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					CWM Development, LLC

Table of Contents

       Executive Summary

       Ft. Myers and Lee County Information

       Office Business Center Concept

       The Forum Development

       Market Competition

       Marketing and Leasing Strategy

       “Green” Build Construction Competitive Advantages

       Project Team Profiles and Competence

       Elevations and Floor Plans

       Exit Strategy

       Financial Projections and Exhibits
                                            Executive Summary
Company Overview: CWM Development, LLC (hereinafter referred to as “CWM”, “we”, “us” or “the company” in this
   memorandum) was formed in 2004 by Michael McMaster to seek development opportunities in the rapidly growing
   Southwest Florida real estate market. In January of 2005 Walter Nelson joined the company. CWM is wholly and
   equally owned by Mr. McMaster and Mr. Nelson. Please refer to the CWM website for
   additional information about our unique value added strategies to differentiate our product and develop and deliver
   benefits to our customers at competitive prices. Section 7 details the construction techniques and benefits of the
   „Green” building philosophy of the company. We have spent the past 18 months researching the idea of building an
   office space dedicated to Executive Suite leasing, referred to in the industry as an Office Business Center. Our
   analysis strongly suggests the Ft. Myers area is drastically under served and the need is waiting to be filled. We have
   identified what we believe to be an ideal site for this concept based upon location, trade area, demographics, existing
   and developing housing, existing and developing commercial and retail businesses, traffic counts, current and future
   demand for Class A Office Business Centers and the lack of competition in this market niche in Ft. Myers.

Property Overview: The 2.46 acre site under contract is located at Colonial Boulevard and Interstate 75 in The Forum, a
    706 acre mixed-use development in Ft. Myers, Florida ( ). The scheduled closing for the
    property is January 10, 2008.
    The site requires a modification to the approved site plan that is currently in place. The developer is providing the
    completed building plans and engineering for a 30,000 square foot building originally designed for another location
    on the overall site. We anticipate from 4 to 6 months for modifications to the current plan to be approved through
    local authorities and another 6 to 8 months to complete construction of the building. During this time, we project
    our sales and marketing efforts will pre-lease a minimum 25% of the available space in the building with occupancy
    beginning in the 1st Quarter of 2009. Please refer to Section 4 for additional Forum details.

Concept: Office Business Centers are shared office facilities, which are fully equipped, staffed and furnished. Tenants
   pay a monthly lease and in return receive the use of turn-key office (or offices) space. The services included consist
   of telephone answering, office management, cleaning, staffing and greeting. They also share common areas, such as
   reception, kitchen and lavatories, with other tenants in the facility. Additional services such as high speed Internet,
   fax, copying, courier and mail service, word-processing, furniture rental, technical support, video conferencing,
   conference and board rooms are also available and billed separately.
   A cost comparison of the conventional office setup versus the Office Business Center is detailed in Section 3 and
   demonstrates savings of over $67,000 in up-front costs and almost $61,000 in annual recurring costs for the tenant.
                                       Executive Summary (Continued)

Strategy: Our business strategy addresses this under served Ft. Myers market. We anticipate approximately 30% of the
     space for common area. Average market and occupancy rates for executive suites in Ft. Myers (all of them are old
     facilities converted to executive lease space located in older areas more than 6 miles from our site) are approximately
     $60 per square foot and 92% occupancy. Our facility will be a new Class A building, designed for use as an Office
     Business Center with state-of-the-art technology for tenants and will include desk, chair, phone and 2 client chairs.
     Office lease prices are projected to start below $500 while yielding average revenue of $60 - $65 per square foot.

Exit Strategy: The exit strategy upon lease stabilization is to refinance the building. This will allow the full repayment of
     construction financing, investor principal and profit. We believe this will be achieved at or before the end of Year 2
     of operations (3 years after closing on the site). CWM intends to retain and manage the building and business after

Summary An Office Building Center is a management business as well as a real estate development. Mr. McMaster and
   Mr. Nelson have over 50 years experience between them in the business world, specializing in Finance and
   Accounting, Sales and Marketing, and Business Development. CWM recently retained an employment
   commitment from the Operations Manager at one of the most successful Office Building Centers in Southwest
   Florida. She has more than 3 years direct experience leasing, staffing, operating and managing Business Centers and
   is excited to join the Team. She will assume management of operations when the need arises. Our construction,
   architect, and engineering team are profiled in Section 8 as well as detailed information about Mr. McMaster and Mr.
Fort Myers,
                                Fort Myers and Lee County Information
•   According to the U.S. Census Bureau‟s latest estimates, Lee County is among the top 100 fastest growing counties in
    the United States. It had the tenth largest increase in population from July 1, 2004 to July 1, 2005. The Bureau of
    Economic and Business Research at the University of Florida (BEBR) estimates that Lee County‟s population
    numbered 585,000 in 2006. BEBR projects that by 2010 the population will grow to 675,000. Over 30% of all people
    who move to Florida move to the Southwest Region. Although it is a destination for the affluent “baby boomer”
    generation seeking the ideal lifestyle or a premier retirement destination, job growth and career opportunity has
    created a new growth element.

•   Just over half of Lee County‟s population is under 45 and Southwest Florida‟s 18-24 year old population (those
    available to enter the workforce) is growing at a faster rate than that of the state and the nation. Growth projections for
    this age group from 2005 to 2010 are an increase of 22.1%, most of any age group increase. Unemployment rate for
    Lee County in 2005 was 2.9%, compared to 3.8% for the state and 5.1% for the nation. In 2006, Lee County
    employers created more than 15,000 jobs. A recent survey conducted by a national employment services firm pointed
    to additional strength, forecasting the Southwest Florida job market to be the second strongest in the country during
    the second quarter of 2007.

•   The Milken Institute named Fort Myers-Cape Coral the best performing city in the nation for job growth in a 2004
    survey titled “Best Performing Cities: Where America‟s Jobs are Created”. In 2005, Fort Myers-Cape Coral was
    number two on the list. The Boyd Study, Inc. named Fort Myers-Cape Coral 5th among the top 50 locations in the
    nation to locate a corporate headquarters (2004). Inc. Magazine ranked Fort Myers-Cape Coral 9th among its Top 25
    Cities for Job Growth in 2005.

•   Though still one of Florida‟s top growth markets, Lee County is feeling the impact of slowing residential sales. The
    problem in the residential market is not demand; it is supply. There were 1,573 finished new vacant homes available
    in Lee County, with 3,412 units under construction and 7,512 vacant, developed subdivision lots at the end of the third
    quarter of 2006.

•   Most of this excess supply was fueled by speculators, and as long as the economy in Southwest Florida continues to be
    strong, economists expect the absorption of actual move-ins into these residential units to continue at a pace of
    between 1,000-1,500 units per quarter in Lee County
                           Fort Myers and Lee County Information (Continued)

Many new retailers have entered the market since the magic 500,000 population mark was reached a couple of years ago. Simon Property
    Group‟s Coconut Point Town Center is a regional mixed use project that features 1.6 million square feet on US 41 and Coconut Road in
    Estero. Gulf Coast Town Center is a regional mall which includes traditional mall tenants and power center tenants such as Bass Pro
    Shops. The overall market rental rate for retail property is an average of $17.41 but this is increasing with new construction. Quality
    retail projects in the growth areas of Lee County are being marketed from $20-$35 per square foot. Average vacancy rates in each area
    are as follows:

Trade Area                                                   2006 Vacancy Rate                             2005 Vacancy Rate
• Central Ft. Myers                                          6.80%                                         3.90%
• Cape Coral/N. Ft. Myers                                    4.20%                                         8.80%
• Bonita Spgs/Estero                                         7.10%                                         4.50%
• I-75 Corridor                                              5.60%                                         0.30%
• Lehigh Acres                                               2.80%                                         4.30%
• So. Ft. Myers                                              11.30%                                        7.90%
• Overall Market                                             6.70%                                         5.30%

Product Type                                                 Vacancy %                                     Inline Rent
• Community                                                  5.70%                                         $17.30
• Neighborhood                                               10.20%                                        $19.90
• Strip Center                                               12.30%                                        $16.43
• Specialty                                                  2.60%                                         $18.25

Southwest Florida International Airport consistently ranks among the 60 busiest airports in the nation. A recently completed $438-million
     expansion added a midfield terminal complex, including a new terminal building twice the size of the old one, more parking, new roads,
     ramps and taxiways. It serves a diverse domestic market and rapidly growing international market and offers a full array of cargo services.
     Page Field, located south of downtown Fort Myers, is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the nation. It serves both business
     and recreational flyers.

A community and demographic profile of the different communities that make up Lee County (Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, South Fort Myers,
     North Fort Myers, and Cape Coral) is displayed on the following pages.
                                   The Office Business Center Concept

•   Office Business Centers (OBC‟s) are shared office facilities which are fully equipped, staffed and furnished. For a
    monthly fee, tenants receive the use of an office (or offices) in a professional business environment with necessary
    services such as telephone answering, receptionist, conference room availability, administrative support, daily office
    cleaning, mail service and business support. They share common areas such as reception, kitchen and lavatories with
    other tenants in the facility. Additional services are available for a fee, such as high-speed Internet access, networked
    color printers and copiers, video conferencing, web conferencing and concierge service.

•   Office Business Centers are a relatively new industry but rapidly growing for a number of very significant and
    predictable reasons. Competition in the global marketplace forces large companies to look for ways to save money
    without sacrificing necessary services and image. In the same way that major companies have recognized the cost
    savings and benefits of outsourcing non-core business functions, they have identified headquarters office facility costs
    as being their largest expense next to staffing costs. Technology enables these companies to implement new workplace
    strategies including satellite offices, virtual offices, job-sharing and flextime. They recognize that by utilizing business
    centers they can significantly reduce corporate headquarters space requirements without sacrificing employee
    productivity and reduce facilities cost per worker by as much as 50% with flexible service agreements for fully staffed
    and equipped office facilities vs. traditional long term leases.

•   The traditional tenants for Office Business Centers consist of entrepreneurs, start-up companies, CPA‟s, attorneys,
    real estate agents, mortgage brokers, real estate appraisers, property management professionals, consultants, small
    businesses, business travelers, branch offices for mid-sized companies or sales personnel and fixed-term team projects.

•   The Office Business Center market continues to grow because traditional office space with up-front space build-out
    costs, furniture costs, long term leases and recruiting, hiring, and retaining capable staff is so expensive. In many cases,
    the Office Business Center offers a company or individual the ability to occupy Class A facilities with the latest
    technology and amenities for less annual cost than a single clerical employee.
                                    The Office Business Center Concept (Continued)
The following is a comparison of the conventional office costs versus the Office Business Center for a 750 square foot traditional office and an OBC office of
250 square feet:

Up-Front Costs                                                                                                Traditional                          OBC
•    Space Build-out                                                                                          $21,375                              $0.00
•    Furniture (reception & offices)                                                                          $15,200                              $0.00
•    Security requirements (refundable)                                                                       $20,375                              $1562
•    Staff recruiting costs                                                                                   $4,275                               $0.00
•    Office equipment                                                                                         $4,275                               $0.00
•    Phones                                                                                                   $2,850                               $0.00
•    Fax Machine                                                                                              $450                                 $0.00
•    Set up fees                                                                                              $180                                 $150
        Total Up-Front Capital Requirements                                                                   $68,980                              $1,712

Ongoing Annual Expenses                                                                                       Traditional                          OBC
•    Rent Expense                                                                                             $18,000                              $18,750
•    Telephone Lines                                                                                          $2,736                               $2,736
•    Telephone Usage                                                                                          $2,850                               $2,400
•    T-1 Internet Access with Router                                                                          $18,240                              $3,600
•    Office Staff, including benefits                                                                         $36,000                              $0.00
•    Temp Agency (Vacation/Sick days)                                                                         $2,394                               $0.00
•    Repairs & Maintenance                                                                                    $2,394                               $0.00
•    Coffee & Beverage Service                                                                                $1,995                               $0.00
•    Postage Meter rental                                                                                     $798                                 $0.00
•    Copier @ 1,000 copies/month                                                                              $4,560                               $1,800
        Total Ongoing Annual Expenses                                                                         $89,967                              $29,286

•     This illustration shows a start-up cost savings of over $67,000 and an annual cost savings of almost $61,000. While the price per square foot price of $75 seems
      exorbitant by traditional office rent standards, OBC tenants and prospects recognize the savings illustrated above and pay monthly for the space needed, location and
      appearance of the office and building and also value the shorter time commitment.

•     On the average, an OBC tenant will pay 40% to 60% of the office rental fee in additional optional fees offered by the Office Business Center. A growing significant
      source of revenue for Office Business Centers is the Virtual Office. The Virtual Office provides individuals and companies p art-time access to fully-furnished, fully-
      serviced 'day offices'. Virtual Office clients typically get a phone number with live answering, or call forwarding, mail box and mail forwarding service, access to
      business machines and the option to rent meeting and work space by the hour, day or week. At prices ranging from $150 to $450, this service is ideal for home-based
      businesses, telecommuters, professionals that travel extensively, and anyone who wants to have an office presence in a city without the associated expense.

•     OBCAI is a trade association linking Office Business Centers throughout the world. Their statistics for the United States ar e that there are approximately 5,000
      OBC‟s in business today used by 170,000 different firms. These OBC‟s occupy 82 million square feet of office space and employ 31,000 people. It is a rapidly
      growing industry due to the ability of individuals that previously needed support staff to handle tasks that new technology such as personal computers, Internet and
      mobile phones allow them to handle personally. More and more major corporations are implementing policies that require an of fice in an OBC if that company has
      less than a defined number of staff in a market.
                         Office Business Center Articles – “Recession Resistance”
Office Business Centers Improve Corporate America's Resistance to Recession

•   As American businesses face renewed concerns over economic uncertainty, they are stepping up efforts to cut costs and become more flexible.
    They are looking to avoid long term commitments, such as office leases, capital equipment purchases and staffing in the event of continued
    slowing of the economy.

•   The flexible, cost saving solutions provided by the country‟s burgeoning Office Business Center Industry have recently become the answer for
    fast moving companies of all sizes from Bristol-Myers Squib and Nortel to Estee Lauder and Pratt & Whitney. CFO‟s are enjoying the benefits
    of outsourcing their real estate, telecommunications, data and clerical services functions using short-term service contracts. Office Business
    Centers offer fully serviced plans for 1 to 50 employees, complete with furnished offices, team rooms, conference rooms, receptionist,
    administrative support, voice and data services…all on contracts as short as one month. Companies can also arrange contracts for
    telecommuting employees to have access to conference rooms, televideo conferencing and administrative support by the hour in programs
    referred to as virtual office plans.

•   “Large corporations have identified headquarters office facility costs as being their largest expense next to staffing costs. Predictably, they are
    now working to reduce the amount of expensive headquarters office space they occupy,” said Carol Jansch, President of the Executive Suite
    Association. “Today, new technologies are enabling these companies to implement new workplace strategies, including satellite offices, virtual
    offices, job-sharing, and flextime. Companies recognize that by utilizing business centers, they can significantly reduce corporate headquarters
    space requirements, while lifting employee productivity and morale. By using Office Business Centers, companies can reduce facilities cost per
    worker by as much as 50%, with flexible service agreements for fully staffed and equipped office facilities vs. traditional long term leases.”

•   “When my company decided to open a branch office we searched for the best office value available in the area. A Business Center provided
    the affordable administrative assistance, personal service and professional environment that my company needed in order to grow. Thanks in
    part to our Business Center strategy, Chaney Thomas has been able to make its mark in this marketplace,” said Erin Humphries, Branch
    Manager for Chaney, Thomas, Stephenson & Hill.

•   “World One Technologies could not be more pleased with the service we receive from Business Centers. They have provided our company
    with a wonderful office environment that is ideally situated in one of the main business districts,” said Jennifer Ferenz, District Sales Manager
    for World One Technologies, Incorporated. “Having a receptionist answer our calls and forward them to us when traveling helps our company
    run more efficiently. Operating an office at a Business Center helped to ease the transition of not only opening a new office, but in a new city as
                                      Office Business Center Articles – “Suite Deals”
Suite Deal - A new kind of office takes off.
Mary Lou Smart
•    Duane Sulk started his public relations firm in 1992 with a small budget and a big dream. He set up shop in an executive office center, a venue chosen by
     many beginning entrepreneurs.

•    Dutchess Centre Executive Offices, a 30-suite facility above commercial space on Tamiami Trail in north Naples, was a 10-minute commute from his home
     in Bonita Springs and near his primary client base-developers of upscale communities. His corner office came with a view of Naples Park and he enjoyed
     use of the center's copy machine, receptionist services and conference room.

•    Just as important, the space exuded a professional ambiance with a handsomely furnished and decorated lobby. And lush planting outside of the building
     greeted customers with a classic Florida look. "It gave a good impression," Sulk says.

•    Over the next three years, Sulk's business grew to the point where he was renting three offices and it was time to move. Sulk Whalen Public Relations now
     leases traditional office space in Bonita Springs.

•    Sulk is one of the many entrepreneurs and professionals who are finding the executive office meets their needs. Those who don't want the expenses of a
     full-service office of their own can still enjoy prestigious digs featuring state-of-the-art technology and a high level of service. Some executive centers are also
     home to virtual offices where professionals use the center for a letterhead address and phone service and occasionally use a conference room to meet with

•    The executive office is coming of age, says Ray Murphy, president of R.P. Murphy & Associates and owner of the building. Since the facility opened in
     1992, Murphy has come to classify what he sees as three types of professionals drawn to the executive office. Many, like Sulk, are starting out and choose
     the turnkey venue because of low start-up costs and a prime location. If the business succeeds, the executive office is no longer financially feasible and they
     move on.

•    "For start-up companies, the executive suite is almost like an incubator," Murphy says. "For someone that doesn't need a lot of space and doesn't have the
     funds to rent a larger space with room for a receptionist, copier, fax and everything else, this is a good place to begin.“

•    The second type, he says, are entrepreneurs who might have high hopes but don't make it and close up shop relatively quickly. The third type is the most
     stable tenant, the one- or two-person business in any number of professions-accountants, insurance agents, attorneys and realtors-that finds the supportive
     environment more than adequate for the long haul.

•    "It was ideal when I was starting out," says Sulk, who launched his firm in 1992. "I couldn't afford a secretary, and I wanted a warm body answering the

•    Dutchess Centre houses one of many executive office operations in the area. The vast majority occupy space in a building that features either commercial
     space below and/or other larger businesses on other floors. Monthly rents at Dutchess range between $500 and $1,000, and optional services include
     furniture rental and phone answering.
                         Office Business Center Articles – “Suite Deals” (Continued)

•   Premier location - Premier Executive Center in north Naples may be the top of the line in Collier County. When developer Buzz Victor surveyed the area
    five years ago, he saw opportunity and started construction on the project. "I have a similar building in Colorado," he says. "What I found at that time were
    about a dozen fairly full executive office arrangements that ranged in quality from old to OK, but generally not of the same quality as this.“

•   The three-story Premier Executive Center has 100 offices, a state-of-the-art conference room with capability for video conferencing, and a technology
    command center that enables a sophisticated infrastructure of T-1 lines, phone and cable systems throughout. The building's H-shaped architecture
    provides views from every office. Interior offices overlook attractive courtyards and first-floor courtyard offices feature private entrances. Located off
    Goodlette-Frank Road and north of Pine Ridge Road, the building has ample parking and a kitchen.

•   Premier also provides extras. A continental breakfast is available every morning and can be enjoyed in a spacious two-story lobby outfitted with sofas and
    club chairs. Newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Naples Daily News and magazines such as Boating and Fortune are on
    hand. The switchboard is equipped with software that helps make callers think they're speaking directly to the business being contacted. With a uniformed
    staff waiting to fulfill any request, it's more like a five-star hotel than an office building.

•   Monthly rents at Premier range from just under $800 for a 150-square-foot office, including furniture and phone answering, to between $4,500 to $5,500 for
    a three-office suite with space for a receptionist area. Services like photocopying and use of the conference room above a monthly allotment are extra.

•   Bradley Wasserman, a retirement income planning specialist who has offices in the building, views it as more than an executive office facility. Wasserman's
    business has grown recently, but he's wary of moving and instead has leased more space. "Where would I go?" he asks. "The older buildings in town have no
    technology, and financial service businesses are technology-intensive. For new buildings developers want you to build out infrastructure at a cost of $150 to
    $200 a square foot over a time period that might be nine months to a year. So the options for a growing company are to move to a technologically inferior
    building or pay to wait. Either way, you're not going to get the high level of service that we have here.“

•   When the building was in planning stages, Victor assumed that roughly 20 percent of his clientele would be the fabulously wealthy retired or semi-retired
    executives that winter in Florida. That is not the case. "That market just doesn't exist," he says. "It's not a question of would I rent a space out for three or
    four months; it's that nobody wants it for three or four months. The rich guys who enjoy working in the morning and golfing in the afternoon have homes
    with fully-equipped libraries or studies.“

•   All decked out - The Crexent Business Center, which is located in Bonita Springs' Riverview Corporate Center, also offers a high-end executive office
    experience with receptionists in uniform, a kitchen and coffee served throughout the day. Located on U.S. 41, Crexent has 92 offices, three conference
    rooms and a fully equipped exercise room. The building opened in 2003 and is 80 percent occupied.

•   The top rental in the building is $2,600 for a suite consisting of three offices and a reception area. Small, 80-square-foot offices start as low as $350 a month
    and come with call forwarding to cell phones.

•   "Many realtors just need a place to hang their license," says Tammy Plucker, manager.
                         Office Business Center Articles – “Suite Deals” (Continued)

•   Crexent is owned by H.J. Zimmerman and Associates, which owns multiple locations in the state. Howard Zimmerman, managing partner, entered the
    executive office business to avoid a colossal business failure and has found success along the way. In the early '80s, interest rates were going through the roof
    and his company had just completed a 25,000-square-foot building in Miami when what was supposed to have been his largest tenant went belly up.

•   "Besides our own corporate offices, we had no other tenants," he recalls. "We sat there with that empty building for six months before deciding to try
    something new.“

•   Zimmerman had seen executive offices in the New York suburbs and convinced his partners to try a more upscale version. As an experiment, one-third of
    the building, 7,000 square feet, was converted to executive offices. When those rented within two months, they decided to convert another 20 percent of the
    building. When that parcel rented in one month, they decided to convert the entire building.

•   "My only regret is we didn't do it from the start," he says. "As a result it took two years to rent out that building. We've had 95 percent occupancy since the

•   Over the years, even though interest rates have come back down and commercial development has taken off again, Zimmerman has never experienced a
    drop in demand for turnkey office space.

•   "This is not just start-up companies and sole proprietorships," he says. "We have major corporations using these spaces for their sales-force personnel. That
    includes Beringer Wine, General Mills, General Foods and Hartford Insurance. If you bring a pencil you can go to work tomorrow because I'll give you a
    filing cabinet, a phone, a desk, a chair and Internet access.“

•   In Collier County, office space starts at $18 per square foot plus common area maintenance (CAM). Desirable Old Naples locations command more than
    $30 per square foot, before CAM and utilities. The true executive office will not price space in this fashion, because extras such as use of kitchens,
    conference rooms, the occasional fitness room, phone service, furniture, janitorial, mail delivery and coffee and doughnuts put the price per square foot
    over $60.

•   "Comparisons are difficult because we're providing so much more than an office," explains Charlene Laurent, manager of Premier Executive Center.

•   Steve Cornwell owns Naples Executive Suites, an upscale facility with 20 offices on the first floor of a Newgate Center building in Naples. Monthly rents
    range in price from $850 to $1,200. He's starting to see more of an interest from retired CEOs and executives, professionals that lease the office for the
    entire year and use it whenever they're in town.

•   "In so many ways, because we provide the support services, this is less expensive than what you'd pay in a traditional office," Cornwell says.
                                          The Forum at Fort Myers

•   The Forum at Fort Myers is a 706 acre, mixed-use development located in the path of progress for virtually all
    Southwest Florida development. It is comprised of approximately 850,000 square feet of Office, 1,000,000 square
    feet of Retail, 250,000 square feet of Entertainment, 552 Hotel rooms, 1300 Residential units and 85 acres of

•   Songy Partners is under construction on the NW corner of The Forum with 475,000 square feet of Office. Rental
    rates range from $22-$24 per square foot. Home Depot opened several years ago on the southern portion of The
    Forum and is currently one of the top performing stores in the company. Other retailers currently in site
    construction include: Target, Best Buy, Petsmart, TJ Maxx, Ross, Staples, and various local retailers. McDonalds,
    TGI Fridays, Starbucks, Regions Bank and First Community Bank have sites under development. Holiday Inn
    Express is currently under construction adjoining the CWM site and Hyatt Place Hotels recently purchased a 6.5
    acre site on the NW corner of the Forum. Putting Zone, a professional indoor 18-hole putting course, is building a
    60,000 square foot center on the west side of the Forum. An 18 screen Grand Southern Theaters movie complex is
    currently in permitting with 9 surrounding restaurant pads for sale.

•   The Forum is one of the largest continuous developments on I-75 and the only one that has direct dual access to the
    Interstate. It is situated between two major interchanges on Interstate 75: Colonial Boulevard and State Road 82.
    These interchanges are the major east/west arteries in Fort Myers connecting Lehigh Acres and Cape Coral. The
    traffic count for I-75 is 74,500 vehicles per day and Colonial Boulevard is 79,000 vehicles per day.

•   The Colonial Boulevard Project Development and Environment Study was begun for improvement alternatives along
    Colonial Boulevard from west of McGregor Boulevard to east of I-75. This project, along with a Bi-County study
    between Lee and Charlotte counties and involving the cities of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Punta Gorda, plans for
    future widening and expressway travel from Lehigh Acres east along Colonial Boulevard to Veterans Parkway in Cape
    Coral and then north connecting to Punta Gorda in Charlotte County. Development on the east side of I-75 has
    been greatly enhanced due to the addition of well-planned roadways. One of the newest major north-south arteries,
    Treeline Road, is a 4-lane boulevard located less than a mile to the east of The Forum that connects Colonial
    Boulevard with Alico Road in Estero. This provides an alternative direct access to the significant residential
    developments south of The Forum and east of I-75, as well as to Southwest Florida International Airport, Gulf Coast
    Mall, and Florida Gulf Coast University. The Forum is located just 18 minutes from Southwest Florida International
    Airport and 15 minutes from Page Field.
Forum Executive Center
CWM Development Forum Parcel - Legal Description
CWM Development Forum Parcel
                                       Market Competition

     The Crexent – 27499 Riverview Center Blvd., Bonita Springs

     Premier Executive Center – 1415 Panther Lane, Naples

     Naples Executive Suites - 5100 Tamiami Trail North, Naples


     Beacon Executive Suites 8359 Beacon Boulevard, Fort Myers

     The Atrium 8695 College Parkway, Fort Myers

     Commonwealth Financial Center – 12730 New Brittany Blvd, Fort Myers

     The RARCO Building – 1500 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers

     Seatech Center – 17595 Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers

     Pinebrook Suites – 12995 Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers

     Key West Professional Center – 1342 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers
              Competition Elevations

The Crexent
                                   Premier Executive Center
                 Competition Elevations (cont.)

Naples Executive Suites                           Beacon
             Competition Elevations (cont.)

The Atrium                        Commonwealth Financial Center
               Competition Elevations (cont.)

The RARCO Building                          Seatech Center
               Competition Elevations (cont.)

Pinebrook Suites                       Key West Professional Center
Amenity and Price Comparison
Map - Fort Myers Competitors
                                             Marketing and Leasing Strategy
We believe there are a number of reasons why the Office Business Center at The Forum will be successful. These reasons include:

•    Location at Interstate 75 and Colonial Boulevard
•    Location at the entrance to The Forum
•    Location in the heart of the growth corridor for Fort Myers business and residential
•    First Office Business Center in Fort Myers offering new construction, Class A space, with amenities and business image not currently
•    Synergism of Retail, Residential, and Corporate office tenants through and in The Forum; a destination site marketed by the Retail and
     Corporate tenants providing exposure to The Forum OBC
•    Visibility of the 3-story Forum Office Business Center with signage on all 4 sides of the building as well as signage at all 3 entrances
•    Proximity and ease of access to the new Southwest Florida International Airport
•    Job growth and business friendly environment of Fort Myers and Southwest Florida continuing to make the area a great place to live and
•    Proven Operations management dedicated to providing unsurpassed service and support for tenants, large companies and individuals alike
•    CWM recently contracted with Priority Marketing (, a full service Public Relations and Marketing company,
     to handle publicity releases, media plan, logo development, advertising creative work and media placement. Their budget proposal of
     $150,000 as shown in the financial model.
•    The initial pre-construction marketing will be Internet web site, signage on Colonial and State Road 82, direct mail, local newspaper,
     billboards, local trade and business papers, targeted marketing to all real estate related and financial businesses and current OBC tenants
     in Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Punta Gorda. Additionally, cross marketing with tenants in The Forum, surrounding
     retail and businesses and news publicity from the announcement of the first truly Class A OBC in Fort Myers featuring „green
     construction‟ will bring positive exposure.
•    The anticipated office lease will consist of a one year lease with security deposit, which includes phone, mail, UPS and FedEx service, one
     desk and chair, credenza or lateral file cabinet, two client chairs, limited conference room use and complimentary coffee service. A six-
     month lease will be available at a higher monthly cost. T-1 Internet, fax line, net-worked Color and black-and-white copy and printing,
     video conferencing and computer projection equipment will be available for an additional fee.
•    On-going leasing will be primarily done through area real estate agents, Internet web site, and on-site signage. This task will be handled by
     the OBC Operations Manager.
                  Construction and Benefits of “Green” Building System

• The Office Building Center will be “Green” Certified through LEED (Land Environment
    Economics and Development). We believe this commitment to construct environmentally
    friendly, healthy and comfortable Class A office space will benefit both the owners and tenants.
    The owners will benefit from lower operating costs and increased public relations opportunities.
    The tenants will benefit as it demonstrates a willingness to help save our planet which will assist
    tenants in marketing their own company.

• Our building will be energy efficient which both provides a comfortable working environment
    for tenants as well as reduces electricity operational costs.

• We believe the current attention and focus on environmentally friendly living, global warming,
    and green building is a trend that will continue into the future.

• The Forum Office Business Center will be constructed and positioned to take full advantage of
    that focus.
      Team Profiles and Competence
Michael McMaster is a Managing Partner in CWM Development, LLC. He is also President of Comprehensive
    Wealth Management Corp, a Registered Investment Advisor, as well as Co-owner of EcoSafe Steel, Inc., an
    authorized distributor for ThermaSteel, Inc. In addition, Michael is a managing partner in Mortgage Pros,
     Michael‟s work experience consists of approximately 7 years at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), both
     on the trading floor and also in the upper offices analyzing and auditing the financial statements of the
     CBOT member firms. In addition to his exchange experience, Michael worked as a Certified Financial
     Manager for Merrill Lynch prior to starting Comprehensive Wealth Management Corp. He holds a Florida
     Mortgage Broker license, insurance licenses and also a Florida Real Estate license which he uses as a tool
     for real estate valuation purposes.
     Michael is both a man of business as well as a man of science. Michael is a graduate of DePaul University
     (Chicago, IL) where he obtained a B.S. in Commerce with a concentration in Accounting. He later received
     a 2nd undergraduate degree, from the University of Colorado (Boulder), in pre-medical science studies. He
     completed the program near the top of his class. Upon completion of his pre-medical science studies,
     Michael had a decision to make, medicine or business. Michael chose business and went on to obtain a
     MBA, with a specialization in International Business, from the University of Miami (Miami, FL). These
     educational pursuits, as well as his varied work experience, have afforded Michael the opportunity to hone
     his analytical skills. These skills, as well as his keen instincts, allow Michael to analyze and develop sound
     financial business plans based on calculated values for real estate development projects. Michael is
     proficient in structuring development deals so as to minimize the risks associated with the project.

Walter Nelson is a Managing Partner in CWM Development, LLC. He is also President of EcoSafe Steel, LLC,
    an authorized distributor for ThermaSteel, Inc. ThermaSteel is a building shell system which is energy
    efficient, hurricane resistant, and environmentally friendly. In addition, Walter is a managing partner in
    CWM Mortgage, LLC.

     Walter has over thirty years experience in management positions with Fortune 500 companies such as IBM,
     Mary Kay Cosmetics, and IKON Office Solutions and was a Certified Financial Manager with Merrill
     Lynch. In addition to his corporate experience, he has successfully launched and managed start-up
     businesses in manufacturing and commercial real estate. He manages organization operations by directing
     and coordinating activities consistent with established goals, objectives, and policies.

     Walter is a graduate of the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR) where he received a B.S. in Business
     Administration, with a specialization in Marketing. Walter attended college on a football scholarship where
     he played quarterback on the Razorback teams from 1968 through 1972. He holds the Series 6 and 7
     securities licenses, Insurance licenses and Florida Mortgage Broker license.
                                    Team Profiles and Competence (Continued)
Engineering - Johnson Engineering will be the civil engineer for the project. Established in 1946, Johnson Engineering is Southwest
    Florida‟s oldest and best-known full service civil engineering firm. They employ more than 300 professionals and offer state of the
    art expertise in a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines including planning and development, surveying, water resources,
    environmental and landscape architecture. They are very familiar with the site of the Office Business Center since they have
    provided all civil engineering for The Forum since its‟ inception. Johnson Engineering will also be in charge of the MEP
    (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) as well as structural engineering.

Construction - D‟angelo Construction is a General Contractor located in the Fort Myers area. They have submitted a preliminary bid for
    the site work and construction which is detailed in the financial model. Robert D‟angelo, the owner, built one of the most successful
    office complexes, which includes an OBC, in Southwest Florida. Robert has built more than 2,000,000 square feet of commercial
    space in Southwest Florida.

Operation Management - An important component in the successful daily operations of the Office Business Center is the Operations
    Manager. We have received an employment commitment from an individual with over 14 years experience in sales, management,
    property management, event planning and customer service. She has managed the day to day operations of one of the most
    successful Office Business Centers in Southwest Florida since 2004, increasing that business center occupancy from 22% to 97%.
    She demonstrates outstanding management skills in recruiting, hiring and training of staff personnel as well as marketing and
    negotiating lease terms with tenants. When we negotiated a compensation package for her, we were pleased to discover that her
    primary interest was to have the majority of her income derived from performance. She will receive a modest salary in addition to a
    monthly bonus based on occupancy and revenue.

Marketing and Advertising – B2 Advertising has been recognized with more than 300 awards locally, regionally and nationally. From
    overall campaigns, ads, brochures, newsletters, websites, and direct mail to promotionally packaging and events, B2 has done it all. B2
    Advertising is owned by Robyn Bonaquist who is also taking direct control of the Forum Executive Center project. Robyn brings
    more than 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising in Southwest Florida. Prior to forming B2 Advertising, Robyn held
    the position of Regional President for Creative Directors/Chavin Lambert, a 30 million advertising company with offices in Coral
    Gables, Orlando, Naples and New York City.

Architect – Shenkel Schultz Architecture has done the site plan and initial building designs. The architect who will take the plans from start to
    finish has yet to be selected.
 Forum Executive Center
Elevations and Floor Plans
                                               Exit Strategy

The Forum Office Business Center is anticipated to reach lease stabilization in the first year of operation
   (Year 2).

The objective is to refinance at the end of the third year clearing all construction financing and repaying
   investor capital.

Please refer to the Financial Projections section for details
Bank of Florida
Refinance Letter
                                        Financial Projections

The following Exhibits detail Sources and Uses of Funds, Annual Operation, Revenue and Operating
   Expense Assumptions, Cash Flows for Years 2 and 3, Debt Financing, IRR calculations for
   Anticipated and Conservative scenarios and Disposition Analysis.

We believe a conservative estimate of 30% of the space will be common areas such as lobby, conference,
   hallways and restrooms.

All numbers, calculations and estimates in the following Financial Model are projections and not to be
     construed as a guarantee.