The PhD Game

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 Throw away
sanity to start                         The Ph.D Game

       1.               2.               3.                 4.              5.               6.                7.
     Your                          You are full of       Realise      Go to Library.   The important
  supervisor                        enthusiasm.      supervisor has     You can't      reference has
   gives you                                          given nothing    understand       gone missing
 project title.                    Have another        but project      catalogue!     in the library.
Go on 3 spaces                        turn.               title.      Miss one turn.   Back 2 spaces.

      14.               13.              12.         11. Examiners          10.        9. Supervisor           8.
                  Things don't     End of First      not impressed    Do extra work       makes a            Need
                  go well. You        year            by first year    on first year    comment you      supervisor's
                     become                              report.          report.          don't             help.
                  disillusioned.                       Throw 1 to                       understand.      Miss one turn
                  Miss one turn                         continue       Extra turn.     Back 2 spaces.     finding her.

     15.              16.               17.           18. Change            19.             20.                21.
 You become       You become          Change          supervisor.         Do lab                           Lab demos
 depressed.          more             project.        Throw 6 to       demonstra-                          take up too
                  depressed.                           continue.       tions to get                       much of your
Miss 2 turns.                       Go back to       Otherwise go      some dosh.                             time.
                  Miss 3 turns.     beginning        back 6 spaces.   Go on 2 spaces                     Back 4 spaces.

 28. You begin         27.              26.              25.              24.                23.              22.
  to think you    Beer monster      Work every         END OF         Experiments       Specimens
   will never       strikes.        weekend for        SECOND         are working.      incorrectly
finish. You are                     two months.         YEAR                              labelled.
    probably      Spend 1 turn        Go on 6         No results.        Go on 4
     right.        recovering.        spaces.         Who cares?         spaces.       Go back to 20.

     29.               30.         31. You realise    32. You are      33. You are           34.              35.
                    You spend       your mates       asked why you    offered a job.   Start writing
                    more time      are earning 5     started a PhD.      You may        up. Now you
                   complaining       times your        Miss a turn     continue, or      are really
                  than working.    grant. Have a        finding a      retire from      depressed.
                   Miss 1 turn.       good cry!          reason           game.

42. Your PhD            41.           40. You            39.               38.         37.Your thesis          36.
 is awarded.      You are asked     decide PhD         Harddisk         It proves       will disprove    Your data has
 Congratula-       to resubmit      isn't worth        crashes.       impossible to       external          just been
     tions!           thesis.       the bother.                        write up and     examiners'        published by
Now join dole                      Withdraw now      Back 3 spaces        work.             work.          rival group.
    queue!         Back to 33.       Game over.                         Go to 33.      Go back to 28.    Go back to 28.

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