Computer Simulation of Radiation Effects in Solids by avi13765


									                        Beihang University (BUAA)               The 9th International Conference on
                  37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District,             Computer Simulation of
                             Beijing, China 100083
                              Tel: (86)10-82339917              Radiation Effects in Solids
                             Fax: (86)10-82337935            Beijing, China ●October 12-17, 2008

       COSIRES 2008 is the 9th in a series of international Conference Organizer
       conferences on Computer Simulation of Radiation Effects
                                                                       Beihang University
       in Solids, the first of which was held in Berlin (Germany)
       in 1992. This conference, which is held every two years, is Conference Co-organizers
       the foremost international forum to address the theory,         Hunan University
       development and application of advanced computer                Tsinghua University
       simulation methodologies to the understanding and               University of Electronic Science and
       modeling of the interaction of energetic particles and Technology of China
       clusters (from several eV to many MeV) with solids.
       Related experimental studies are also included.             Supported by
                                                                       National Natural Science Foundation
       Computational Modeling and Simulation of China (NSFC)
       of (but not limited to)                                         Chinese Physical Society (CPS)
                                                                       Chinese Materials Research Society
           Ion- and plasma-induced physical and chemical effects (C-MRS)
         at surfaces and interfaces                                    Chinese Nuclear Physics Society
           Formation and evolution of radiation defects in metals,     Materials Science Division of The
         ceramics, and carbon-based materials                        Chinese Society for Metals
           Doping of semiconductors using ion implantation and
         subsequent annealing                                      International Advisory Committee
           Ion beam synthesis of nanostructures                    Charlotte Becquart (France)
           Formation of thin films by ion- and plasma-assisted Alfredo Caro (USA)
         deposition                                                Maria Caturla (Spain)
           Irradiation-induced charge redistribution, electron Jean-Paul Crocombette (France)
         excitation and electron-phonon interactions               Masao Doyama (Japan)
           Developments of new methodologies for irradiation Barbara Garrison (USA)
         effects and related experimental studies of irradiation Kai Nordlund (Finland)
         effects.                                                  Matthias Posselt (Germany)
                                                                   Roger Smith (UK)
       Invited speakers                                            Barend Thijsse (The Netherlands)
                                                                   Herbert Urbassek (Germany)
           Dorothy Duffy, University College London, UK            Tianmin Wang (China)
           Chu-Chun Fu, DEN/DMN/SRMP CEA-Saclay, France Roger Webb (UK)
           Paul Erhart, Lawrence Livermore National Lab            William J. Weber (USA)
           Ram Devanathan, Pacific Northwest National Toshimasa Yoshiie (Japan)
         Laboratory, USA
           Masanori Kohyama, National Institute of Advanced Conference Chair
         Industrial Science and Technology, Japan                  Tianmin Wang, Beihang University
           Jiangang Li, Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Co-chairs
         Academy of Sciences, China
                                                                   Fei Gao, Pacific Northwest National
       Additional invited speakers will be selected from the Laboratory
       authors of the submitted abstracts.                         Wangyu Hu, Hunan University
                                                                   Wensheng Lai, Tsinghua University
       Important dates                                             Guang-Hong Lu, Beihang University
           First announcement: December 30, 2007                   Xiaotao Zu, University of Electronic
           Second announcement: February 1, 2008                   Science and Technology of China
           Starting date for abstract submission: June 1, 2008
           Deadline for abstract: August 1, 2008                   Please see the conference website
           Conference date October 12-17, 2008                     for detailed information.         

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