Minister of Culture of Russian Federation by malj


Minister of Culture of Russian Federation
29 May 2009

Dear members of the International Council of Museums,
representatives and heads of the ICOM National and International
Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation is honoured to support the
candidature of Moscow for hosting the 23rd ICOM General Conference
in 2013!
The theme suggested by ICOM Russia for the conference “The Role of
Museums in Preservation of the World’s Cultural Diversity and
Development of Dialogues between Civilizations” is not incidental.
Russia is the country of the enormous cultural potential, which has
become the universal communicative mean for different nations of
mutual understanding and enrichment. Huge territory and history of
Russia reveal the heritage of ancient civilizations, different ethnic
traditions and confessional diversity. Russian culture possesses
rich “genetic” memory and it is tolerant and open to everyone.
There are more than 2500 museums in Russia. Among them the world-
famous artistic collections – the Hermitage, Moscow Kremlin,
Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum and also museums, which
represent the achievements of science, literature, theater, museums
connected with the names of the geniuses of the world civilization –
Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, Pyotr Tchaikovsky and others. Up to
2013 in Moscow is planned to launch the new museum quarters,
reflecting the leading tendencies of the 21st century museum
Russia’s potential to bring for your attention rich museum life,
masterpieces of national and international art is unique. This potential
and our experience could be used by different countries.
Moscow already hosted the ICOM General Conference in 1977 with
over 1 500 participants, and the event was successful and
unforgettable. Since that year the International Museum Day is
celebrated annually all over the world.
I am sure that 23rd ICOM General Conference will be marked by
new important initiatives because it will take place in Moscow – the
capital of rapidly developing state.
All the participants and guests of the General Conference will have an
opportunity to make their own choice for the cultural program:
concerts in the conservatoire, opera and ballet performances in the
famous Moscow theaters.
Russia is well known for its hospitality – all the participants and
guests of the forum will be kindly received not only in Moscow.
The trip to Saint-Petersburg will give a chance to enjoy unique
museums, canals, bridges, amazing architectural ensembles and
suburbs, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List!
Your visits of the “Golden Ring” cities, monuments of the Russian
North or cruises down the Volga are promising to be unforgettable!
Culture unites nations, bring in their life the feeling of harmony and
optimism. World museums and museum professionals are the keepers
and bearers of this major component of human existence. Hoping for
the victory of Moscow as a representative of Russia, I am frankly glad
to welcome and to wish every success to all the members of the
International Council of Museums.

                                                      Alexander Avdeev

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