Notes of the Informal Meeting of the Patient _ Public Involvement by fionan


									       Minutes of the meeting of the Patient and Public Involvement Forum
              for South Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust
                  Held on Tuesday 11th January 2005 at 6.30pm
       at Wythenshawe Healthcare Centre, Stancliffe Road, Wythenshawe

Members in Attendance:          Helen Bambrough, Zafar Chaudry
                                Trevor Cheetham, John Featherstone (Chair)
                                Ian Bowden

Representative from South Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust:
                         Des Chow,

In Attendance from Forum Support Organisation (FSO):
                        Val Bayliss-Brideaux, Forum Co-ordinator
                        John Carew, Forum Administrator

Item                               Discussion                                        Actions
 1     Welcome and Introductions
       The Chair welcomed members to the meeting and introduced Des
       Chow, Head of PPI, Equality and Diversity. Des said he was looking
       forward to working with the Forum and had bought along with him
       various information for members.
       The FSO informed members that Gordon Gaytor had now been
       removed as a Forum member.
 2     Apologies for absence
       Apologies had been received from Ashit Sinha, Yasmin Zalzala and
       Catherine Smith.
 3     To receive and approve minutes of the meeting held on 9 th
       November 2004
       Members agreed to approve all minutes as an accurate record of the
 4     Matters arising
          a) 13.12.04 Letter to Melissa Donnai, Service Improvement
       Helen Bambrough read out a section titled “patient representatives” from
       the letter from Louise James, Cancer Services Manager and stopped to
       explain the relevant points. Helen stated she would be attending a cancer
       services event on the 1st February 2005 and would provide a feedback to
       members at the next Forum meeting. Members were informed that Helen
       had received a thank you letter from Ruth Holt, Chief Nurse concerning the
       comments and changes she had contributed to the Trust in her previous
       correspondence. Helen also spoke on the topic of the McMillan Cancer Guide
       and that along with a letter, copies had been sent to various people in the
       Trust. Members agreed that a member of Trust staff with specialist
       knowledge should be giving these to patients and not volunteers as the
       Trust have suggested.
          b) 04.01.05 Letter to L Tolland, Director of Finance
       The FSO reported that no response had been received yet to the Forum and
       asked members if they felt a separate meeting with Mr Tolland would be
       helpful. Members all agreed to wait for a response before taking further
 5     Verbal feedback from meetings attended by members
          a) 9th December 04 - Trust Board Meeting
       John Featherstone had made his own notes and read relevant parts to
members including an item on the sale price of Withington Hospital, which is     FSO to
expected to be around £30 million. He added that the sale amount will be         email
divided amongst several Trusts in South Manchester. The Chair invited            members
                                                                                 details to
comments from members on the above. It was agreed that the FSO would
contact the Trust and add Trevor Cheetham and Ian Bowden to the mailing
list for Trust board papers.

    b) 16th December 04 - FSO Celebration/Network Event                          Des Chow to
Trevor Cheetham reported that the event had been very pleasant and added         forward info
it was nice to meet with other members from other Forums and discuss             to FSO
ongoing work. Trevor mentioned he was asked at the event about the
HIV/AIDS services that the Trust offers and requested further information
on this. Des Chow said he would forward information to the Forum on this.
Trevor also raised a few concerns over membership and had become aware
of people leaving Forums due to abolition of CPPIH. The FSO reported that
she was unaware of any members leaving from the eight Forums, BHA
supports for that reason.

  c) 6th January 05 - Meeting with Paul Featherstone, Director of
Estates and Facilities, South Manchester University Hospitals NHS                FSO to
Trust                                                                            circulate
The FSO circulated to members the notes from the meeting and members             attachments
were given time to read through these. It was noted that the attachments         to members
were not available, it was agreed that the FSO would circulate these to
members. Zafar Chaudry reported to members on the meeting and that
Colin Potts, Security Manager had also been present with Paul Featherstone
at the meeting. Zafar stated the main elements of discussion were on staff,
difficulty with the local council and media problems. Members were
informed of the charging scale presently used in Leicester University
Hospital NHS Trust and how the Trust had used comparisons from several
other hospitals to identify the charging costs for the Wythenshawe. Zafar
reported they were told of an internal study conducted with patients that
gave results of people in general only waiting in hospital for up to 3 hours –
but no evidence of this survey was given or shared with the Forum.

The validation of car parking tickets by certain departments where patients
may well encounter a long waiting time was raised by Zafar to the Trust and
Paul Featherstone stated that this would be looked at.

There is a £6.00 weekly ticket available and there has been increase in the      FSO to
purchase of these tickets.                                                       circulate
The FSO reported that Colin Potts had sent an email to say he was                papers to
compiling some background papers for the Forum and that Amanda Higgins,          members
Travel Plan Co-ordinator for the Trust would be in touch to inform members
of the next Travel Plan meeting.
It was noted that Trust seems to have been selective with the tariffs they
have shown and in the way they have shown only the charges of those that
match what they wish to charge.
The Chair pointed out that Wythenshawe Hospital is the only Trust to own
its own land in Manchester.

Zafar had asked on the education of the community on the new charges and
was told the publicising would begin at the end of Feb, with Caroline
Johnson, PR at the Trust being the lead. Zafar posed the question that if the
Trust has a PR person how did the Manchester Evening News gain so much
wrong information for their story.

    A member asked if the Trust Board members are able to make decisions
    without any public/patient consulation and added there seems to be no
    public accountability.
    Helen stated there seems to be a lack of clarity in the report around the
    abuse of car parks from „holiday makers‟ and added that there seemed to
    be a lot of information on staff car parks and not on visitor car parks.
                                                                                    The Chair to
    The Chair informed members he had received a letter from Greater                contact
    Manchester Public Transport Executive headed „Understanding Health &            GMPTE
    Transport Needs‟. It was agreed that the Chair would contact the named
    contact and invite them to a Forum meeting in the future to discuss their
    ongoing work.

    Zafar stated it seems as though the Forum is not being taken seriously by
    the Trust and this is clear by having no consultation on car parking charges.
    Helen Bambrough asked what evidence is available to justify the rise in car
    parking charges. Helen also requested some clarification on legislation, for
    example can the Forum make Wythenshawe Hospital change the decision on
    car park charges etc. Members discussed this issue and agreed to take a
    stronger line with the Trust. The FSO stated the legislation available to the
    Forum and suggested that these issues be raised with the Chief Executive at
    the meeting arranged for Thursday 20th January 2005.

    Ian Bowden stated that the Trust should always be looking over their
    shoulders, not afraid but always mindful of the PPI Forum and its statutory

    The Trust Patient Group had also discussed the car parking issues and had
    also written to Paul Featherstone. Helen Bambrough explained as a patient
    representative of the group, she had responded to Paul on behalf of the
    group and copies of the letter was circulated to members to read.

    Members agreed to write a further letter to Peter Morris, Chief Executive to    Zafar to
    state the information provided was not acceptable. Following this if no
                                                                                    draft to the
    further information is provided then members agreed a press release maybe
                                                                                    FSO for
    necessary. Zafar Chaudry agreed to draft this letter and members were           circulation
    asked to send comments to him.                                                  and
    Des Chow stated that car parking is a big problem at all levels and noted
    that the same concerns are present at most hospital sites.

       c) 7th January 05 - Trust Patient Group Meeting
    Helen Bambrough stated the Trust Wide Patients Group meet every two
    months and is now chaired by Des Chow. Helen added that she attends this
    group as a patient and not as a Forum representative but is happy to
    feedback to the Forum on the issues discussed.
    Several speakers had been at the meeting to talk about the new „Choose &
    Book‟ system and “Essence of Care”. Helen feedback to members the
    issues discussed - implications of new IT systems, protected mealtimes for
    patients and a baseline of nutrition needs/policies to be completed for each
    Des Chow stated he would like to provide training for lay representative and
    volunteeers and would appreciate any feedback or relevant information from
6   Quarterly meeting dates with Chief Executive, Chair and Chief
    Nurse from South Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust
    to meet with members. To discuss Forum representation and
    agenda to be drafted for first meeting
    Members agreed to set an agenda for the meeting and the FSO would       FSO to send
                                                                            agenda to
    send this to the Trust beforehand.                                      Trust
    It was agreed that the Chair, Helen Bambrough, Zafar Chaudry and
    Trevor Cheetham would attend the first meeting on the 20 th January
    2005. Attendance at future meetings would be rotated to include all
    Forum members.

    Members agreed the following agenda:
        Welcome and introductions
        Working with the Forum and understanding relationships
        Information Strategy
        Walk around the Trust
7   £500.00 fund and development fund – possible use of
    information to patients
    The FSO reported that a bid has been prepared for Forum business
    cards, leaflets and badges. The bid also included a display panel -     FSO to
    that could be left as a permanent display in the Outpatients            contact
    Department and notice boards. Members were asked to approve this        members
    bid. Members present approved the fund and the FSO would contact        not present
    members not present to get their agreement.

    Members raised the idea of a web-site specifically for the Forum with   FSO to
    a dedicated email address. Suggestions were made and it was agreed      check on
    that the FSO would gather further information and report back to        availability
                                                                            of domain
    members. Members agreed to use „wythenshawepatientsforum‟ as the
                                                                            names and
    domain name and also to use a „dot com‟ domain instead of a „‟    website
    domain.                                                                 cost

    FSO showed members the proposed poster of SMUHT members                 FSO to
    including names and pictures of members. Members not present
    would be asked if they are happy to have their photographs used.        not present

8   FSO Business
    The FSO informed members that the Trust had asked for Forum
                                                                            FSO to
    representatives on the following committees:                            contact
        Audit Committee                                                    Trust for
        Clinical Governance                                                further
        Equality and Diversity Committee                                   information
                                                                            on groups
    Zafar Chaudry expressed an interest in attending the Audit
    Committee. Ian Bowden and John Featherstone both expressed an
    interest in attending the Clinical Goverance Committee meetings.
    It was agreed that the FSO would obtain meeting times/dates/venue
    information from the Trust and also terms of reference for each group
    so members could discuss this at the next meeting and formally
    choose representatives. Members not present would also be
    circulated with the information and asked if they would be interested
    in attending any of the groups.

    Des Chow stated he is also getting requests for lay representation
    from various departments and will pass these on to the Forum.

9    Part II – Confidential Business
     The FSO gave initial feedback on the results of the survey undertaken    FSO to add
                                                                              to agenda
     at Wythenshawe Hospital Outpatients department over the Christmas        for February
     and New Year period. It was decided that the results would be            meeting
     discussed at the next Forum meeting.
10   Any Other Business
     Trevor Cheetham referred back to the Chair‟s report on the Trust         FSO to
     Board and asked if the Forum could obtain further details on the         Trust and
     underperformance of waiting times at the Chest Pain Clinic.              request
     It was noted that it was good that a baseline of nutrition needs was     information
     being carried out on the wards and maybe this could be extended to
     include food served at café bar and vending machines at the Trust.
     FSO stated they would try to find some information on this.
11   Date of next meeting
                      Tuesday 8th February 2005
                         Venue to be advised

     As Chair of the Forum, this is to certify that these are an accurate record
     of the above meeting.

     Signed: ………………………………………………………
               John Featherstone



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