrade-
      people in their teams           difficult people                partmental issues
♦     People with difficult co-   ♦   Generate ideas for          ♦   Summary
      workers                         how to deal with the
                                                                  ♦   Action planning
                                      specific issues faced by
♦     Individuals with chal-          participants.
      lenging clients
♦     Team members with a                                         Follow-up
      difficult manager.          Structure                       We follow up with all par-
                                  ♦   Introduction                ticipants 3 months after
                                                                  the programme.
Duration & Location               ♦   Objectives

This is a one day workshop,       ♦   How people differ
10.00 to 5.00, normally un at     ♦   The sixteen key types of
the client’s venue.                   difficult people
                                  ♦   Why people differ           Other Programmes
Participation                     ♦   Why do people prob-         Some of our other pro-
                                      lems matter?                grammes include:
To improve interactivity and
shared learning the work-         ♦   Solving people prob-        ♦   Emotional Intelligence At
shop is best suited to groups         lems                            Work
of 6-8 participants.              ♦   Basic assumptions           ♦   Mentoring
This programme can also               about problem people
                                                                  ♦   Positive Influencing
be run individually or for        ♦   Why conflicts occur
pairs of people with some                                         ♦   Negotiating To Win
modification.                     ♦   Your conflict style
                                                                  ♦   Managing Dispersed
                                  ♦   Is doing nothing an op-         Teams
Workshop Style                                                    ♦   Managing Your Boss
                                  ♦   Altering your percep-
The workshop is highly par-           tions of difficult people   ♦   Team Building On Yachts
ticipative and uses practi-

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