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Constitution Queens University Association, Scotland (QUAS)

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             Queen’s University Association, Scotland (QUAS)

1     Name

      The name of the Association shall be the Queen’s University Association,
      Scotland, (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Association’)

2     Mission

      The broad aims of the Association shall be to: -

2.1   Encourage and support a spirit of community among past and present students
      & staff, and others associated with Queen’s University Belfast (hereinafter
      referred to as ‘the University’)

2.2   Support the University in whatever way the Association deems appropriate

3     Objectives

      The objectives of the Association shall be to: -

3.1   Promote good fellowship among graduates and current students and those
      associated with the University, and to enable and encourage the University and
      its alumni to maintain an active lifelong relationship

3.2   Arrange events on behalf of members

3.3   Allow members to play their part in the development of the University and to
      promote its well being

3.4   Offer advice and assistance in appropriate circumstances to the University

3.5   Inform members of the Association of the activities of the University and to
      provide a channel of communication between the members and the University

4     Membership

4.1   There shall be two categories of membership: namely Ordinary and Honorary

4.2   Ordinary Membership of the Association shall be open to the following of the

      4.2.1 Graduates, honorary graduates, diploma & certificate holders

      4.2.2 Final year students
       4.2.3 Current & past academic, senior administrative and support staff

       4.2.4 Current and past members of Senate

       4.2.5 Other persons, including former students, who may be approved for
             membership by the Committee

4.3 To reward distinguished service to the University or the Association, the
    Committee may appoint individuals to Honorary Membership

       4.3.1 At no time shall there be more than 10 such members

       4.3.2 The Committee, subject to final approval by the membership shall
             determine the eligibility criteria for such appointments

4.4    Subscriptions may be charged for Ordinary Membership

4.5    The Committee shall draw up a set of procedures to administer the processing
       of membership applications and the collection of subscriptions

4.6    The Development and Alumni Relations Office of the University, which will
       provide support for the Association (as outlined in Appendix A), will maintain
       a record of all Association members

5      Patron

       The Chancellor of the University shall be the Patron of the Association

6      President & Vice-President

6.1    The President and the Vice-President of the Association shall be elected at the
       Annual General Meeting of the Association and will serve for a period of one
       year, after which they will become eligible to stand for a second term in office

6.2    After serving for a second term the incumbent shall be ineligible to stand for
       the same position until a further period of 3 years has elapsed

7      Committee

7.1    The management of the Association shall be entrusted to a committee of 9
       persons (‘the Committee’) who shall be members of the Association and shall
       include a President, the immediate Past President, a Vice-President, a
       Treasurer, a Secretary and 4 ordinary members

7.2    The Alumni Officer and the Director of Development & Alumni Relations of
       the University shall be ex officio members of the Committee

7.3    Up to a further 3 members may be co-opted during the year by the Committee
       to serve until the next AGM
7.4   The Officers of the Committee shall be the President, the Vice-President, the
      Secretary and the Treasurer

7.5   All Committee members (excluding the President, the Vice-President and the
      Immediate Past President) shall hold office for a period of 3 years after which,
      if they wish to remain on the Committee, they shall stand for re-election

7.6   The Committee may set up any number of sub-committees to assist in the
      running of the affairs of the Association, membership of such sub-committees
      being open to members and non-members of the Association as approved by
      the Committee

      7.6.1 All sub-committees will be chaired by a member of the Association
            Committee who shall be responsible for reporting the activities of the
            sub-committee back to the main Committee

7.7   A member of the Association may nominate him or herself to membership of
      the Committee

8     Duties of Committee

8.1   The Committee shall: -

      8.1.1 Oversee the activities of the Association and liaise with the University,
            via the Development and Alumni Relations Office

      8.1.2 Set/alter an annual membership fee subject to approval of the
            membership at the AGM

      8.1.3 Organise a minimum of two events each year for members

      8.1.4 Maintain a list of membership benefits and draft/implement recruitment
            strategy for new members

      8.1.5 Produce a brief annual report of its activities for inclusion in various
            University publications

      8.1.6 Encourage active participation and contact by members in University

      8.1.7 Fill casual Committee vacancies as and when they arise, such
            individuals to hold office until the next AGM

9     Meetings of the Committee

9.1   The Committee shall meet at least 4 times each year. The quorum shall be the
      President, or Vice-President, and three other members

9.2   The Secretary of the Association shall be responsible for convening meetings
      and keeping minutes thereof
10     Meetings of Members

10.1   There shall be an AGM held at such time as the Committee may determine,
       and for which the Secretary shall give at least 30 days notice

       10.1.1 The quorum for the AGM shall be 5% of the membership or 10
              members, whichever shall be the greater

       10.1.2 At this meeting the President, Vice-President, the Secretary, the
              Treasurer and the members of the Committee shall be elected

       10.1.3 The Secretary shall present a report of the activities of the Association
              in the preceding year. The Treasurer shall present a set of audited
              accounts for this period for consideration by the meeting

10.2   On issues of exceptional importance, a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the
       membership may be called:

       10.2.1 By the Committee, upon giving 30 days notice; or

       10.2.2 By 7.5% (or 15 members, whichever shall be the greater) of the
              membership who shall request such a SGM from the Committee

       10.2.3 Upon receipt of such a request, the Secretary shall issue the appropriate
              notice to the members, incorporating the terms of the request

       10.2.4 The quorum for an SGM shall be 15 members

11     Conduct of Meetings

       The decision of the President, acting as Chairperson, shall be final on all
       matters pertaining to the conduct of meetings

12     Support for the University

       After the ordinary expenses of the Association have been met, sums may be
       voted for University purposes at the AGM, on the recommendation of the

13     Constitution

13.1   This Constitution will come into effect as soon as approved by the first
       General Meeting of the Association

13.2   Amendments to this Constitution may only be considered at an AGM and

       13.2.1 On the recommendation of the Committee; or
       13.2.2 If duly notified to the Committee by an Association member, at least
              21 days before the date of the AGM

13.3   All proposed amendments to the Constitution must be advised to members of
       the Association at least 14 days before the AGM

13.4   Amendments to the Constitution shall require to be approved by 75% of those
       attending the AGM and entitled to vote

February 2003
                                                                      Appendix A

       Provision of support by Development and Alumni Relations Office

The Development and Alumni Relations Office will support the Association in a
variety of ways, including: -

   •   Occasional mailings & postage

   •   Maintenance of membership lists

   •   Event organisation/assistance

   •   Assistance in the procurement of speakers

   •   Occasional event funding

   •   Provision of general support/advice

   •   Marketing (through Queen’s alumni magazine and Queen’s alumni website)

   •   Attendance at Committee meetings & Association events

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