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					Media Director

Position Title: Media Director (1 position available)

Deadline for Applications: Friday, March 5, 2011

Position Summary: The SLC is a venue for student leaders from across our campus to gather, share and
learn. As a part of the executive committee, the SLC Portfolio Directors will assist the Co-Chairs in various
aspects of planning the conference. Directors will oversee one portfolio: Communications, Finance, Human
Resources, Programs (Plenary or Concurrent), AV & Media Systems, Sustainability or Logistics. In general,
the responsibilities of the SLC Director will be to utilize their strong leadership skills to strategically
implement the vision of the conference, working with and guiding a team of Coordinators to achieve portfolio

Time Commitment: 5-10 hours a week (with fewer hours in the summer and fall, and more
hours closer to the day of the conference)

Description of General Director Duties:
   • Collaborate with the Co-Chairs throughout the planning and visionary stage of the conference
   • Create a master timeline with the Co-Chairs, as well as a portfolio-specific timeline
   • Manage the tasks of the portfolio
   • Participate and sit on a working-committee (specific committee to be determined during planning
   • Attend and participate in team retreat April 1 (eve) & April 2 (all day), 2011
   • Attend and participate in all SLC Planning Committee meetings
   • Facilitate meetings with Coordinators and support their work
   • Oversee events on the day of the SLC
   • Build strategic relationships various campus and community partners who support the conference
   • Recruit and select 2012 Directors

Media Portfolio-Specific Responsibilities:
  • Develop and maintain a strategic plan for the conference’s audio visual media presence, based on
      Executive Committee priorities, student leadership development goals, and conference management
  • Collaborate with the Plenary Programs Director to incorporate the use of Audio Visual media in the
      SLC program (e.g., creating a video profile of ten UBC leaders and ensuring proper technical support
      at the Chan Centre)
  • Work closely with the Communications & Promotions Director to ensure successful communication
      and promotion of the SLC through promotional videos, radio broadcasts, and/or other means
  • Support the IT Manager in developing an engaging, easy-to-navigate, and relevant website for
      delegates, sponsors, presenters, exhibitors, and the planning team (i.e., through contributing photo
      galleries, videos, animations, etc.)
  • Supervise and support the Production Coordinator to train special AV volunteers and ensure all audio
      visual requirements are met for the SLC
  • Oversee the documenting (by film and camera) of the entire conference planning process and the day
      of the SLC for promotions and posterity by Production Coordinator
  • In collaboration with the Production Coordinator, coordinate and plan successful Audio Visual
      resources for the day of the conference as well as digital media archiving through UBC Library and
  • Supervise and support the Media Coordinator promotions projects and work with the SLC Faces

Supervision Exercised: The Media Director will the Media Coordinator and Production Coordinator.
Also, the Director will coordinate the general activities of their portfolio of responsibility.
Supervision Received: The Director position will be supported by the SLC Co-Chairs as well as an advisory
group consisting of UBC staff members.

   • Demonstrated examples of leadership skills, especially among peer group
   • Strong interpersonal, organizational skills and project management skills
   • Previous experience leading committees or teams
   • Ability to motivate and inspire others and lead by example
   • Demonstrated initiative; ability to recognize problems quickly and apply sound solutions
   • Excellent communication skills: professional email/phone correspondence, public speaking and
       presentation proficiency
   • Task-oriented and reliable
   • Enthusiastic and passionate about student development and leadership
   • Experience and willingness to learn and teach others
   • Previous experience with all Microsoft Office applications
   • Knowledge of UBC’s services and resources for students
   • Past experience or involvement in campus-related leadership initiatives an asset
   • Past participation in a UBC SLC is preferred

Additional Qualifications:
   • Experience with film production and professional photography an asset
   • Excellent knowledge of Word Press/Content Management Systems preferred
   • Good working knowledge of HTML and CSS
   • Excellent knowledge of MS Excel and wiki technology
   • Experience designing, modifying, updating forms and databases
   • Graphic and/or web design experience an asset

Anticipated Learning Outcomes: The SLC Portfolio Directors should expect to gain experience in an
influential leadership and project management role as well as learn specific administrative skills associated
with large scale student program provision. Furthermore, the Directors may expect opportunities to use and
develop skills in the following (but not limited to) areas:

    •   Event planning and management
    •   Committee organization and leadership
    •   Performance assessment and goal setting
    •   Some financial management

The position of the Director is to reflect both priorities of the UBC Student Leadership Conference, as well as
the Director’s desired learning outcomes as they relate to his/her strengths and areas of improvement.

To Apply:

Please submit the online application form, cover letter/resume and contact information for two references by
11:59PM Friday, March 5, 2011

Please note that only successful candidates will be granted an interview. Successful candidates are asked to
provide both a cover letter and two (2) references at the beginning of their interview.

Questions and further enquiries may be addressed to:

Rob Harmer
Human Resources Director, SLC 2011