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Description: Brochure. As today's career marketplace requires job seekers to be ever more proactive, the mission of the ResumeBear™ is to make the job search process easier, more efficient and more effective. We believe that the ResumeBear™ delivers on these goals and will become a powerful resource tool to those looking to take their careers to the next level, including seasoned professionals, as well as those new to the job market. This mission is clearly summarized in our slogan: "Advance Your Career -- Empower Your Resume". As businesses transition to the digital age, customer service sometimes becomes a casualty to technology. Automated e-mails sometimes take the place of customer care. At ResumeBear™ we believe that the customer is more than just a data entry. We believe that the customer is the purpose of our existence. We will continue to use cutting edge technology to improve our product to make it the finest service of its kind anywhere, bar none; however, we will never abandon our belief or practice of good customer care which is the foundation of our company.