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           Everyday Objects       Nut Cracker                                 3

                                  Clock+Light                                 4

           Medical Products       Motorized Wheelchair                        5

                                  Rehab Ergometer                             6

                                  O24U (Oxygen Carrier)                       8

                                  PDMA (Personal Digital Medical Assistant)   11

           Transportation         FireBot                                     12

                                  Long-Di Coach                               13

           Household Appliances   Rice Cooker                                 14

                                  Washing Machine                             15

           Toys                   Smart Challenge                             17

           Resume                                                             18
everyday objects

         NUT CRACKER
                                                              Concept brief :
                                                              We learn how to get a sense of a product’s desirable size,
                                                              form and material from a user point of view by making an
                                                              object that closely linked to our hands. This nut cracker
         W60 * D70 * H100mm / Wood, Aluminum / October 1998   works by putting a nut inside of its donut-shaped frame
                                                              and screwing handle. The rubber belt around the handle
                                                              is to avoid slipping.
everyday objects

                   W440 * D440 * H170mm / Acrylic, Fabric / September 1998

                   Concept brief :
                   Clock+Light is a mood light that indicates time. On the
                   movement axis, tiny mirrors are attached each with dif-
                   ferent angles. These reflectors works to reflect the light
                   from the above light source on the cloth. To make a clear
                   image, the light source was induced by a laser and it indi-
                   cates time as the cloth projects at every angle of 30˚.

               Motorized Wheelchair
               W250 * D350 * H400mm / Yellow foam / June 1999

               Concept brief :
               This yellow form model was used for form study to design an
               electric wheelchair through carving and sanding processes.
               The seat freely rotates and moves back and forth so that users
               make more flexible movement.

       Rehab ergometer
       W500~ 260 * D480 * H430mm / Acrylic / October 2000

       Concept brief :
       This is a design to help handicapped person. Users can exercise
       by pushing or drawing levers with hands or feet. For those who
       can hardly balance their body, an equipment which ties them
       to the machine is installed and rubber wheels are set on the
       outside the machine to absorb shock when it collides with the
       wall. The height of the seat can be adjusted to ease getting on
       or off from it and rotate by 90 degree. There is an interactive
       touch screen on dashboard with which the guardian can check
       the quantity of motion. Some parts are designed to be folded
       so that each space can be efficiently used.

               Rehab ergometer
               3D Rendering with Rhino

   Portable Oxygen Carrier
   W132 * D379 * H87mm / Rhino rendering / October 2004

   Concept brief :
   Users can change tank position according to the situation they encounter.
   For example, when they walk a long distance, they wear it like a backpack
   and when they need to take a seat, they can turn it in front of their body.
   Users will use nasal cannula under regular condition and facial mask in case
   of emergency. In this case, mask will deliver significantly larger amount of
   oxygen than cannula.

    Mask                               Belt                                Indicator                          Control dial
    : Emergency use facial mask that   : Flexible structure will enable    : Simple LCD display will show     Three way dial will allow users
    is connected to a part of hard     the belt to fit in users’ any kind   users important information of     to control the level of oxygen
    cover. Clear rubber mask will fit   of contour. Fabric material helps   its condition such as the avail-   pressure depending on their
    into any type of facial shape      users feel more comfortable.        able amount of oxygen.             breathing condition.

  O24U                  Idea Sketches

   During concept development phase, an iteration of idea proposal
   and refinement has helped me enhance the quality of concept and
   have a chance to explore broader range of idea. Sketch is a critical
   method in this phase to refine ideas especially within limited time.

                   O24U                Simulation of use
                   Changing the storage position
                   In accordance with situation or environment users
                   may encounter, they can quickly change the prod-
                   uct configuration. This will be helpful for users who
                   should carry the product for a long time. Users can
                   simply loosen a strip, move it back over head and then
                   tighten it up.

                   Changing the delivery mode
                   According to the patient condition, they can choose
                   its mode between two types of oxygen delivery. One is
                   regular oxygen supply with nasal cannula and another
                   is emergency large amount of oxygen delivery with
                   facial mask.

                   Portable Digital Medical Assistant
                   W62 * D88 * H17mm / Rhino rendering / October 2004

                   Concept brief :
                   A portable handheld device that enables patients who are on their
                   travels to 1)get a remote medical examination and a prescription
                   through broadband wireless network. 2)monitor their health and
                   manage the data. 3)search health related info.

                   A) Navigator / PDA mode

                   B) Multimedia station mode

                    “The 36th Korea Industrial Design Exhibition“
                    hosted by KIDP (Korea Institute of Design Promotion)
                    Special selection
                    (L) W230 * D480 * H310 mm
                    (S) W280 * D230 * H250mm / Acrylic, Aluminum / August 2000 / Team-up with Sung-mo Jung

                    Concept brief :
                    Most of the victims of conflagration are fire fighters. These fire robot and engine are designed
                    for those who have to work in the extremely dangerous environment. A manned fire engine
                    with caterpillar supports an unmanned fire robots. To make a smooth movement on the
                    tough road, the feet of the robot were induced by those of a spider.

              LONG-DI COACH
              W270 * D1150 * H350mm / Synthetic resin / Sept. 2000

              Concept brief :
              This coach is designed specifically for athletes. The coach will provide a comfortable space to athletes
              where they can relax after game when they are moving. Its two-story room division and wider seat
              spaces allow athletes to have private and comfortable space for their own and the orientation and ar-
              rangement of seats are flexible so the nature of the space would change by the purpose. For example,
              some portion of seats can be used as a conference room.
HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES                                                                        14

            RICE COOKER
            W75 * D330 * H410mm / Rhino rendering / November 2003

            Concept brief :
            This is a prototype to check the several key points such as basic components,
            configuration of the components and overall shape derived from the con-
            figuration. Each component is considered with not only its own nature but
            also relationship with other components. The components are related with
            each other quite strongly and affect others. Round-shape of cooking mold
            is derived from its expected function and the way of using. Water reservoir
            is placed on Steam generator on the bottom of product, and steam outlet is
            located on the top of the product.due to water circulation.
HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES                                                                      15

     W380 * D380 * H350mm /Rhino rendering / October 2003 / Team-up with Sung lyong Kim

     Concept brief :
     This washing machine is designed for single households who need to do laundry
     frequently but small amount. This is pretty compact, moveable and durable to
     resonate with their needs.

     Followings are main criteria of this product that we the mostly considered.
     1. Controller interface
     2. Lid opening
     3. Electric Cord
     4. Water feeding
     5. Draining
     6. Overall figure
     7. Overall size
     8. Capacity
HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES                                                                   16

      Activity diagram / Behavioral prototype
      Doing behavioral prototyping, we intended to test within users’ current living
      space because we wanted to get lively idea in context. We got some recom-
      mendations and insights based on their comments and observation of their
      activity. We categorized important check points and asked them to give score
      to each and analyze data.
TOY DESIGN                                                                                    17

             SMART Challenge
             “Most Innovative Platform Award” from Mattel’s 2004 University Design Summit
             Awarded by Tim Parsey, V.P. Hot Wheels, Mattel

             Acrylic, PP, Paper, Wood, / October 2004/
             Team-up with Elizabeth Akers, Ric Edinberg, Cobie Everdell and Martin Zabaleta

             Concept brief :
             SmartChallenge is a track based game for remote controlled cars. The game
             fosters discovery and mastery by offering non linear play and user controlled
             experiences. SmartChal-lenge allows for multiple play patterns, including
             competition, collaboration and goal-oriented play, in which kids can play with
             friends or by themselves. SmartChallenge is a system of components that can
             be expanded and reconfigured in different ways.
                       Jeong-sun Lee
                       1000 N. LaSalle #619 Chicago IL, 60610 USA
              312. 643. 0970

        Education      Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology       Aug. 2003 -
                       Master of Design Candidate, Human-Centered Product Design
                       Expected graduation: May 2005

                       Seoul National University -Seoul, Korea                     Mar. 1995 - Aug. 2001
                       Bachelor of Fine Art
                       Major : Industrial design

       Experience      Military service in Korean Army                             Apr. 1996 - Jun. 1998

                       Assistant Designer of a supergraphics at Hwa-Kok station    Nov. 1995
                       (Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation)

           Awards      “The 36th Korea Industrial Design Exhibition“               Aug. 2001
                       hosted by KIDP (Korea Institute of Design Promotion)
                       “Firebot” , The special selection prize

                       “Most Innovative Platform Award” from Mattel’s 2004         May 2004
                       University Design Summit
                       Awarded by Tim Parsey, V.P. Hot Wheels, Mattel

       Languages       Korean, English

  Computer skills      MS office, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign,
                       3D Studio Max, Rhino, Alias studio

Visualization skills   Hand drawing, Computer modeling & rendering, 3D
                       model making and prototyping