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					                              NOTICE OF MEETING OF THE 


        Notice is hereby given that a Regular Meeting of the Commissioners' Court of Titus County,
Texas, will be held on the 14th day of December, 2009, at 9:00 o'clock A.M., in the Titus County
Courthouse, County Courtroom, 100 West First Street, Suite 205, Mt Pleasant TX 75455, at which time the
following subjects will be discussed not necessarily in the order presented:



    I. 	 Public comments and/or requests for information on non-agenda items in accordance with Section
         55 I .042, Texas Open Meetings Act

   2. 	 Presentation on Titus County Cares

   3. 	 Presentation on Loop Project

   4. 	 Review minutes for November 23, 2009 Special Meeting

   5. 	 Consider and possibly approve Resolution of Votes Cast to Elect Directors for Titus County
        Appraisal District for the Year 20 I 0-20 I 1

   6. 	 Consider and possibly approve Application for Billy Clark for Service on the Titus County Child
        Welfare Board

   7. 	 Consider and Possibly approve moving office of Environmental Investigator to the Sheriff's
        Department beginning January 1, 2010

   8. 	 Consider and Possibly approve nominations to serve on the Regional Criminal Justice Advisory

   9. 	 Consider, Possibly Approve and Adopt order establishing an Appellate Judicial System Fee for
        each Civil Suit filed in County Court, Probate Court or District Court

   10. 	Consider and possibly approve approval of medical insurance

   11. 	Consider and possibly approve travel and seminars for Titus County employees and elected

   12. 	Approve oral and written reports of county officials

   13. 	Consider and possibly take action on Treasurer's Report for November and December, 2009

   14. 	Approve budget amendments

   15. 	Sign pay orders and approve payments

   16. Closing comments by County Judge and Commissioners, if any


                                                Co~oners'       Court of Tit   County, Texas