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Mind Institute
... awaken our mind's potential
How did they do it? How did they get that good?
At last, a very high calibre training for sports people, professional sports players and sports coaches and for anyone
wanting to learn the skills.
Learning these skills will enable you to find the difference that makes the difference, to find the unconscious natural
brilliance exhibited by exceptionally good sports people. With that information and these skills, you'll then be able to
extract the excellence in any sports person, to coach others and to teach.
For those with existing NLP skills this course provides yet another wonderful developmental tool to enhance your
mastery of behavioural change and improvement. By studying under Dr Woodsmall you will be learning from one of
the most successful pioneers of the latest technology in human personal development.
Using the tools and techniques of NLP, plus other cognitive, neurological and behavioural skills, Dr Woodsmall teaches
you how to capture, encode, transfer and replicate the skills of an expert.
In attendance will be two well-known sport celebrities for you to model directly and every evening there will be guest
specialist coaches presenting their approach to coaching.
9 days of fantastic, exciting, eye opening learning and insights!
■	There are six basic phases in the modeling process:
■	Identify and select experts or Models (Exemplars) who consistently exhibit the
Behaviours of Excellence that you want to model
■ Elicit/Extract the Model components of expert behaviour from the exemplars
■ Design the model. This is the model you will be using to apply to yourself, or to
coach others how to do it, or to teach
■ Conduct Model-Based Training, or coach others, or try it on yourself.
Jimmy Petruzz.
Conditioning coacn
■ Finalise training and make adaptations, changes, distinctions or fine tuning that

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