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									               Martin Reid
           Managing Director

‘There is nothing permanent except change’

  An independent UK dealer’s secrets of success

            OPI Europe 2008, Rome
Egan Reid profile
The road to one-stop solutions
•   Key facts & figures
    -   One of the leading independent     -   72 staff
        commercial dealers in the UK
                                           -   Stockport, Greater Manchester
    -   Started in 1957

    -   Turnover €15 million in 2007       -   Nationwide

    From small printer’s business to leading dealer

    1950s           1960s        1970s    1980s             1990s      2000s

            Print             Stationery Furniture           FM/     Machines
                                                          Janitorials & AV

                 Not your average office products dealer
                                                                              Office &

Egan Reid profile                                                            stationery
                                                    Print                       2%
Business split                                      98%

        1987-88                                     2007-08
            Other Print                     Facilities   3%
             1% 1%                            5%
       Office                                                    Office & stationery
     furniture         Office &                                        supplies
       25%                                                               35%
                                      Office furniture
                        73%                              Consumables

                                   Audio-visual &
Building a business on people
Key to the Egan Reid business model
People are a major strength of Egan Reid …

• Why?

•   The Egan Reid approach

•   The right people in the right jobs

•   Developing our people

                   The face & voice of the business
Building a business on people
The right people in the right jobs

                                   Would this
                                    win any

          Playing your team in their best position
Building a business on people
The right people in the right jobs

                                  This team
                                 will win the

          Playing your team in their best position
Building a business on people
About teamwork & communication

                  The forwards                 Martin & Andrew Reid
                = the driving force

                  The midfield
         = the creative, forward-thinking,      Department heads &
              problem-solving force                 specialists

                   The back line              Sales, customer service,
      = the solid, hard-working ambassadors     accounts, purchasing,
             you know you can rely on          warehouse, delivery &
                                               fitting/installation staff

     The blend of the characters makes the team
Building a business on people
More about Martin Reid

… or how to lead an independent dealership

•   Know what is going on in your business

•   Know what is going on around you

•   Surround yourself with the latest technology

•   Be passionate

•   Work ‘on the business’ rather than ‘in the business’

                            Working on the business
My partner
What customers want
Solutions, not products

Why solution selling? Making our customers successful &
their jobs easier:

•   Work smarter, be more productive & efficient
•   Save time & money
•   Feel good about themselves & their work
•   Act as an advice centre
•   Hassle-free office procurement!

          From office products to office productivity
What customers want
Added value, not just price

Service & price have become must-have’s, so dealer needs to
build value on top of that to differentiate from competition: -

•   Strong brand
•   Value added services
•   The right products
•   Continuity
•   Single-sourcing
•   Online ordering

             Driving down the cost of procurement
What customers want
Strong relationships

Need to engage with the customer/ end-user beyond product,
function & price: -

•   Flexibility & adaptability

•   Trust & reliability

•   Personalisation & attention

•   ‘Feel good’ factor

•   Customer retention

                           From supplier to partner
Be daring, be different
They are everywhere!

                  Legislation/      Economy         Suppliers/
                  Government                       Manufacturers


                         Opportunities                  News


                    Fashion      Technology

    You have to see opportunity before you can seize it
Organic vs inorganic growth

   Organic growth                     Growth by acquisition

 • Get more out of client base        • 1 in 6 UK dealers in financial
 • Lower cost than new business
                                      • Reduce competitive pressure
 • Balance product mix & make           or acquire complementary
   business less vulnerable             business

 • Increase customer retention &      • Customer base is key
   loyalty with one-stop solutions
                                      • Return on investment
 • Link-sell
                                      • Increase geographical presence
 • Save time & money
                                      • Increase profitability & turnover
 • Make environmental sense

                                 Driving the business forward
Key partnerships

  Wholesalers                 Manufacturers                   Customers
• More than a source of      • Less & less direct supply   • Learn from working
  supply!                      to dealers                    closely together

• Full range offering        • Marketing support           • Challenge ourselves

• Logistical support         • Brand power                 • Listen & understand to
                                                             stay ahead
• Sales & marketing          • Product & marketing
  support                      expertise                   • Power of case studies

• Technical support          • Focus on end user           • Learn from unhappy
• General business support   • Creative impression
                                                           = The blood supply to
= An extension of your       = From production &             your business
  business                     supply to stimulating

               Developing the business with your stakeholders
The future
What can we expect?

• Complete solutions offering
•   Productivity & cost-saving
•   The web
•   Going green
•   The local manufacturing revival
•   Going stockless
•   The future of wholesaling

                                      Never say no
Contact details

Martin Reid
Tel: +44 (0)161 406 6000

     There is nothing permanent except change

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