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make your life better and find your new inspiration

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									                                       How to change your life around in 30 days
Everyday we wake up we have a decision to make and a question to answer. That question is are we happy with the
way our life is going, or are we sick of it and are we willing to make some changes in our lives to improve them?
Only you can answer this, but almost every single successful person I've met over the years has gotten sick of the
status quo and started implementing small changes in their lives and started literally recreating their own reality.

The first thing you should do is start getting up and working regular hours. If you already have a job that's great. But
if you don't you need to get one or start your own business. Part of changing your life around is being responsible
for your financial obligations to yourself and to your family. Get on a steady work schedule of at least 4 hours per
day. If you live in a remote area with no public transportation or jobs you need to start an online business
. You can do this for under $100.00.

If you start an online business I'd recommend starting with your own blog and start blogging about yourself and
your experiences. Then start adding free affiliate programs to it to start earning extra income from these. You don't
even need a corporation or business name to do this, you can have the checks sent right to you. You can signup for
free affiliate programs with Clickbank, Commission Junction and Pay Dot Com. There are tens of thousands of them
free just from these three places you can explore.

If you are determined to make it in the offline world, go back to Community College and pick up an in demand skill
and stick with it. Community Colleges each year are more in tune with what employers are looking for and offer
skills like Web Design, Graphics, Nursing and many other programs. They even offer finanical aid if you need it.

As long as you are giving life an honest effort there are many people out there who will recognize this and will help
you along the way. However people will tend to shy away from you if you give up on yourself. Whether you want to
make it with your own online business or get an off-line skill, stick to it no matter what and you will get there. If you
enroll in school or start your own online business, in 30 days you will have started the process of changing your life

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