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									Tytec Repair Procedure

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Advanced Tyre Repairs
Evolutionary repair techniques utilizing leading edge technologies
are continually refined and improved for the bottom line of your tyre
operations. With the advances being made in repair technology, tyres
that are still deemed “NWR” can be repaired to recover your tread
utilization factor. In past years sidewall damage on radials has meant
scrapping the tyre. Now with advanced wire replacement, body cord repair
is a run of the mill repair successfully returning more tyres to service.
Advanced techniques are constantly under review to achieve incremental
improvements, not re-inventing the wheel, just refining it continually to
yield a positive result for operators of OTR tyres.
                             Tytec Repair Procedure

Repair Procedure Overview
	   •	 Injury	zone	exposed
	   •	 Steel	cord	replaced
	   •	 Filling
	   •	 Curing	Methods
	   •	 Buffing	&	Painting
	   •	 Finished	Repair

                                It’s all about service
Tytec Workshop
                 Tytec has one of the most
                 advanced and safest workshops in
                 Australia for tyre repairs.This
                 facility	has	an	extraction	system	in	
                 place for a dust free environment
                 and climate control for the quality
                 of our products.
                                           Tytec Repair Procedure

Tyre Construction
This is how an OTR tyre is constructed.
The crown is stabilized by several
layers of plies and also to prevent rock

Traditional Repair Methods
The traditional way of
repairing	is	to	expose	the	
damaged area to create the
window for repair.This window
is then filled with rubber,
cured and a patch is applied to
support the damaged area.

Tyre Repair Failures
Here is a typical tyre repair failure.

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Tytec Repairs
The patented TAP RAP repair system is the
first truly new radial repair technology to
come	on	the	market	in	nearly	30	years.	Simply	
handling our material will amaze you.You will
not believe our repairs can be built with steel
in	them	and	still	remain	so	flexible!

The	flexibility	and	long	life	of	Tytec	repairs	
means that you do not have to remove the
unit each time you do another retread:Tytec
repairs are permanent repairs.

Tytec gives you the ability to repair truck
tyres and OTR tyres that would normally end
up causing a disposal problem in your scrap
heap. With Tytec’s repair system, you keep
more tyres in use.
                                                                 Tytec Repair Procedure

Tytec Repair Procedure
The TAP RAP repair system is an innovative solution to the
problems caused by medium and wide breaks in the steel cords of
truck and earth mover tyres.

This process consists of completely removing the steel cords from
the	damaged	area	by	opening	a	hole	in	the	most	flexible	area	
between the bead to the belt edge of the tyre. New steel cords
are then put into place and covered by a protector to prevent
oxidation	of	the	repair.	Thus,	the	repaired	sidewall	has	the	same	

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                               Tytec Repair Procedure

Injury zone exposed
The first step in preparing
the	injury	is	to	expose	the	
damaged area so that we
can assess whether or not
the tyre can be repaired.

Bead rap prepared
This	is	an	example	of	how	
we prepare a bead rap. We
do not disturb the bead
bundle at any stage of this

Steel cord replaced

Steel	Cord	Replaced
Once the window is
completed we then apply
the wires over the window
and up around the bead to
replace the turn up ply in
the tyre.

          The repair is cleaned and then painted
          with a solution.The solution is allowed
          to dry.The repair is then filled with raw
          rubber	using	extruder	guns.

                                   It’s all about service
                                   Tytec Repair Procedure

Curing Methods

                 Tytec uses 3 different curing methods.
                 1.	Monarch	Repair	System
                 2.	Thermopress	Machines
                 3.	Autoclave	System
Buffing & Painting

                                              Tytec prides itself on our finished product.
                                              We believe that our finished product
                                              should be presented like a new tyre.

Quality Control

Tytec has a stringent quality control
program in place to ensure that our product
meets the highest of standards prior to it
leaving our workshop, continuing to improve
our product every day.

                                                                      It’s all about service
It’s all about service

                        Tytec Pty Ltd
                Address: 172 Kewdale Rd,
                      Kewdale, WA 6105

                    Office: 08 9353 1500
                      Fax: 08 9353 2700

                Email: info@tytec.com.au


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