; The Speed of Trust - The one thing that Changes Everything
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The Speed of Trust - The one thing that Changes Everything


The Speed of Trust - The one thing that Changes Everything

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									ThE TEam iS ThE fuTurE, ThE fuTurE iS hoT!

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                                             The Speed of Trust - The one
                                             thing that Changes Everything
                                             When an organisation is looking for advice on trust, leadership, ethics and high performance they turn to Stephen
                                             m.r. Covey.

                                             With a Harvard MBA, Covey successfully increased profits by 1200 percent and nearly doubled sales within three
                                             years of becoming CEO of Covey Leadership Centre, a company set up by his father Stephen r. Covey and
                                             author of The 7 habits of highly Effective People.

                                             In The Speed of Trust Covey shows how "trust is not some soft, illusive quality that you either have or you
                                             don't, rather, trust is a pragmatic, tangible, achievable asset that you can create - faster that you probably think

                                             "Simply put, trust is confidence. The opposite of trust - distrust - is suspicion."

                                             The book is written in an informed style with quotes from some of the leading figures in business, politics and
                                             ethics, such as Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson and Mahatma Gandhi.

                                             In five simple ways Covey shows us how to to create, inspire and restore trust.

                                             The first Wave - Self Trust
                                             The Principle of Credibility explores how we can increase our credibility, to inspire trust in others.

                                             The Second Wave - Relationship Trust
                                             The Principle of Behaviour shows how to establish and increase trust and how our behaviours affect trust in

                                             The Third Wave - Organisation Trust
                                             The Principle of Reputation explains how to generate trust by creating structures, systems and symbols.

                                             The fourth Wave - Market Trust
                                             The Principle of Reputation considers how to create company and personal brands that will affect customer
                                             behaviour and loyalty.

                                             The fifth Wave - Societal Trust
                                             The Principle of Contribution discusses the notion of “Giving back” to society and how this can create a value for
                                             others to follow.

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ThE TEam iS ThE fuTurE, ThE fuTurE iS hoT!

                                             Covey keeps you gripped using stories, from his son cutting the grass, to multi million dollar company mergers
                                             and he really inspires you to look at the relationships you have, both in business and personally.

                                             Covey uses "a simple formula that will enable you to take trust from an intangible and unquantifiable variable
                                             to an indispensable that is both tangible and quantifiable. Trust always effects two outcomes - speed and
                                             cost. When trust goes down, speed will always go down and costs will go up."

                                              Trust =  Speed    Cost

                                             "When trust goes up, speed will also go up and costs will go down."

                                              Trust =  Speed  Cost

                                             This book will not only increase your productivity or the productivity of your organisation but it will also increase
                                             your personal effectiveness. It will make you stop and think about the relationships that you have, and as Larry
                                             King simply yet eloquently says, "understand how to nurture and inspire trust in every encounter, which is a
                                             foundation for true and lasting life."

                                             Some recommendations:                                                           impact Executives is a market
                                                                                                                             leader in the provision of senior
                                             “Covey convincingly validates our experience at Dell that trust has             interim management.
                                             a bottom-line impact on results and that when trust goes up, speed
                                             goes up while costs come down. This principle applies not only in               When you need a top quality, experienced
                                             our professional relationships with customers, business partners, and           interim manager for:
                                             team members but also in our personal relationships, which makes
                                             this insightful book all the more valuable."                                    • Urgent senior or board level vacancies
                                             Kevin Rollins, President and CEO, Dell Inc                                      • A business turnaround or restructure
                                                                                                                             • Managing IT systems implementation
                                             "Stephen Covey's work changed the world. I'd bet the price of this              • Project / Programme Management
                                             exciting book and more that his son, Stephen M. R. Covey, will have             • Post-merger integration
                                             at least as much impact. The Speed of Trust is an amazing book,
                                             starting with its novel and powerful title my greatest wonder was               Call Impact Executives and we'll
                                             why it hadn't been written before. From the epigraph 'Speed happens             provide a cost-effective solution immediately,
                                             when people truly trust each other' to the closing bell, this is a book         for these and many other business challenges.
                                             worth savouring and implementing."
                                             Tom Peters                                                                      To learn more about our global network, visit:
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