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					                            THE DANCE TEACHERS' BENEVOLENT FUND
                                   Registered Charity No 27889 9
                                    c/o The Dancing Times Ltd
                                     45-47 Clerkenwell Green
                                        London EC1 R OE B
                                    Telephone : 020 7250 3006
                                        Fax: 020 7253 667 9

                                         ANNUAL REPORT
                                   YEAR ENDED 31 IT OCTOBER 2005

The Board of Trustees
Miss Kathryn Wad e                           Chairman
Mr Peter Wilson                              Co Vice Chairman elected 9-11-2004
Miss Sara Matthews                           Co Vice Chairman elected 9-11-2004
Miss Jean Bedells                            (RAD)
Mr David Chant                               (Independent)
Miss Mary Clarke                             (Independent)
Mrs Mary-Jane Duckworth                      (Cecchetti Society)
Diana The Lady Farnham                       (Independent)
Miss Elizabeth Henderson                     (Independent)
Mrs Janet Lupin o                            (British Ballet Organization)
Mrs Patricia Macdonald-Radcliffe             (RAD)
Miss Sara Matthews                           (Independent)
Mr Peter Rostron FCA                         Honorary Treasurer (Independent)
Dr Wayne Sleep OBE                           (Independent )
Sir Angus Stirling                           (Independent) resigned 3-6-2005
Miss Marion Tait CBE                         (Independent )
Mr John Travis                               (British Ballet Organization )

Investment Sub Committee
Miss Kathryn Wad e                           Chairma n
Mr David Chant
Miss Sara Matthews                           elected 9-11-200 4
Mr Peter Rostron
Mr Peter Wilso n                             elected 9-11-200 4

Small Grants Committee
Miss Kathryn Wad e                           Chairman
Miss Sara Matthews                           elected 9-11-2004
Mr Peter Rostron
Mr Peter Wilso n

Executive Committee
Mr John Travi s                              Chairma n
Mr David Chant
Miss Sara Matthews                           elected 9-11-200 4
Mr Peter Rostron
Mr Peter Wilso n

Secretary/Welfare Officer
Dr Helena Hammon d                           resigned 31-12-2004
Ms Laurajane Lavende r                       appointed 1-1-2005

Barclays Bank pIc
St . Cuthberts House
7 Upper King Street
Norwich NR3 1 R B

Independent Examiners
Larking Gowen
King Street House,
15 Upper King Street
Norwich NR3 1 RB
Rostron & Partners
St. Peter's House, Cattle Market Street
Norwich NR1 3D Y

Investment Advisors
Charles Stanley & Co Ltd
25 Luke Stree t
London EC2A 4AR

Objectives and Organisation
The Dance Teachers' Benevolent Fund was founded in 1979 to provide financial and practical assistance to
qualified dance teachers of any age, who are suffering temporary or long-term hardship, and is the only fund
that cares for teachers of dance frorr all disciplines regardless of their professional affiliation . In all but the
most exceptional circumstances, in crder to be eligible to apply to the Fund for assistance, an individual is
expected to be a registered membe, of one of the recognised examining bodies or to have completed a
minimum of eight years experience as, a professional dance teacher .

The charity is administered by an independent Board of Trustees under a registered Charity Commission
Scheme . All monies subscribed are ~secure and cannot be used for any purpose other than for the object of
the charity . The Scheme gives the T,ustees authority to invest surplus funds in accordance with the Trustee
Act 2000 .

The Constitution requires the Board of Trustees to include nominated representatives from every sector of
the dance world . New Trustees arealected by a majority decision of existing Trustees . The Trustees must
meet at least twice a year and, in practice, hold quarterly meetings to administer the affairs of the charity.
There are three Sub Committees of the Board : Investment, Small Grants and Executive . All members of the
Board and the Sub Committee give their services free of charge .

The Secretary undertakes administration and pastoral care of the beneficiaries . Accountancy services are
provided by Rostron & Partners, Chalered Accountants .

Grant Managemen t
The charity gives financial support and help to worthy teachers suffering temporary or long-term hardship
and is committed to assisting individuals drawn from every sphere of the dance teaching profession
spanning ballet, modern theatre and contemporary dance, ballroom and Latin American . The kinds of help
given are dependent upon availabk~ funds and the type of assistance required and typically range from
assistance with purchasing essentia' household items to financial help with medical treatment . Applicants
are required to submit details of their household income . Monthly grants made to regular beneficiaries fall
within the E20-E200 range, with one-off payments of up to F-500 . The Trustees' main objective in offering
assistance is to enable the wellbeing of eligible beneficiaries .

Executive Committee
Since the appointment of the two Vice Chairmen, it has not been necessary for the Executive Committee to
meet .

Financial Review and Investment Polic y
The main asset of the charity continued to be the investment portfolio held to generate the investment
income and capital growth needed to give the charity solid financial foundations . The income from
investments was E16,448 . The market value of investments at 31st October 2004 was E278,295 and by 31st
October 2005 it had risen to F-311,878 . The charity is reliant on the goodwill of the public for its existence .
Much of its income arises from voluntary donations, either by direct gift or by deed of covenant . An extremely
successful fundraising Tea Dance vias held in October 2005 at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden,
organised by a hardworking and enthusiastic committee chaired by Miss Angela Rippon, OBE . The event
raised E13,465 .

 Care of Beneficiaries

 The charity keeps in close contact with each of the beneficiaries, and during the year assisted nine dance
 teachers with monthly allowances or one off grant payments which together totalled E7,390 .
Reserves Policy
The investment portfolio is held to produce income . The Trustees need to retain sufficient liquid funds to
meet overheads and to support regular and non-recurring payments to beneficiaries . Net current assets of
approximately E25,000 are considered sufficient for this purpose .

Risk Management
The Trustees have examined the major strategic, business and operational risks which the charity faces and
confirm that systems have been estaolished to enable regular reports to be produced so that the necessary
steps can be taken to lessen those risks .

Trustees responsibilities in relation to the financial statement s
Law applicable to charities in England and Wales requires the Trustees to prepare financial statements for
each financial year which give a true and fair view of the charity's financial activities during the year and of its
financial position at the end of the year . In preparing those financial statements, the Trustees are required

Select suitable accounting policies and then apply them consistently

Make judgments and estimates that are reasonable and prudent .

State whether applicable accounting standards and statements of recommended practice have been
followed, subject to any departures disclosed and explained in the financial statements and ;

Prepare the financial statements on the going concern basis unless it is inappropriate to assume that the
charity will continue in business .

The Trustees are responsible for keeping accounting records which disclose with reasonable accuracy at
any time the financial position of the charity and enable them to ensure that the financial statements comply
with the Charities Act 1993 . They ara also responsible for safeguarding the assets of the charity and hence
for taking reasonable steps for the prevention and detection of fraud and other irregularities .

Approved by the Trustees and signed on their behalf by:



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