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									          The Forbes College Lectureship in Economics: Further Particulars

Newnham College in the University of Cambridge seeks to appoint a College Lecturer in
Economics tenable from no later than 1st October 2009 for two years to cover for a
Lecturer on leave. This appointment is made possible by a generous donation from Jessie
and Colin Forbes. Applications are encouraged from candidates who specialise in any
field of economics but candidates must be able to teach either the core papers in
microeconomics or in macroeconomics of the Cambridge Economics undergraduate
course. The salary will be fixed at a point in the range between £28,839 - £29,705
according to experience. The post will be fully pensionable.

The duties of the Lecturer shall be as follows:

1.     To Direct Studies for students in Economics in the College. The duties of a
       Director of Studies are: to make full teaching arrangements for all students under
       his/her direction, including the appointment of supervisors; to monitor and ensure
       the quality of teaching received by the students; to communicate and meet with all
       students at regular intervals to discuss their studies; to pass on to students all
       relevant course information received from the Faculty of Economics; to organize,
       oversee, and conduct undergraduate admissions interviews; to provide feedback to
       the schools of interviewed candidates; to ensure all students are entered for the
       appropriate University Examinations; to report annually to the Governing Body on
       the progress of students; to assist the Principle in the initial selection of Research
       Fellows in the area of Economics, and the Graduate Tutors in the admission of
       postgraduate students; to entertain undergraduate and postgraduate students in
       Economics on a termly basis.

2.     To organize and teach twelve hours per week (180 contact hours per year,
       excluding required preparation and marking) of supervisions (small-group
       teaching) or classes to undergraduate students in Economics within the College, in
       accordance with the requirements for the University Economics undergraduate
       course (called the Tripos). The successful candidate will be expected to teach first,
       second and third year Tripos papers in the areas of microeconomics and
       macroeconomics. Any hours taught in excess of 180 per year will be paid at 25%
       above the intercollegiate supervision rate standard supervision rate, and hours
       supervised for other colleges in the University (on an exchange basis) will count
       towards the required stint. (For further information about the University
       Economics Tripos, see

3.     To undertake research of international standing within the area of the Lecturer’s
       specialism and to present and publish the results of that research at intervals
       consistent with the requirements of UK Research Assessments. The successful
       candidate is encouraged to participate actively in research activities in the Faculty
       of Economics.

4.     To field admissions enquiries related to Economics throughout the academic year;
       to conduct and attend Open Days both for prospective Economics candidates and
       for schoolteachers; and to produce and update admissions information for
       candidates and schools.

5.     To ensure that the College Library is well stocked with all of the texts, including
       selected secondary works, which are essential for students of all levels
       satisfactorily to complete their studies; to advise the Librarian on books required to
       maintain the Library’s collection in Economics.

6.     To liaise regularly with other Economics Fellows in College, on the organization
       and progress of teaching and research.

7.     To undertake College administrative duties as required by the Senior Tutor
       (including attending College meetings, chairing committees, etc.)

8.     To attend, if invited, Director of Studies meetings of the Faculty of Economics; to
       maintain good relations with the Faculty; and to keep up to date with changes in
       Faculty courses and policy.

9.     To give, if invited by the Faculty, lectures in the University, with additional
       remuneration at the appropriate rate or an agreed trade off for supervision duties
       with the Senior Tutor. Normally, this is likely to be only a few lectures per year.

10.    To foster and promote at all times excellence in teaching and research and in the
       study environment for Economics students and staff in the College.

A College Lecturer at Newnham is entitled to seven free meals each week and to a study
or office in College, free of charge, and to the College’s standard “IT package” which is
provided for the purposes of research teaching and administration. The College has
established a Shared Equity House Purchase Scheme to assist College Lecturers and
certain other Senior Members in the purchase of a property for their own residential use in
the Cambridge area. In accordance with the College Statutes made under the Oxford and
Cambridge Act 1923, College Lecturers, if women, are elected into a Fellowship in
Category A (Official Fellowship) of the College.

This is a Fixed Term appointment. The purpose of the post is to provide cover for a
Lecturer’s leave and to provide an opportunity for an economist at an early postdoctoral
career stage to develop their teaching and research, and to undertake appropriate
professional development, including attending training courses provided by the University,
participating in the Cambridge Programme in Higher Education Practice and following a
“pathway” to be agreed with the Senior Tutor.

Applications and Selection Procedure

Candidates should apply in writing to The Principal, Dame Patricia Hodgson, Newnham
College, Cambridge CB3 9DF, providing a copy of their Curriculum Vitae, the names and
e-mail addresses of three referees acquainted with the candidate’s teaching and research,
and a copy of a recently published article or portion of a book or thesis (not to exceed
7,000 words), by 24 June 2009. The referees should be asked by the candidate to write to
the Principal by the same date. At the interview, shortlisted candidates will be asked to
give a short (10 minute) presentation on an area of their research. Candidates are asked to
indicate whether there are periods over the summer during which they will not be
available for interview.

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