Basic Elements of Literature by balazon

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									Story Literary Elements

Some basics that every good story
         must have ….
   Every story needs characters



               Or Creatures
The protagonist is the “good guy”
The antagonist is the “bad guy”
           or force
             Great stories have a conflict

                             Man vs. Man

Man vs. Nature Man vs. Society Man vs. Machine Man vs. Himself
  A hint about what will happen
  next is called foreshadowing

  For example, if you hear this:

Then you know someone’s about to get eaten!
The time and place of the story is
           the setting
The climax is the most exciting
      The point of view is the
      perspective of the story

                       “I was framed! I
                         just wanted to
“That rotten wolf
                        borrow a cup of
tried to eat us!!!!”
Whether you’re the reader, or the
writer, a great story includes all
   these literary elements!!!
    foreshadowing                       protagonist

 characters                                      climax
   point of view

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