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					                                Cotswold Rowing Club

Application Form to be a Full Member/Junior Member/Associate Member
                         (delete as appropriate)
Personal Details
Name:                                        Date of Birth:

Address:                                                       Weight:           Kgs.

Post Code                           Home Tel:                           Mobile Tel:
Email:                                       Business Tel:
Rowing Details
Current and Previous Clubs/College/School:

Rowing Experience:

ARA Registration number, if any:
Principal Rowing Interest: X1            X2                           X4                  X8
                    Rowing       or Sculling                     or Both

At: Senior                 Junior            Veteran           Recreational only                Level

Interested in Dry Rowing and Gym Workout: Yes/No
Only interested at Social Level:                               Yes/No
All rowing members must complete a mandatory health and swimming
form on reverse of this form. .
Club Details

Club Management Experience:

I am interested in helping at club level with:

Committee Member:                   Yes/No
Working Member                      Yes/No
Social Member only                  Yes/No
Any other Comments:

Please note this information will only be used by Cotswold Rowing Club
and will not under any circumstances be passed to Third Parties.

Return Form to: Terry Hardie, Home Farm, Down Ampney, Cirencester,
Glos. GL7 5QW. Tel: 01793 752650 email:
Alongwith a cheque for £25.00 please.           Amended April 2008
Cotswold Rowing Club

Members Mandatory Declaration

      Each member intending to participate in rowing, upon joining,
      shall sign the following declaration:


      Upon acceptance into membership of the Cotswold Rowing
      Club I understand that rowing is undertaken at my own risk.
      I confirm that I do not suffer from any disability or medical
      condition which may render me unfit for strenuous exercise.*

      I also confirm that I am able to swim a minimum of 50
      metres, this ability will be tested at the Club’s Discretion.


      Parent/Guardian (if under 18)

      *Should a medical condition exist, this will not necessarily
      preclude you from membership/participation, but it must be
      declared. Should you be in any doubt, advice should be
      sought from your family doctor.

Approved by the Club 6th October 2006.

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