The Jewel Island development, Bahrain by asafwewe


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          The Jewel Island development, Bahrain

          client     GIBB Abu Dhabi Ltd
          location   Bahrain
          year       2003

           Lulu Island is a reclaimed island just north of the
           Manama Corniche, Bahrain. It is planned to re-
           develop and extend the reclamations to create
          “The Jewel” residential marina complex with
           hotel, retail and leisure facilities. HR Wallingford
           was commissioned to assess wave disturbance
           levels and water circulation patterns around the
           proposed development.

          Incident wave conditions inshore of a number
          of shallow reefs were predicted in an earlier
          HR Wallingford study. The present study
          employed an ARTEMIS wave disturbance model
          to assess design and operational conditions
          around the Jewel development. The ARTEMIS
          model, which included processes of wave
          refraction, breaking, reflection and diffraction,
          identified possible areas of higher disturbance,         the model at a number of locations, and their
          enabling the client to consider appropriate             movement in the tidal flow and dispersion
          mitigation options.                                     tracked. Tracer concentrations were plotted at
                                                                  different times, as shown above, to assess the
          Tidal currents over the entire Bahrain Inlet were       rate of dispersal. Flushing was assessed for
          modelled using TELEMAC-2D. Flow and tidal               three possible layouts.
          residual flow were predicted around the Jewel
          development. Flushing was assessed using the            Finally, sedimentation issues connected with
                                                                                                                   DKR3483 PDS028 KAD 0311

          PLUME-RW model. Tracers were released into              the development were reviewed.

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