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Flexible, Relevant, Sustainable

     LINC Administrators Conference
                June 2008
            Yves Saint-Germain
          Integration Branch, CIC
                   An enduring commitment
An Enduring Policy Rationale
     To provide language training in one of Canada's official languages to adult
       immigrants in order to facilitate the social, cultural and economic integration of
       immigrants and refugees into Canada so that they may become participating
       members of Canadian society as quickly as possible.

An Enduring Set of Program Objectives
     Timely and flexible in its design
     Broad in its appeal
     Holistic in its approach

Commitment made in 1992 echoed by Minister Finley’s comments in 2008:
   “Language skill is one of the keys to the new immigrant’s success. Training is key and
   the professionals who work in this field are some of the best. We are very pleased to
   support their work to help newcomers succeed in Ontario. Their success is our
                            A model that works
 LINC model developed 16 years ago has evolved to suit changing environment and
    meet new needs

 The right combination of elements:
    language instruction
    needs assessment
    information provision
    opportunities for social engagement
    focus on authentic skills and experiences

 The proper mix of supporting structures to help expand reach:
    childminding
    rolling enrolment
    flexible schedules
    alternative delivery mechanisms

 iCAMS data shows the program is more and more popular every year
    Last year, total enrolment grew by 14% nationally – most of that in Ontario
 An evolving program, not a static approach
An evolving set of needs
     Changing client demographics
     Changing requirements for integration into contemporary Canadian society and
     Changing understanding of language learning and settlement processes

An evolving response
     More and higher LINC levels delivered
     Adoption of CLB as a national frame of reference
     Diversification of program providers
     Increasing class offerings for specific learning communities
     Increasing focus on the development of literacy skills
     And many more…
          Flexibility: LINC’s greatest strength
LINC sustainability
        funding levels are at an all-time high (over $150 million spent in FY 2007-08)
        the need for language training is ever-present
        expectations for newcomer language settlement are increasing
        LINC continues to evolve as an effective language learning program

What the future holds
      LINC program evaluation in 2009
      Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA) up for renewal in 2010
      Upcoming evaluations provide an opportunity to renew funding and commitment

 The rationale for government policy in this area is consistent. CIC continues to
    support the objectives of the LINC program and the outcomes it achieves for its
    language learners.

 LINC’s sustainability rests primarily on its flexibility in adapting its approach to
    achieving established objectives and outcomes.
                 A plan for the future of LINC
Telling the LINC story today
     Demonstrating the ongoing effectiveness of LINC by developing an enhanced performance
      measurement strategy, which describes:
             LINC’s role as one of many language learning programs
             LINC’s role in achieving wider settlement outcomes

Enhancing LINC in the future
     Improvements to LINC, for example:
             more flexible class schedules and reduced class sizes
             expansion to new service regions, especially rural areas
             innovative delivery models, such as distance learning and home study
             more childminding and delivery assistance
             enhanced tools and supporting materials

     Other areas of ongoing work
              coordinated placement and exit assessment systems
              Exploration of new elements of language training, such as pronunciation, fluency,
               pragmatics, motivation
              enhanced instructor training
              LINC’s role in labour market bridging
                LINC’s place in a modernized
                    settlement approach
 A modernized settlement approach highlights the common elements of
  settlement programming and seeks to move beyond a ‘siloed’ view of
  settlement services
 It emphasizes a holistic view of settlement challenges faced by newcomers,
  and highlights how different services play a role in achieving a unified set of
 Under the modernized approach:
     Service providers will continue to deliver traditional LINC services under a simplified
       and unified set of terms and conditions.
     LINC will be recognized not only for its role in achieving language learning outcomes,
       but also as an information provider, a needs assessment tool and an opportunity for
       social engagement.
     CIC will continue to use contribution agreements with service providers. These
       agreements will reflect an enhanced focus on accountability and program
                   New Terms and Conditions
   Combination of Program Authorities - Combines LINC, ISAP and Host program
    authorities, as well as contributions to provinces with an alternate funding arrangement
    (AFA) under one program authority to simplify and improve service delivery and avoid
   Eligibility - Extends eligibility to include some prospective immigrants and refugees,
    including some overseas, who are highly likely to obtain permanent residency but have
    not yet received their permanent resident visa. These include, for example, individuals
    who have been selected by CIC pending completion of medical, security, and criminal
    verification statutory requirements.
   Capital Expenditures - Increases allowable capital expenditures to 15% of the total
    value of the agreement. In addition, service providers may spend more than 15% in an
    individual year of a multi-year agreement (up to a maximum of 50% of any year's budget),
    so long as total capital expenditures do not exceed 15% of the total value of the
   Other changes - Other changes to the Ts and Cs (e.g. elimination of co-funding
    requirements under the ELT program) are minor and permit standardization of eligible
    costs and clients across themes.
                     Modernized settlement approach
                                  Current status                                      New Approach
Planning and       Informal or inconsistent approach; planning     Communities develop and implement evidence-based
Capacity           frequently reactive and driven by reporting     strategic settlement plans, offering services that
Assessment         requirements unrelated to newcomer              respond to identified needs and regional issues. All
                   outcomes.                                       stakeholders are involved in planning and carrying out
                                                                   settlement programming. Best practices shared
Needs              No requirement for formal, individual needs     Needs assessments are begun as early as possible,
Assessment         assessment to receive services (other than      optimally overseas. Individual plans address defined
                   for placement in language classes).             settlement goals.
Program Delivery   Settlement needs are treated in isolated        Three separate programs are transformed into one
Architecture       silos of LINC (language), ISAP                  flexible and responsive program addressing five
                   (Information/ orientation), and Host            themes of settlement services. Provider
                   (engagement). Inflexible program design         organizations deliver services by combining
                   impedes a responsive approach to                activities from more than one theme (within
                   settlement and results in administrative        structure provided by CIC) to best meet newcomer
                   burden (e.g. multiple contribution              settlement needs.
                   agreements for same provider).
Accountability     Focus on activity and financial monitoring of   Annual public reporting on the state of settlement in
                   individual contribution agreements.             Canada links services to specific settlement outcomes.
                   Insufficient focus on newcomer outcomes.        Ongoing performance measurement tools enhance the
                                                                   cycle of service improvement.
                             Current Eligibility and New Criteria

                                                                               Current Eligibility

                                                       Outside Canada - Canadian               In Canada
      Not                                                Orientation Abroad (COA)              • Permanent Residents eligible for all settlement services
    eligible                                           • Individuals with permanent            • Protected Persons as defined in Section 95 of IRPA.                     eligible
       for                                               resident visa                         • Persons in Canada whose applications for Permanent                         for
                                                       • Live-in caregivers with a               Resident status are being processed in Canada and who
   services                                              letter confirming their approval
                                                                                                 have been informed, by a letter from Citizenship and
                            Medical, security            under the Live-in caregivers            Immigration Canada, of the initial approval of the
                             and criminal                program                                 application subject to an admissibility assessment.
                                                                                               • Live-in caregivers - Eligible for Immigrant Settlement and
                                                                                                 Adaptation Program (ISAP) only.

                    X  Selected Applicants
                                                  X    Visa Issued
                                                                                         X   Arrival in Canada
                                                                                                                                                                 X   Canadian
                             to become                                                                                                                                Citizens
                         Permanent Resident

                                                                 New Eligibility Criteria
                                                  • Permanent Residents eligible for all settlement services
                                                  • Protected Persons as defined in Section 95 of IRPA.
                                                  • Persons in Canada or overseas who have been selected to become
                                                    permanent residents (pending verifications) will have access to
                                                    settlement services while they are outside Canada or in Canada.

• To access the language program, persons must of legal school-leaving age within their applicable province or territory.
• Live-in caregivers overseas who has been informed, by a letter of confirmation from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, of the approval of his/her Temporary Worker application
   under the Live-in Caregiver Program, they are only eligible to Canadian Orientation abroad (COA) but in Canada, they are eligible for settlement services. Once they are informed,
   by letter, of the initial approval of the permanent resident application subject to an admissibility assessment they become eligible for all settlement services.
                       CIC Settlement Programming Logic Model
                 Policy Development, Program Design and Management                                                                                     Settlement Services

 Program                                                                                                                                                                     Language/
                  Policy and Program             Program Implementation and          Needs Assessment                                               Information &                               Labour Market
Components            Development                       Management                     and Referrals
                                                                                                                 Support Services
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Community Connections

                • Strategic plans             • Operational plans                    • Initial and on-         Enabling services:                  • Information        • Language           • Labour market         • Individual and
                                                                                       going needs             – Childminding                        products             training             bridging                community-level
                • Policy, priorities,         • Program delivery materials and                                 – Transportation
                                                                                       assessments                                                                      • Other skills/      • Job search skills       bridging, e.g.:
                  standards and                 tools                                                            assistance                        • Orientation
                  outcomes                                                             (including              – Provisions for                                           life-skills          training              – Host/ mentor matches
                                              • Functional guidance & training                                                                       sessions
                                                                                       language                  disabilities                                             training                                   – Volunteers engaged trained
                • Performance                                                          assessments)                                                • Promotion                               • Labour market           and supported
                  measurement strategy        • Data collection and
                                                                                                               Other support                         and                                       information
 Outputs          and national reports          regional/local/SPO reports           • Referrals to CIC-                                                                                                             • Cultural awareness,
                                                                                                                 services:                           outreach                                • Workplace               anti-racism, and
                                              • Regional, local and SPO                funded and
                • Horizontal                                                           community               – POE reception                                                                 orientation             welcoming
                  coordination                  coordination                                                     services
                                                                                       settlement              – Translation                                                                                           communities services
                • PT consultations            • Service delivery capacity              services                – Interpretation
                • Research analysis/            building                                                       – Settlement/ crisis
                  and reports                 • Best practices and info sharing
                • Funding allocation          • Contribution agreements

                                                                                  6. Clients, service
                                                                                     providers and CIC are
                1. Policies and programming align with departmental and              aware of newcomer
                   government priorities                                                                                       8. Target population is aware of CIC settlement services
                                                                                     settlement needs
                2. Program models are evidenced-based, informed by                                                             9. Timely, useful and appropriate CIC settlement services are available in the Official Language of choice
                                                                                  7. Referrals and                                (in accordance with the Official Languages Act and Policy)
Immediate          stakeholder input and address the barriers & needs of             personalized settlement
                   both newcomers and communities                                    plans are based on                        10. Clients obtain the CIC settlement services they need to deal with settlement issues as they emerge
                3. Standards, tools, resources and program coordination              assessed settlement
                   support the effective delivery of services                        needs
                4. Services are efficiently delivered
                5. Provision of settlement services across Canada that
                   achieve comparable outcomes                                                                                                                                    15. Clients have                 17. Clients are connected to the
                                                                                            11. Clients have timely, useful and            13. Clients have the official                                             broader community and social
                                                                                                                                                                                    knowledge of the
                                                                                              accurate information needed to                 language skills needed                                                  networks
                                                                                                                                                                                    Canadian work
                                                                                              make informed settlement                       to function in Canadian
                                                                                                                                                                                    environment and are
Intermediate                                                                                  decisions                                      society                                                               18. Program participants are
                                                                                                                                                                                    connected to local
 Outcomes                                                                                   12. Clients understand life in Canada          14. Clients have the                     labour markets                   aware of newcomers’ needs
                                                                                              including laws, rights,                        skills/life-skills needed to                                            and contributions and are
                                                                                                                                                                                  16. Clients have the skills        engaged in newcomer
                                                                                              responsibilities and how to access             function in Canadian
                                                                                                                                                                                    to find and apply for            settlement
                                                                                              community resources                            society

                                                                                                                    19. Newcomers find employment commensurate with their skills and experience
                                                                                                                    20. Newcomers enjoy their rights and act on their responsibilities in Canadian society
                                                                                                                    21. Canadians provide a welcoming community to facilitate the full participation of newcomers into
                                                                                                                    Canadian society

                                                                                                                    22. Newcomers contribute to the economic, social and cultural development needs of Canada

CIC Strategic
 Outcome 3                                                                                                               23. Successful integration of newcomers into society and the promotion of Canadian Citizenship