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Command Skills Development                                                               Course length: 2 weeks

                                                                                                                  Pilot Training
This course is designed to equip future Captains with the knowledge and skills to function
effectively and professionally, maintaining the highest standards of flight safety and service.

The course focus is on the development of command skills, initially in the classroom, before
moving into the practical application of these skills in a series of simulator exercises. CTC’s
B737-300 simulator is normally used, as a type specific or generic jet training device.

Topics covered on the course include the widest spectrum of command skills, with communication,
leadership, decision-making and resource management very much to the fore. Personal, one-to-
one feedback is an integral part of the course.

The Command Skills Development course uses many different mediums, combining video
scenarios, discussion sessions, syndicate exercises, briefings and presentations to develop
essential command skills.

Structure and Content
Four days of interactive ground-school, followed by a four day, sixteen hour simulator training phase
of LOFT exercises. Principal subjects covered are:
s   Managing people
s   Team skills
s   Communication
s   Analysis & decision making
s   Aviation law
s   Effectiveness
s   Managing complexity, confusion & ambiguity
s   Leadership

The simulator exercises are planned to meet individual needs and to support the practical application
of knowledge developed in the classroom.

With the skills development phase complete, the course typically moves into the type and airline specific
full flight simulator to complete any airline or regulatory testing requirements. If needed, CTC can provide
an established, well-proven syllabus for this phase of the Command Course. We fully recognise the benefit
of maintaining a consistent, integrated approach to this important phase of career development.

While the course format is well defined, it is not inflexible. The classroom content can be adapted to meet
specific airline needs and the simulator syllabus can be moulded to almost any aircraft type. Courses are
usually residential and held at CTC’s Crew Training Centres in Dibden and Nursling, near Southampton,
England. Courses can also be provided at the client location, using in-house simulator facilities or simulators
operated by one of CTC’s training partners around the world.

c o m m i t t e d         t o    e x c e l l e n c e

CTC Aviation Group is a leading provider of aviation training and consultancy services to major airlines
around the world. The company offers a comprehensive range of services that can be tailored to individual
airline requirements. CTC's training portfolio includes courses for pilots and cabin crew at every stage of their
careers, as well as Train the Trainer courses and Crew Resource Management training. Consultancy services
include crew selection, training staff assessments, line support, recurrent training provision, fleet
introductions and full management and operational support for airline start-ups.

For more information about CTC's training and consultancy services, please contact
Customer Support on +44 (0)23 8084 4000 or at

CTC Aviation Group plc
Crew Training Centre Dibden Manor, Dibden, Southampton, Hampshire SO45 5TD United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)23 8084 4000 Facsimile +44 (0)23 8084 8727


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