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									GCSE mathematics
pilot qualifications for 2010

September 2009
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 GCSE mathematics from 2010
 GCSE mathematics pilot qualifications
 Development and regulation
 Grades and results
 Functional skills
 More information
GCSE mathematics from 2010

 DCSF has commissioned QCDA to work on the
 development of new GCSE mathematics
 qualifications from September 2010
 QCDA is
   implementing a new single GCSE
   developing a second pathway based on a pilot of
   a linked pair of GCSE qualifications

The philosophy behind the creation of the linked pair is
to provide learners with a rich experience of
mathematics, enabling them to understand its
importance in analysing problems related to both the
real world and to mathematics itself
The linked pair of GCSEs has been devised after close
co-operative work between ACME, JMC and QCDA
 To use two GCSE mathematics qualifications to
 cover the rigorous core national curriculum
 programme of study
 To include additional content to give a broader
 grounding in both methods in mathematics and
 applications of mathematics
 To give learners more opportunities to see how
 mathematics works in the real world as well as
 engaging in more conceptual thinking
GCSE mathematics
pilot qualifications
Two linked qualifications
  Which together cover the key stage 4 programme of
  study plus some additional content

  GCSE methods in mathematics
    focus on mathematical reasoning and analysis
  GCSE applications of mathematics
    applications of mathematics in contexts that are
    relevant to the real world including financial and
    statistical applications
The pilot qualifications will
  provide learners and teachers with a rich
  experience of mathematics
  provide learners with greater opportunities for using
  and interpreting mathematics
  aim to improve attitudes towards mathematics
  aim to inspire and prepare young people to
  continue mathematics studies beyond GCSE
  recognise and reward the amount of effort required
  by students (and achieve two GCSEs)
Availability of the pilot
The pilot qualifications will
  be offered by GCSE awarding organisations in
  England and Wales
  be available in a variety of centre types
  be available to a range of learners
Development and regulation
 Key development partners
    Advisory Committee on Mathematics
    Education (ACME)
    Joint Mathematical Council (JMC)
    Department for Children, Schools and
    Families (DCSF)
    Department for Children, Education, Life Long
    learning and Skills (DCELLS, Wales)
 Based on criteria frameworks developed in
 consultation with ACME, JMC, awarding
 organisations, subject associations and teachers
 Regulated by Ofqual, the independent exams
 regulator, and DCELLS
 First teaching of pilot qualifications from September
 2010 (same as new single award GCSE)
 Pilot specifications available from autumn 2009
 Three year pilot (running until 2013)
 In-depth evaluation followed by development of
 criteria and development and accreditation of high-
 quality specifications
 Consistent with 2013 review of qualifications
 Likely first teaching of live qualifications September
 2015 (pending consideration of pilot outcomes)
 QCDA will run an independent evaluation of the pilot
 qualifications which will investigate a number of
 areas including
    the quality of the qualifications
    how the pilot model is managed in centres
    impact on resources
    drivers and obstacles to qualification take-up
    impact on participation, attainment and
Grades and results
 During the pilot, achievement of a grade C or above
     either of the pilot GCSEs or
     the single award GCSE
 will count towards five GCSEs at grades A*-C
 including English and mathematics
 A grade C or above in either of the pilot GCSEs will
 only count for these purposes if the learner is
 entered for both pilot GCSEs
Functional skills
 The pilot qualifications (and the single award GCSE)
 will include functional elements of mathematics
 Results for the pilot qualifications (and the single
 award GCSE) will not be dependent on the award of
 a separate functional skills qualification
More information

 More details about the pilot including a factsheet for
 teachers and lecturers
 Keep checking this page for new materials and
 details of events and focus groups
More information
  Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education
  (ACME) www.acme-uk.org
  Joint Mathematical Council (JMC) www.jmcuk.org.uk
  Department for Children, Schools and Families
  (DCSF) www.dcsf.gov.uk

   Ofqual www.ofqual.gov.uk

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