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The European Aerospace & Defense Industry

Description:    Aruvian's R'search’s European Aerospace & Defense Industry Analysis provides a well grounded
                research analysis of the European Aerospace & Defense Industry.

                This report aims to help investors and analysts understand the emergence of the European
                Aerospace and Defense Industry as the serious competitor to the United States Aerospace and
                Defense industry. The entry of new signatories to the EU treaty is leading to the discovery of
                synergies and production capabilities where none seemed to exist earlier. Apart form encouraging
                healthy competition among the players, new doors have been opened to inter-EU links in this
                industry which is attracting investments in joint development programs and cementing the case for
                further expansion of the EU. The focal importance of Poland and the Czech Republic as a strategic
                axis for growth in the European Aerospace and Defense sector has been delved into by this report.

                The issues and challenges being faced by the European Aerospace and Defense industry in taking
                the sector through its phases also focus on the shortcoming in the defense sector.

                The report provides an update on the outlook for the export situation of European Aerospace along
                with a comparative study vis-à-vis the global market. The dynamic role played by European
                Aerospace contribution to EU trade balance also provides an insight into the intra-EU alliances in
                the industry which have led to many Research and Developments in the European Aerospace and
                Defense industry along with knowledge sharing initiatives.

                The study of this report also brings out the movement of competitive stance in the European
                Aerospace and Defense sector from defense to civilian purposes with an export focus and the likely
                emergence of Trans Atlantic deals to this effect.

                The relationship between the emergence of budget airlines and their impact on the European
                Aerospace Industry is provided in this report. Budget Airlines as a growing phenomenon worldwide
                has forced global majors to sit up and take notice to their overall growth potential.

                This report also presents a business case for the concept of Budget Airlines and tracks the growth
                of budget airlines industry in Europe. Some of the major players in this market like the Virgin
                Express, Easy Jet face pertinent issues and challenges of being a part of budget airlines industry.
                The cost analysis of budget airlines industry is important from understanding the competitive space
                in this industry driven by tight budgets and operational cost management.

                The report further details the country wise analysis of the aerospace aviation sector:

                1. France Aerospace & Defense Industry
                2. Germany Aerospace & Defense Industry
                3. United Kingdom Aerospace & Defense Industry
                4. Russia Aerospace & Defense Industry
                5. Austria Aerospace & Defense Industry
                6. Belgium Aerospace & Defense Industry
                7. Bulgaria Aerospace & Defense Industry
                8. Czech Republic Aerospace & Defense Industry
                9. Denmark Aerospace & Defense Industry
                10. Hungary Aerospace & Defense Industry
                11. Italy Aerospace & Defense Industry
                12. Poland Aerospace & Defense Industry
                13. Slovakia Aerospace & Defense Industry
                14. Spain Aerospace & Defense Industry
                15. Sweden Aerospace & Defense Industry
                16. Switzerland Aerospace & Defense Industry
                17. The Netherlands Aerospace & Defense Industry
                18. Ukraine Aerospace & Defense Industry
Contents:   A. Executive Summary

            Section 1: Introduction to the European Aerospace & Defense Industry

            B. Introduction
            B.1 Market Overview
            B.2 Market Segments
            B.3 Competition in the Industry
            B.4 How New EU Members Are Helping the Industry Grow
            B.4.1 Development of New Links
            B.4.2 Increased Investments in the Industry
            B.4.3 The Importance of Poland & the Czech Republic
            B.4.4 Importance of Further EU Expansion

            C. Issues & Challenges
            C.1 Decreasing Performance in Relative Efficiency
            C.2 Problems with Europe’s Space Industry
            C.3 Problems in Defense Sector

            D. Market Statistics
            D.1 Maintenance Services
            D.2 Domestic & Export Figures
            D.3 Comparison to the Global Market
            D.4 Import/Export Situation
            D.5 Contribution to the EU Trade Balance
            D.6 Research & Developments

            E. Consolidation of European Defense Sectors
            E.1 Defense Budget Cuts
            E.2 Likely Emergence of Trans-European Deals
            E.3 Likely Emergence of Trans-Atlantic Deals
            E.4 Conclusion

            F. Industry Forecast

            G. Budget Airlines & its Impact on the Industry
            G.1 Introduction
            G.2 The Global Budget Airline Industry
            G.3 The Business Case of Budget Airlines
            G.4 A Growing Industry in Europe
            G.5 Issues & Challenges
            G.6 Leading Players
            G.6.1 EasyJet Airline Company Limited
            G.6.2 Ryanair Holdings Plc
            G.6.3 Virgin Express Holdings Plc
            G.7 Cost Analysis of Budget Airlines
            G.8 Market Forecast

            Section 2: Country-wise Analysis

            H. Aerospace & Defense in France
            H.1 Market Overview
            H.2 Market Segments
            H.3 Competition in the Industry
            H.4 Market Statistics
            H.5 Challenges in the Industry
            H.6 Overview of France’s Civil Aviation Industry
            H.7 Market Forecast

            I. Aerospace & Defense in Germany
            I.1 Market Overview
            I.2 Market Segments
            I.3 Competition in the Industry
I.4 Industry Structure
I.5 Civil Aviation
I.6 Military & Defense
I.7 Space
I.8 Import/Export Situation
I.9 Looking at Market Trends
I.10 End Users in the German Aerospace Industry
I.11 Process for New Market Entrants
I.12 Market Forecast

J. Aerospace & Defense in UK
J.1 Industry Background
J.2 Market Overview
J.3 Market Segments
J.4 Competition in the Industry
J.5 Regional Importance of the Industry
J.6 FDI in the Industry
J.7 Civil Aviation
J.8 Defense Aerospace Sector
J.9 Market Access
J.10 Government Launch Aid
J.11 Market Forecast

K. Aerospace & Defense Industry in Russia
K.1 Historical Background
K.2 Market Overview
K.3 Market Structure
K.4 Import/Export Situation
K.5 Competition in the Industry
K.6 Looking at Market Trends and Industry Drivers
K.7 Issues & Challenges
K.8 Regulatory Framework
K.9 Restructuring in the Industry
K.10 Civil Aviation
K.11 Russian Aircraft Engine Industry
K.12 Russian Avionics Industry
K.13 Aviation Materials Industry
K.14 Foreign Investment in the Industry
K.15 Market Access
K.16 Market Forecast

L. Looking at the Industry in Other European Countries
L.1 Austria
L.2 Belgium
L.3 Bulgaria
L.4 Czech Republic
L.5 Denmark
L.6 Hungary
L.7 Italy
L.8 Poland
L.9 Slovakia
L.10 Spain
L.11 Sweden
L.12 Switzerland
L.13 The Netherlands
L.14 Ukraine

M. Leading Players
M.1 The Boeing Company
M.3 Northrop Grumman Corporation
M.4 BAE Systems Plc
M.5 Raytheon Company
            M.6 Airbus S.A.S.
            M.7 Bombardier Incorporated
            M.8 Dassault Aviation SA
            M.9 DaimlerChrysler AG
            M.10 Rolls Royce
            M.11 Société Nationale Detude Et De Construction De Moteurs Daviation
            M.12 Smiths Group PLC
            M.13 Aeroflot
            M.14 Kras Air
            M.15 Sibir Airlines

            Section 3: Conclusion

            N. Appendix

            O. Glossary of Terms

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