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EMS Medical Director, Alameda County Emergency Medical Services Agency

   Writes policies and procedures for prehospital personnel
   Solicits input into policy, clinical, and quality decisions from field and hospital
   Directs quality and data systems for prehospital and relevant hospital services
   Conducts and publishes research and pilot studies; encourages research, writing,
    and publishing by EMS personnel
   Supervises accreditation and certification processes including remediation and
    discipline for paramedics/EMTs
   Ensures excellent clinical care through chart review, direct observation, quality
    processes, and data analysis
   Communicates to field personnel by email, podcasts, newsletter and other means
   Oversees training of prehospital personnel by train-the-trainer sessions or other
   Supervises relevant personnel, including assistant medical director if needed
   Assists in preparing relevant components of the budget related to clinical and quality
    activities with director
   Oversees trauma system; co-chairs Trauma Audit Committee
   Participates in relevant aspects of medical disaster preparedness
   Oversees regulation of relevant clinical aspects of contract compliance
   Attends appropriate state, regional, and local meetings including EMS Medical
    Directors' Association of California (EMDAC)
   Oversees cardiac receiving centers' and stroke centers' performance relevant to
    EMS (criteria, data collection and analysis, quality, community input)
   Ensures that EMS system provides state of the art, safe care to the county's citizens
   Works with county personnel, public health director, agency director, EMS director
    and constituency groups to maintain the highest clinical standards
   Assists EMS director as needed
   Works with Bay Area county medical directors/directors to streamline care across
    county lines and to consolidate policies
   Works closely with area hospitals, particularly Alameda County Medical Center, to
    coordinate care and to ensure a smooth interface of patient care at the hospital
   Provides medical direction to the Injury Prevention unit, as needed

Please email resumes to Dale Fanning, Acting EMS Director at 
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