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									Dairy Australia Project Managers
National Managers – Jaydee Events Pty Ltd
John Hutchison & Deanne Kennedy
Phone: 03 5659 4219 Fax: 03 5659 4412
Mobiles: J: 0412 368 739 D: 0419 878 055
Email: jaydeeevents@dcsi.net.au
Address: PO Box 2, LOCH VIC 3945
                                  What Is It?
                                  Cows Create Careers is a Strzelecki Lions Club project which
                                  was established in 2004 to promote the career and education
                                  opportunities for students (years 7-11) in the dairy industry by:
                                  • Introducing students to the education opportunities for
                                    both vocational and university pathways.
                                  • Introducing students to education opportunities in both
                     ers   is
               ecare                vocational and university pathways
          reat             u by
  co ws C           t o yo
                                  • Involving dairy farmers and industry advocates who
                                    have vision and dairy industry knowledge to encourage
     dly              lia.
                                    and support students with the project
              a ustra
       dairy                      • Supporting students in making their career decisions
                                    by providing and creating linkages to the education and
                                    employment sectors
                                  • Rewarding successful students and schools.

                                  Project Framework
                                  • Dairyfarmers deliver two calves for a 3-week period
                                    to school.
                                  • Supplies and curriculum materials are provided to
                                    school at no cost.
                                  • An industry advocate visits the school and talks to
                                    students about their career pathway.
                                  • Students work in teams of 4-5 to complete
                                    assignments and assessment tasks.
                                  • Final Presentation and Awards ceremony
                                  • Media coverage throughout the project.
Industry Advocates                               What Are The Community and
• Meet with project officers to discuss           Regional Benefits?
  the project and their role as an industry
  advocate.                                      The Cows Create Careers project:
• Visit the school to present ‘Cows Create       • Increases the profile of dairy to the local region by providing
  Careers’ to participating students.              a framework that can showcase to students, teachers and
• Explain to students about the advocate’s         parents the array of career and education opportunities,
  career in the dairy industry and inform          personal skills/knowledge development, and importance of
  students about the education and training        dairy to the local community.
  required for that career pathway.
                                                 • Introduces members of the community, education and dairy
• Act as a resource person to answer               industry sectors to support the students in carrying out the
  questions from students about their              project objectives.
  research of the dairy industry.
                                                 • Provides these sectors with a framework that encourages
• Visit the school as arranged with the
                                                   ongoing collaboration and resource sharing.
  teacher during the three weeks the calves
  are in schools.                                • Is unique in that it highlights to each of these sectors a
• Host the school and students at the Final        common interest, being educating students, and as a result
  Presentation and Awards Ceremony.                it is more likely that they will work together in the future,
                                                   which is an ongoing positive for the community and the
Dairyfarmers                                       regional economy.
• Meet with project officers to discuss the       • Provides each of these sectors with the opportunity to
  project and their role as a farmer.              share their industry experience and to work together for
• Introduce milk powder to the calves diet         the good of educating students and consequently the
• Provide two healthy 3-week-old calves, for a     broader community.
  period of three weeks
• Explain to students and demonstrate skills
                                                 Career Possibilities
  such as animal husbandry, feeding and          Feed systems            Research & development
  weighing.                                      Artificial breeding      Farm management
• Arrange a drop-off and pick-up time for calf   Shed design             Farm ownership
  delivery with the teacher.
                                                 Agronomy                Environmental management systems
• Provide a first point of contact for any
  animal husbandry questions.                    Nutrition/Stockfeed Manufacturing/Marketing
• Attend Final Presentation and Awards           Milking systems         Finance

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