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									                                        PART TIME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY
                                           Chambers County Library System

                           1) GED Preparation Instructor
                           2) English as a Second Language Instructor

                           Salary: $25/hour

                           The Chambers County Library System has grant funds available for
Chambers                   instructors for GED and ESL classes. The classes will be taught at
                           the Chambers County Library in Anahuac. The ESL class would be
County                     a morning class, and the GED class would be in the evening. The
                           classes would be for 3 hours, two times per week. Instructional
Library                    materials are provided by the library system, and any equipment
                           needed is also available. A variety of videotapes, software, and
System                     book materials are available at the library for use in the classes as
A.nLynette Parsons, MLS
                           An applicant may choose to apply for one or both positions.
Chambers County Library
202 Cummings Street
P.O. Box 520               Please note: this is a grant-funded position, and is not considered as
Anahuac, TX 77514
                           employment with Chambers County. Continued employment after the
FAX 409-267-5181           grant period is not guaranteed.

Juanita Hargraves
 Memorial Branch           Minimum Acceptable Experience and Training
924 Highway 124
P.O. Box 597
                           A bachelor’s degree in any subject is the minimum requirement for
Winnie, TX 77665           application; at the time of selection, a tb test will be needed. The
FAX 409-296-8243           ESL class is taught in English, and Spanish language knowledge is
                           not a requirement.
West Chambers Branch
10616 Eagle Drive
P.O. Box 1289              Applications may be picked up at any library branch or in the County Treasurer’s
Mont Belvieu, TX 77580     Office in Anahuac. For more information on the position, please contact
FAX 281-576-2496           Assistant County Librarian Valerie Jensen at 409-267-8261, or County Librarian
                           A. Lynette Parsons at 409-267-8263.
System Offices:
FAX 409-267-3783           Chambers County is an equal opportunity employer. The County does not
www.chambers.lib.tx.us     discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or
EMAIL:                     disability in employment or the provision of services.

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