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									How long will it take to get my               details about your hospital stay. If you
prescription ready?                           need to continue with any medicines you
                                              should contact your GP in plenty of time to

The discharge arrangements can take                                                                      Patient Information for the
                                              order them.
several hours to organise and your                                                                Gloucestershire Health Community
prescription is only one part of this. The    What happens if I have any questions

process can only start when the Pharmacy      about the medicines I have been

receives your discharge prescription. In      prescribed in hospital?
some cases, all the medicines you need to
take home may already be in your locker       There is a telephone helpline in the

so there will be no need to wait. If you      Pharmacy department available Monday to

need medicines from the Pharmacy it may
take up to 3 hours to get your medicines to   For Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
you.                                          10am - 11am 08454 226837.

But what if I only have a few items on my
discharge prescription?
                                              For Cheltenham General Hospital 11am
                                              - 12 noon 08454 222805.
                                                                                                  The Pharmacy

We always try to do the prescriptions in a    They will be happy to answer any                     department
fair order. We often have lots of people      questions about the medicines you have
waiting to go home at the same time           been prescribed in hospital. Your GP
                                              or community Pharmacist will also

and prescriptions can have one item or
sometimes more than twenty items. It is       be able to help if you require more
really important that we make sure the        information.

correct medicines are dispensed for you. As

well as preparing discharge prescriptions
we are also supplying medicines for all of
the patients in hospital, the outpatient
clinic prescriptions and all of the other

departments in the hospital.
Can I come back to collect my prescription?

It is really important that you don’t miss
any doses of your medication. Please
discuss this with your nurse.

When I am at home
Where do I get more medicines from?
Your GP will receive a copy of your                         Author: Pharmacy
discharge prescription as well as other                   Review due: June 2011
The Pharmacy Department provides a wide       What are the benefits of bringing in my         complicated medicines such as warfarin.
range of services for the whole hospital      medicines?                                      Medicines Management Technicians also
including:                                                                                    visit some of the wards from Monday

                                              It means that you can continue with
l	 Dispensing 15 thousand medicines per       the medicines you are familiar with and         to Friday. They will make sure that you
   week for in-patients, out-patients,        we can check in detail what medicines           have enough medicines for your stay and

   wards and clinics                          you usually take at home. We can make           prepare medicines ready for when you

                                              sure you have enough of your current            leave hospital
l	 Manufacturing medicines that need
                                              medicines when you leave hospital and
   to be made under special conditions
                                              that you are not confusing these with           What happens when I leave

   (e.g. sterile injections) or special
   formulations of medicines not made by
                                              medicines you no longer require.                hospital?

   the external pharmaceutical companies      What happens to the medicines I bring           A Doctor or the Pharmacist will write a
l	 The Medicines Information Service          into hospital?                                  discharge prescription for the medicines
                                                                                              you need to continue with when you go

   advises pharmacists, doctors and nurses    On the majority of wards they will be
   about any aspects of medication use                                                        home.
                                              stored in your own medicine locker by the
                                                                                              On discharge, you will receive at least 7

l	 The Quality Control Department             side of your bed and you will be asked if
   ensures that medicines used in the         you are happy to use them whilst you are        days supply of medication you were taking
   hospital are of a high standard            in hospital. On other wards they will be        at home (unless you have said you have
                                              collected by Pharmacy and if they are still     more medicines at home). You will receive
l	 The Purchasing department buys all of
                                                                                              at least 14 days supply of any medicines

   the medicines for the hospital which       suitable, you will get them back when you
                                              go home.                                        started in hospital. Some items you will
   cost around £24 million per year
                                                                                              only need for a few days until you have

l	 Pharmacists visit wards to check           What happens if you don’t keep the brand        finished the course or your condition
   prescriptions and advise doctors on the

                                              of medicine I usually take at home?             improves.
   best use of drugs
                                              We ask you to bring your own supply into        What if I have my usual medicines at
l	 Medicines Management Technicians           hospital so you can carry on with the same      home?
   visit wards to supply medication for       brand you are used to. Often, we keep an

   individual patients                        alternative brand that can be used.             The Pharmacist or Technician may ask you
                                                                                              if you have more medicines at home, if
Coming into hospital                          During your stay                                so, we will not confuse you by supplying

                                                                                              any more. If you are not sure about which
Should I bring the medicines I am taking at   Which Pharmacy staff will I see?                medicines to take at home, please ask.
home?                                         Ward Pharmacists visit wards daily from
                                                                                              What happens if I have run out of
Yes, we encourage everyone to bring in        Monday to Friday. They will check your
                                              prescription chart to make sure that the        medicines or the doctor has prescribed new
their medicines from home. It is really
important that we know exactly what           medicines and their doses are suitable          medicines?
medicines you usually take at home            for you and your condition. If you have         They will be supplied by the Hospital
including inhalers, eye drops, creams,        any questions about your medicines they         Pharmacy.
sprays, medicines bought over the             will be happy to answer them. They will
counter and any herbal or complimentary       give you further information about any

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