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Number    Title                                                               Composer/Arranger

688       ACCELERATIONS (Waltz)                                             Strauss
534       ADELAI                                                            Spurin
783       AFTER THE BALL (SIn)                                              Coward
686       ALERT MARCH                                                       Bell
414       ALL ABOARD FOR DIXIELAND                                          Cobb
722       AMERICAN PATROL                                                   Gray
735       ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (SIn)                                          Berlin
744       ANNIVERSARY WALTZ                                                 Franklin
711       APRIL NIGHT                                                       Clutsam
710       ARC DE TRIOMPHE (SIn)                                             Novello
467       ARCADIANS, THE (Overture)                                         Arthur Wood
352       ARCADIANS, THE (SIn)                                              Monckton & Talbot
389       ARGENTINE TANGO                                                   Rubens
806       AROUND THE WORLD (SIn)                                            Young
697       ARTISTS' LIFE (Waltz)                                             Strauss
779       BAND WAGON, THE (SIn)                                             Schwartz
308       BANDOLERO                                                         Stuart
663       BEACHY HEAD (Overture)                                            Tapp
513       BEAUTY PRIZE, THE (SIn)                                           Kern
603       BEGINNERS, PLEASE! (Overture)                                     Wood
747       BELINDA FAIR                                                      Strachey
244       BELLE OF NEW YORK, THE                                            Kerker
809       BELLS ARE RINGING (SIn)                                           Styne
540       BERCEUSE                                                          Jarnefelt
874       BEST OF THE SEEKERS (SIn)                                         Arr. Sharpe
425       BETTY (SIn)                                                       Rubens
728       BIG BEN (SIn)                                                     Ellis
853       BIG COUNTRY                                                       Moross
493       BILLETS DOUX                                                      Yuain
666       BING CROSBY HITS (SIn)                                            Arr. Duthoit
571       BITTER SWEET (SIn)                                                Coward
733       BLESS THE BRIDE (SIn)                                             Ellis
504       BLIND PLOUGHMAN, THE                                              Clarke
544       BLUE MAZURKA, THE (SIn)                                           Lehar
580       BODY AND SOUL                                                     Green
454       BOY, THE (SIn)                                                    Monckton
847       BOYS FROM SYRACUSE, THE (SIn)                                     Rodgers
872       BRAVURA FOR BRASS                                                 Sharpe
435       BRIC-A-BRAC                                                       Monckton
830       BROADACRES                                                        Steck
520       BROWN BIRD SINGING                                                Wood
737       BUFFOON                                                           Cruickshank
543       BUT NOT TODAY                                                     Boyer, Scotto & Conrad
609       BY THE SLEEPY LAGOON                                              Coates
647       BY THE WATERS OF MINNETONKA                                       Lieurance
831       BYE BYE BIRDIE (SIn)                                              Adams & Strouse
606       C.B.COCHRAN PRESENTS (SIn)                                        Hall
502       CABARET GIRL, THE (SIn)                 Kern
650       CALIPH OF BAGDAD, THE (Overture)        Boieldieu
767       CALL ME MADAM (SIn)                     Berlin
837       CALL TO ADVENTURE                       Bliss
678       CALLING ALL WORKERS (March)             Coates
850       CAMELOT (SIn)                           Lerner & Loewe
785       CAN CAN (SIn)                           Porter
720       CAN'T HELP SINGING (SIn)                Kern
824       CANOPUS                                 Thirtle
276       CANZONE DI TAORMINA                     White
656       CAREFREE (SIn)                          Berlin
629       CARELESS RAPTURE (SIn)                  Novello
679       CARES SANTE                             Lambert
S.22      CARMEN (SIn)                            Bizet
519       CARNIVAL (Suite)                        Ring
628       CARNIVAL IN PARIS (Tone Poem)           Svendsen
698       CARNIVAL PIECES                         Schumann
753       CAROUSEL                                Rodgers
S.116     CASSE NOISETTE (SIn)                    Tschaikowsky
594       CAT AND THE FIDDLE (SIn)                Kern
591       CAVALCADE (SIn)                         Coward
690       CAVALCADE OF FAMOUS SONGS               Arr. Duthoit
732       CENTENNIAL SUMMER (SIn)                 Kern
508       CHANSON                                 Friml
512       CHANSONETTE                             Friml
856       CHARLIE GIRL (SIn)                      Heneker & Taylor
722       CHASING SHADOWS                         Davis & Silver
543       CHERIE, I LOVE YOU                      Goodman
478       CHILDREN'S OVERTURE, A                  Quilter
705       CHORALE (Cantata 147)                   Bach
722       CHRISTMAS ROSES                         Waldteufel
815       CINDERELLA (SIn)                        Rodgers
754       CINDERELLA - WALT DISNEY'S SELECTION    David, Hoffman & Livingston
AUX. 38   CINEMA STAR, THE                        Gilbert
837       CLOWNS, THE                             Kingsbury
580       COCHRAN'S 1930 REVUE                    Ellis & Nichols
795       COCKLESHELL HEROES                      Dunn
870       COLE PORTER (A Symphonic Portrait)      Arr. Robinson
696       CONCERTO FOR B FLAT CORNET              Wright
843       CONTINENTAL GALOP                       Richardson
608       CONVERSATION PIECE (SIn)                Coward
315       COPELLIA                                Delibes
752       CORONATION SCOT                         Ellis
741       COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS                    Morgan
266       COUNTRY GIRL, A (SIn)                   Monckton
574       CRAZY PIROUETTE                         Frisk
727       CREATION HYMN                           Beethoven
641       CREST OF THE WAVE (SIn)                 Novello
543       CROSS YOUR HEART                        Gensler
484       CUBAN MOON                              Spencer
534       CUTIE                                   Friml
279       CZK CZK                                 Thurban
316       DAIRYMAIDS, THE (SIn)                   Rubens & Tours
787       DAM BUSTERS MARCH                       Coates
803       DAMN YANKEES (SIn)                      Adler & Ross
617       DANCE MEMORIES (SIn)                    Finck
504       DANCE OF THE ISLAND GIRLS               Garstin
554       DANCE REVELS (Suite)                    Phillips
656       DANCING DAFFODILS                       Finck
395       DANCING MISTRESS, THE (SIn)             Monckton
660       DANCING Y~S, THE (SIn)                  Novello
449       DANSE DES FOLLETTES                     Norwood
826       DANSES MINIATURES DE BALLET (Suite)     Ansell
297       DANZA ESOTICA                           Mascagni
525       DEAD ROSES                              De Freyne
357       DEAR LITTLE DENMARK (SIn)               Rubens
575       DEAR LOVE                               Wood
496       DEAR LOVE, MY LOVE                      Friml
806       DERBY DAY                               F arnon
721     DODMAN ROCK                                  Holliday
389     DODO DAWDLE                                  Dunkels
728     DOLORES (Valse)                              Waldteufel
817     DOMINION DAY                                 Farnon
543     DON'T FORGET                                 Hanley
534     DOWN PARADISE WAY                            Helier
285     DUCHESS OF DANTZIC                           Caryll
832     DUEL FOR DRUMMERS                            Torch
693     DUMBO (Fi~ SIn)                              Arr. Duthoit
840     EARLY TWENTIES, THE                          Arr. Duthoit
775     EAST & WEST                                  Stanley
745     EASTER PARADE                                Berlin
741     EASTER PEAL                                  Matthews
672     EDWARD GERMAN (Selection of Melodies)        Arr. Robinson
701     EIGHTH ARMY, THE (March)                     Coates
769     ELIZABETH OF ENGLAND                         Wood
804     ELIZABETHAN SERENADE                         Binge
487     ENGLISH PASTORAL IMPRESSIONS (Suite)         Farrar
343     ENGLISH ROSE                                 German
704     EPISODES OF RUSSIAN LIFE                     Duthoit
576     EURYANTHE (Overture)                         Weber
520     EV'RY MINUTE OF EV'RY DAY                    Arnold
775     EVENING CHIMES                               Stanley
419     EVENSONG                                     Martin Arr. Godfrey
679     EVENSONG                                     Martin Arr. Duthoit
837     EXODUS                                       Gold
731     FAITHFUL HEART, A                            Burrows
361     FALLEN FAIRIES (SIn)                         German
569     FAMOUS BEAUTIES (Suite)                      Fletcher
849     FANDANGO                                     Torch
860     FANFARE & SOLILOQUY                          Sharpe
ROO     FANNY (SIn)                                  Rome
708     FANTASIA ON BRITISH SEA SONGS                Wood
766     FANTASIA ON THE ALLELUIA HYMN                Jacob
327     FAREWELL                                     Ancliffe
461     FAUST (Ballet suite)                         Gounod
399     FAUST OVERTURE, A                            Wagner
750     FESTAL MARCH                                 Jacob
758     FESTIVAL MARCH                               Alwyn
868     FESTIVE OVERTURE                             Reed
862     FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (SIn)                    Bock
L833    FINALE 4TH SYMPHONY                          Tchaikovsky
736     FINIAN'S RAINBOW (SIn)                       Lane
634     FIRE OVER ENGLAND (SIn)                      Addinsell
714     FIREFLIES                                    Savino
643     FIREFLY, THE (SIn)                           Friml
797     FIRST GUARDS, THE                            Bliss
681     FIVE MINUTES WITH COLE PORTER (SIn)          Arr. Duthoit
681     FIVE MINUTES WITH JEROME KERN (SIn)          Arr. Duthoit
587     FIVE O'CLOCK GIRL (Gems from)                Ruby
653     FLEET'S LIT UP, THE (SIn)                    Ellis
476     FLEURETTE I SHALL NEVER FORGET               Wood
821     FLOWER DRUM SONG (SIn)                       Rodgers
343     FLUFFY RUFFLES                               Zuluet
752     FLYING COLOURS                               Barsott1
614     FLYING TRAPEZE, THE (SIn)                    Wayne
624     FOLLOW THE FLEET (SIn)                       Berlin
622     FOLLOW THE SUN (Slri)                        Schwartz
572     FOLLOW THROUGH (SIn)                         DeSylva, Brown &
670     FOOTLIGHTS                                   Coates
545     DESERT SONG,. THE (SIn)                      Romberg
705     DESERT VICTORY (March)                       Alwyn
AUX. 48 DO I DO WRONG?                               Kern
836     DO-RE-MI (SIn)                               Styne
872     FORSYTE SAGA (Theme)                         Coates
631     FOUR DANCES FROM MERRIE ENGLAND              German
367     FOUR FLEMISH DANCES                            Blockx
780     FOUR PARIS SKETCHES                            Collier
561     FOUR WAYS (Suite)                              Coates
684     FRAGMENTS FROM THE SYMPHONIES                  Arr. Duthoit
583     FREDERICA (S In)                               Lehar
837     FRENCH HORN GALOP                              Clark
592     FROM MEADOW TO MAYFAIR (Suite)                 Coates
863     FROM THE HIGHLANDS                             Farnon
464     FUNERAL MARCH (The Dusk of the Gods)           Wagner
857     FUNNY GIRL (SIn)                               Styne
719     FUTURE, THE                                    Williams
687     GARDEN MEMORY, A                               Carne
308     GAVOTTE                                        Saunders
687     GAY CITY, THE                                  Jacobi
614     GAY DECEIVERS, THE (SIn)                       Broones
757     GAY'S THE WORD (SIn)                           Novello
737     GEEZE DANCE, THE                               Holliday
644     GEMS OF IRISH SONG                             Wright
879     GEORGE GERSHWIN (Symphonic Portrait)           Arr. Chase
804     GEORGIAN RUMBA                                 Slaney
816     GIGI                                           Loewe
695     GIPSIES AND COSSACKS                           Klay
391     GIPSY LOVE                                     Lehar
AUX.40 GIPSY PRINCESS                                  Kalman
318     GIRL BEHIND THE COUNTER, THE (SIn)             Talbot
406     GIRL FROM UTAH, THE (SIn)                      Rubens
AUX.37 GIRL FROM UTAH, THE (Valse)                     Rubens
330     GIRLS OF GOTTENBERG, THE                       Monckton
667     GODS GO A-BEGGING, THE (Ballet Suite)          Handel
637     GOLD DIGGERS OF 1937 (SIn)                     Arlen
755     GOLDEN CITY (SIn)                              Tore
673     GOLDEN DAYS (Overture)                         Herbert
471     GOLDEN STAR, THE (March)                       Sousa
813     GOLDEN TRUMPETS                                Barsotti
194     GONDOLIERS, THE (SIn)                          Sullivan
464     GOOD FRIDAY MUSIC (Parsifal)                   Wagner
305     GRAND MILITARY TATTOO                          Rogan
327     GRANDMAMMA                                     Monckton
658     GREAT WALTZ, THE (SIn)                         Strauss
5.118   GREEK SLAVE, A                                 Jones
710     GREEN MEADOWS 'Pictures in the Twilight'       Ewing
743     GRENADIERS, THE                                Waldteufel
668     GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (SIn)                       Robin
776     GUYS AND DOLLS (SIn)                           Loesser
841     GYPSY (SIn)                                    Styne
125     H.M.S.PINAFORE (SIn)                           Sullivan
844     HALF A SIXPENCE                                Henneker
743     HALLELUJAH CHORUS                              Handel
441     HAMADRYAD                                      Benyon
825     HAMPTON COURT (Overture)                       Phillips
772     HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSON (SIn)                  Loesser
859     HAPPY DAYS (Suite)                             Statham
746     HASTA LUEGO                                    Matthews
341     HAVANA (SIn)                                   Stuart
504     HAWAIIAN EYES                                  De Freyne
601     HE WANTED ADVENTURE (SIn)                      Waller
593     HELEN (SIn)                                    Offenbach
855     HELLO DOLLY (SIn)                              Herman
784     HELTER SKELTER                                 Lemon
653     HERE IN THE QUIET HILLS                        Carne
808     HERE WE GO, OFF WE GO                          Dabson
740     HEROIC OVERTURE                                Taylor
744     HIGH BUTTON SHOES (SIn)                        styne
805     HIGH FLIGHT                                    Coates
802     HIGH SOCIETY (SIn)                             Porter
551     HIT THE DECK (S1n)                             Youmans
760     HOLBORN (March)                                Coates
570     BOLD EVERYTHING                                DeSylva, Brown, &
676      HOME GUARD ON PARADE                      Arr. Duthoit
574      HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT                     Novello
496      HUGS , KISSES                             Meyer
769      HUNTERS RIDE                              Barsotti
S.48     HUNTING SCENE, A (Descriptive Fantasia)   Bucalossi
775      HUNTSMAN, THE                             Stanley
626      I GIVE MY HEART (SIn)                     Millocker
343      I KNOW A LOVELY GARDEN                    D'Hardelot
509      I LOVE HER, SHE LOVES ME NOT              Caesar
470      I LOVE YOUR EYES OF GREY                  Wood
512      I'LL BUILD A STAIRWAY TO PARADISE         Gershwin
724      I'LL TURN TO YOU                          Craven
663      I'LL WALK BESIDE YOU                      Murray
701      IMPRESSARIO THE (Overture)                Mozart
801      IMPRESSION OF A PRINCESS                  Coates
817      IN BADEN-BEI-WIEN                         Cormack
283      IN DAYS OF OLD (Suite)                    Ball
796      IN MARTIAL STEP                           Arr. Duthoit
501      IN ROMANY                                 Hylton
673      IN SIGHT OF THE OASIS                     Baron
476      IN YOUR ARMS                              Glaser
654      INVITATION TO THE WALTZ                   Weber
151      IOLANTHE (SIn)                            Sullivan
655      ~RVING BERLIN CAVALCADE                   Berlin
503      ISLAND KING, THE (SIn)                    Garstin
512      ISLE OF SWEETHEARTS                       Yvain
674      IVAN CARYLL MELODIES (SIn)                Duthoit
838      IVOR NOVELLO MELODIES                     Arr. Duthoit
343      J'AIME MON AMOUR                          Caryll
AUX.49   JAPANSY                                   Klenner
570      JERICHO                                   Myers
651      JEROME KERN MELODIES (SIn)                Duthoit
609      JESTER AT THE WEDDING (March)             Coates
682      JESTER AT THE WEDDING (Four Movements)    Coates
612      JILL DARLING (SIn)                        Ellis
849      JOCKEY ON THE CAROUSEL                    Farnon
795      JOLLY JUGGLERS                            Ellis
830      JOYFUL SKELETON                           Lemon
746      JUMPING BEAN                              Farnon
333      KAISERMARSCH                              Wagner
778      KING AND I, THE -<-SIn)                   Rodgers
630      KING STEPS OUT, THE (SIn)                 Kreisler
749      KING'S RHAPSODY (SIn)                     Novello
853      KINGS STORY                               Slaney
789      KISMET (SIn)                              Wright & Forrest
474      KISS CALL                                 Caryll
473      KISS CALL, THE (SIn)                      Caryll
534      KISS ME GOODNIGHT                         Bernie
759      *KISS ME KATE (SIn)                       Porter
689      KISS THE BOYS GOoD-BYE (SIn)              Schertzinger
470      KISSING TIME (Fox-trot)                   Caryll
468      KISSINGT.IME (SIn)                        Caryll
470      KISSING TIME (Valse)                      Caryll
308      KUSSEN 1ST KEINE SUND                     Eysler
268      L'ARLESIENNE SUITE NO.1                   Bizet
280      L'ARLESIENNE SUITE NO.2                   Bizet
500      LA BOUTIQUE FANTASQUE                     Rossini - Respighi
679      LA CINQUANTAINE                           Marie
775      LA GOLONDRINA                             Serradell
727      LA PASTORELLA DELL'ALPI                   Liszt
348      LA TRAVIATA (Sln)                         Verdi
700      LA TZIGANE                                Klay
389      LA VIE JOYEUSE                            Zulueta
536      LADY BE GOOD (Sln)                        Gershwin
557      LADY MARY (Sln)                           Sirmay
224      LADY SLAVEY, THE (Sln)                    Crook
633      LAND WITHOUT MUSIC (Sln)                  Straus
686      LARGO                                     Handel
861      LATE TWENTIES, THE (Sln)                  Arr. Sharpe
481      LAZY MISSISSIPPI                          De Freyne
746       LE CARNAVAL DU BAL                          Barsotti
276       LE CARNA VAL ROMAIN                         Berlioz
438       LE DESERT                                   David
351       LE ROI D'YS (Overture)                      Lalo
447       LEONORE NO. 3 (Overture)                    Beethoven
164       LES ALSACIENNES                             Thiere
S.21      LES CLOCH~S DE CORNEVILLE (Sln)             Planquette
320       LES DEUX PIGEONS                            Messager
508       LES TRESORS DE COLUMBINE                    Drigo
542       LIDO LADY (Sln)                             Rodgers
505       LILAC TIME                                  Schubert-Clutsam
471       LILY BELLS, THE                             Sousa
627       LIONEL MONCKTON MELODIES                    Arr. Robinson
706       LISBON STORY, THE (Sln)                     Davies
482       LITTLE DUTCH GIRL, A (Sln)                  Ka~an
AUX. 36   LITTLE GREY HOME IN THE WEST                Lohr
304       LITTLE MICHUS, THE (Sln)                    Messager
501       LITTLE MISS SPRINGTIME                      Hylton & Bassett
164       LO HERE THE GENTLE LARK                     Bishop
607       LONDON (Suite)                              Coates
625       LONDON AGAIN (Suite)                        Coates
609       LONDON BRIDGE (March)                       Coates
699       LONDON CALLING (March)                      Coates
729       LONDON LANDMARKS (Suite)                    Wood
493       LOONY MELODY                                Longstaffe
698       LOVE COULD I ONLY TELL THEE                 Capel
818       LOVE DOCTOR, THE (Sln)                      Wright & Forrest
771       LOVE FROM JUDY                              Martin
484       LOVE NEST                                   Hirsch
678       LOVE'S ENCHANTMENT                          Pryor
305       LOVE'S LAST WORD                            Cremieux
752       LOVE'S LAST WORD IS SPOKEN                  Bixio
435       EOVE'S VALLEY                               Forster
AUX. 26   LUXEMBOURG VALSE                            Lehar
481       MACEDOINE                                   Clarke
657       MAGYAR MELODY (Sln)                         Posford & Grun
820       MAIN EVENT                                  Sarsfield
766       MALTA G.C. (March)                          Bax
869       MAME (Sln)                                  Herman
865       MANCINI MAGIC                               Mancini
769       MANSELL CONCERTO                            Leslie-Smith
596       MANX RHAPSODY, A                            Wood
858       MARCHE MILITAIRE 'LA RONDE'                 Gounod
741       MARCHE MILITAlRE OP.51 NO.3                 Schubert
442       MARCHE SLAVE                                Tschaikovsky
640       MARCHE SOLENNELLE                           German
512       MARCH ETA                                   Schertzinger
854       MARCHING WITH MUSICAL COMEDY                Barsotti
534       MARIE MY GIRL                               Aitken
402       MARRIAGE MARKET, THE (SIn)                  Jacobi
AUX.35    MARRIAGE MARKET, THE (Valse)                Jacobi
485       MARY (SIn)                                  Hirsch
851       MARY POPPINS                                Sherman
724       MAY DAY AT HELSTON                          Holliday
758       MEDITERRANEAN CONCERTO                      Semprini
820       MELODY ON THE MOVE                          Richardson
520       MEMORY LANE                                 Conrad
777       MEN OF TRENT (March)                        Coates
343       MENUET D'ANTAN                              Lambert
679       MENUET IN G                                 Paderewski
730       MENUETTO , FINALE (from SYMPH.No.1 IN Eb)   Haydn
441       MERMAID, THE                                Coates
546       MERRIE ENGLAND (2nd SIn)                    German
410       MERRIE ENGLAND (Fantasie)                   German
331       MERRY WIDOW, THt (sIn)                      Lehar
508       MERRY MAKERS, THE                           Coates
307       MIGNON (Overture , Gavotte)                 Thomas
476       MIGNONNE (Intermezzo)                       Rayners
S.51      MIKADO, THE (SIn)                           Sullivan
760       MILITAlRE (Overture)                        Nation
705      MINIATURE SUITE                           Wood
688      MINUET FROM SYMPHONY No 101 (The Clock)   Haydn
481      MINUET IN F                               Logan
389      MOONLIGHT DANCE                           Finck
714      MORNING                                   Speaks
784      MORNING CANTER                            Steck
822      MOST HAPPY FELLA, THE                     Loesser
599      MOTHER OF PEARL (SIn)                     Straus
827      MOTOR SPORT                               Barsotti
206      MOUNTEBANKS, THE (SIn)                    Cellier
603      MOUSME, THE (Overture)                    Monckton
279      MUMBLIN' MOSS                             Thurban
470      MUMMY HOBBLE, THE                         Brougham
510      MUSIC BOX REVUE, THE (SIn)                Berlin
602      MUSIC IN THE AIR (SIn)                    Kern
828      MUSIC MAN, THE (SIn)                      Willson
867      MUSIC OF ALBENIZ                          Arr. Sharpe
878      MUSIC OF ERIC COATES                      Arr. Sharpe
595      MUSICAL COMEDY CONCOCTION, A              Hall
623      MUSICAL COMEDY MEMORIES                   Finck
588      MUSICAL COMEDY SWITCH                     Hall
340      MY MIMOSA MAID (SIn)                      Rubens
685      NAME DAY (Overture)                       Beethoven
774      NAVAL OCCASION                            Clifford
501      NEATH TROPICAL SKIES                      De Freyne
568      NEW MOON, THE (SIn)                       Romberg
498      NEW SULLIVAN SELECTION                    Sullivan
-        NEWFOUNDLAND RHAPSODY                     Cable
706      NIGHT HAS EYES, THE                       Williams
848      NO STRINGS                                Rodgers
526      NO, NO, NANETTE                           Youmans
354      NORWEGIAN CARNIVAL                        Svendsen
419      OBERON (Overture)                         Weber
398      OH! OH! DELPHINE (SIn)                    Caryll
734      OKLAHOMA (Sin)                            Rodgers
578      OLD AND NEW (SIn)                         Finck
652      OLD WORLD DANCES (Suite)                  Phillips
476      ON MIAMI SHORE                            Jacobi
639      ON THE AVENUE (Sln)                       Berlin
540      ON THE CLIFFS OF CORNWALL                 Smyth
AUX.43   ON THE RIVIERA                            Van Loan & Rich
644      ON THE TRACK                              Simpson
687      ONE NIGHT IN THE TROPICS                  Kern
AUX.41   OOM-PAH TROT, THE                         Daly & Lannin
560      OPEN ROAD, THE (Suite)                    Lohr
611      OPERAS IN RHYTHM                          Somers
648      OPERETTE (SIn)                            Coward
465      OUR DAY                                   Verral
669      OUR GRACIE (SIn)                          Arr. Duthoit
349      OUR MISS GIBBS (SIn)                      Monckton & Caryll
465      OVER THERE                                Cohan
695      OVER TO YOU, (March)                      Coates
495      OVERTURE 1812                             Tschaikowsky
873      PAINT YOUR WAGON (SIn)                    Loewe
793      PAJAMA GAME, THE (SIn)                    Adler & Ross
683      PALACE AND HIPPODROME MEMORIES (SIn)      Arr. Duthoit
716      PARIS (Suite)                             Wood
662      PARIS HONEYMOON (SIn)                     Robin & Rainger
411      PARSIFAL (Prelude)                        Wagner
S.34     PATIENCE (S~n)                            Sullivan
407      PEARL GIRL, THE (SIn)                     Talbot
213      PEER GYNT (Suite)                         Grieg
375      PEGGY (SIn)                               Stuart
548      PEGGY ANN (SIn)                           Rodgers
721      PERCHANCE TO DREAM                        Novello
449      PERFECT MELODY, THE                       O’Hara
773      PETER PAN (Walt Disney's SIn)             Churchill, Wallace & Young
731      PETITE VALSE DE CONCERT                   Barsotti
574      PICCOLO PETE                              Baxter
496      PICKANINNY BLUES                          Klickmann
845      PICKWICK (SIn)                            Ordanel
427      PILGRIMS MARCH AND SALTARELLO             Mendelssohn
741      PIMPERNELLE WALTZ                         Greenwood
768      PINEAPPLE POLL (1st suite)                Mackerras
812      PINEAPPLE POLL (2nd suite)                Mackerras
671      PINOCCHIO (SIn)                           Harline
481      PIP , SQUEAK                              Brougham
138      PIRATES OF PENZANCE (SIn)                 Sullivan
794      PLAIN AND FANCY (SIn)                     Hague
619      PLEASE TEACHER (SIn)                      Tunbridge
416      PLYMOUTH HOE                              Ansell
715      POMONE VALSE                              Waldteufel
521      POPPY (SIn)                               Jones & Samuels
819      PORGY AND BESS (SIn)                      Gershwin
719      PRAYER TO OUR LADY, A                     Ford
469      PRELUDE, CHORALE AND FUGUE                Bach
871      PRELUDIUM AND FUGUE                       Frescobaldi
279      PREMIER PRINTEMPS                         Margis
522      PRIMROSE (SIn)                            Gershwin
807      PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL, THE              Addinsell
428      PRINCE IGOR (Ballet Music)                Borodin
388      PRINCESS CAPRICE (SIn)                    Fall
541      PRINCESS CHARMING                         Sirmay
774      PROCESSION                                Ellis
757      PROLOGUE , EPIC STORY                     Clifford
774      PROUD CAPITAL                             Steck
371      QUAKER GIRL~ THE (SIn)                    Monckton
AUX.25   QUAKER GIRL, THE (Waltz)                  Monckton
799      QUEBEC FOLK FANTASY                       Cable
S.lll    QUEENS OWN, THE (Valse)                   Coote
824      QUIET STROLL, A                           Williams
525      RAGGEDY ANN                               Kern
499      REBEL MAID, THE (Four Dances)             Phillips
488      REBEL MAID, THE (SIn)                     Phillips
733      RED MILL, THE (SIn)                       Herbert
339      RED ROSES (Valse)                         Lehar
830      RED SQUARE REVIEW                         Rycoth
7        REMINISCENCES OF AUBER                    Arr. Godfrey
180      REMINISCENCES OF COSTA                    winterbottom
274      REMINISCENCES OF THE PLANTATION           Chamber~
275      REMINISCENCES' OF TSCHAIKOWSKY            Dan Godfrey Jnr
73       REMINISCENCES OF VERDI                    Arr. Godfrey
474      RESIGNATION                               Keppel
777      RHODESIA (March)                          Coates
532      RIENZI (Overture)                         Wagner
839      RIP IT UP                                 Hays
626      RISE & SHINE (SIn)                        Stolz
414      RIVER OF DREAMS, THE                      Sirmay
481      ROAD OF LOOKING FORWARD                   Lohr
618      ROBBER SYMPHONY (Suite)                   Feher
852      ROBERT & ELIZABETH (SIn)                  Grainer
839      ROBERT FARNON MELODIES (2nd SIn)          Arr. Duthoit
379      ROBERT LEDIABLE (SIn)                     Meyerbeer
823      ROBERT STOLZ MELODIES                     Stolz
616      ROBERTA (SIn)                             Kern
742      RODGERS AND HART SONGS (SIn)              Duthoit
694      ROGUISH PEASANT, THE (Overture)           Dvorak
686      ROMANCE & BOLERO                          Le Thiere
383      ROMEO & JULIET (SIn)                      Gounod
509      ROSALIE                                   Frey
646      ROSALIE (SIn )                            Porter
635      ROSE DE FRANCE ( SIn)                     Romberg
414      ROSE IN THE BUD                           Forster
527      ROSE MARIE ( SIn)                         Friml-
389      ROSE OF MY HEART                          Lohr
449      ROSES OF PICARDY                          Wood
512      ROSES OF PICARDY (Fox-trot)               Wood
467      ROSES OF PICARDY (Valse)                  Haydn Wood
717      ROSES, ROSES EVERYWHERE                   Elliott
746    ROSITA                                    Missud
782    ROYAL EDINBURGH                           MacPherson
709    ROYAL FIREWORKS (Suite)                   Handel
808    ROYAL OCCASION                            Farnon
764    ROYAL REVIEW                              Steck
692    RUSSIAN FOLK SONGS AND DANCES (SIn)       Duthoit
256    RUY BLAS                                  Mendelssohn
679    SALUT D'AMOUR                             Elgar
711    SALUTE THE SOLDIER (March)                Coates
817    SAMBA SUD                                 Torch
271    SAMPSON & DELILAH (SIn)                   Saint-Saens
715    SANTA MARGHERITA                          Selley
808    SATURDAY SPORTS                           Torch
846    SAVOY DANCES (Suite NO.1)                 Robinson
791    SAXO RHAPSODY                             Coates
739    SCENES PITTORESQUES (Suite)               Massenet
834    SCHERZO (4th Symphony)                    Tschaikowsky
645    SCOTTISH FANTASY, A                       Wright
834    SEASHORE                                  Farnon
665    SECOND FIDDLE (SIn)                       Berlin
514    SECOND NEW SULLIVAN SELECTION             Sullivan
619    SEEING STARS (SIn)                        Broones
664    SELECTION ON FAMOUS MELODIES              Ruhens
566    SELECTION ON POPULAR SONGS                Phillips
553    SELECTION ON POPULAR SONGS                Del Riego
441    SELECTION ON POPULAR SONGS                Forster
477    SELECTION ON POP~ SONGS                   Wood
494    SELECTION ON POPULAR SONGS                D'Haredelot
564    SELECTION ON POPULAR SONGS                Coates
297    SERENADE                                  Leoncavallo
724    SERENADES IN CONTRAST                     Barsotti
358    SERMENT D' AMOUR                          Lucas
670    SEVEN SEAS (March)                        Coates
575    SHADOW OF A ROSE                          Ellis
820    SHADOW WALTZ                              Dubois
726    SHAFTESBURY THEATRE MEMORIES              Duthoit
639    SHALL WE DANCE (SIn)                      Gershwin
509    SHE LOVES ME, SHE LOVES ME NOT            Wynn
666    SHIELD OF EMPIRE MARCH                    Tapp
543    SHINE BRIGHT MOON                         Lehar
835    SHIPBUILDERS, THE                         Yorke
507    SHOE, THE (Dance suite from the Ballet)   Ansell
782    SHORTCAKE WALK                            Torch
559    SHOW BOAT (SIn)                           Kern
509    SILVER CANOE, A                           Rose
449    SILVER CLOUDS                             Wood
611    SILVER JUBILEE                            Letts
717    SILVER TRUMPETS, THE (March)              Viviani
581    SILVER WINGS (SIn)                        Waller & Tunbridge
501    SINGING                                   Hylton
520    SIXTY SECONDS EV'RY MINUTE                Hirsch
801    SKELETON IN THE CUPBOARD                  Steck
764    SLAUGHTER ON TENTH AVENUE                 Rodgers
308    SLAVE SONG                                Riego
570    SLEEPY VALLEY                             Hanley
801    SMILES 'N' CHUCKLES                       Farnon
790    SNAKE FENCE COUNTRY                       Cable
751    SNAPSHOTS OF LONDON (Suite)               Wood
647    SNOW WHITE (SIn)                          Churchill
496    SOME DAY YOU WILL MISS ME                 Darewski
525    SOME DAY YOU'LL CARE FOR ME               Gabaroche
5.25   SOMEBODY LOVES ME                         Gershwin
720    SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS (SIn)              McHugh
484    SOMETIMES IN MY DREAMS                    D'Hardelot
501    SOMEWHERE IN FAIRYLAND                    stolz
727    SONG OF NORWAY (SIn)                      Grieg
585    SONG OF THE DRUM (SIn)                    Ellis & Finck
781    SONG OF THE HIGH SEAS                     Rodgers
582      SONS O'GUNS                                Swanstrom, Davis & Coot
829      SOUND OF MUSIC, THE (SIn)                  Rodgers
763      SOUTH PACIFIC                              Rodgers
493      SOUTHERN MOON                              Rollo de Freyne
673      SPANISH~GYPSY DANCE                        Mowrey
714      SPANISH SERENADE                           Friml
827      SPORTING OCCASION                          Steck
804      SPORTS SPECIAL                             Steck
732      SPRING SONG (SIn)                          May
636      SPRINGTIME (Suite)                         Coates
586      STAND UP AND SING (SIn)                    Ellis
705      STAR OF GOD                                Coates
465      STAR OF MY LIFE                            Silesu
404      STARLIGHT                                  Zulueta
858      STATE OCCASION                             Farnon
784      STATE PAGEANTRY                            Barsotti
737      STATE TRUMPETERS                           Barsotti
511      STOP FLIRTING (SIn)                        Gershwin
612      STOP PRESS (SIn)                           Berlin & Schwartz
698      STRADELLA (Overture)                       Flotow
610      STREAMLINE (SIn)                           Ellis
620      STUDENT PRINCE, THE (SIn)                  Romberg
509      SUEZ                                       Grofe ,rDe Rose
824      SUGAR MELON                                Steck
385      SUITE AFRlCAINE                            Lacome
418      SUI~E ALGERIENNE                           Saint-saens
707      SUITE FROM THE WATER MUSIC                 Handel
475      SUMMER DAYS (Suite)                        Coates
AUX.36   SUMMER GLORY                               Zulueta
AUX.30   SUNSHINE GIRLS (Waltz)                     Rubens
718      SURREY SUITE                               Phillips
376      SWAN LAKE                                  Tschaikowsky
693      SWEEPING THE SKIES                         Birchall
616      SWEET ADELINE (Sln)                        Kern
474      SWEET HAWAIIAN MOONLIGHT                   Klickmann
787      SWEET SEVENTEEN (Cqncert Valse)            Coates
659      SWEETHEARTS (SIn)                          Herbert
113      SWEETHEARTS (Waltz)                        D' Albert
600      SWEETHEARTS'OF YESTERDAY (SIn)             Hall
327      SWING SONG (Valse)                         Hollander
632      SWINGTlME (Sln)                            Kern
484      SYBIL (Valse)                              Jacobi
483      SYBIL (SIn)                                Jacobi
474      SYLVIA'S LOVERS                            Rolt
486      SYMPHONY NO.5 (First & Second movements)   Beethoven
520      SYNCOPATE                                  Johnstone
504      TA BOUCHE                                  Yvain
752      TELL ME I'M FORGIVEN                       Katscher
529      TELL ME MORE (SIn)                         Gershwin
637      THAT GIRL FROM PARIS (Sln)                 Schwartz
558      THAT'S A GOOD GIRL (SIn)                   Meyer
621      THINGS TO COME (Film Music)                Bliss
470      THIS SONG OF OURS                          Lohr
556      THIS YEAR OF GRACE (SIn)                   Coward
552      THREE BEARS, THE                           Coates
795      THREE BRASS BELLS                          Hall
257      THREE DANCES (Nell Gwyn)                   German
AUX.21   THREE DANCES (Tom Jones)                   German
723      THREE ELIZABETHS, THE                      Coates
462      THREE ENTR'ACTES TO ROSAMUNDE              Schubert
782      THREE JOLLY TROMBONERS                     Stanley
358      THREE LIGHT PIECES                         Fletcher
790      THREE MEN IN A BOAT                        Siebert
615      THREE MEN, THE (Suite)                     Coates
579      THREE MUSKETEERS, THE (SIn)                Friml
640      THREE SKETCHES FROM KENILWORTH             Sullivan
731      TIME MARCHES ON                            Belton
538      TIP-TOES (SIn)                             Gershwin
652      TO SONG AND DANCE                          Handel
638   TOCCATA AND FUGUE·IN D MINOR               Bach
670   TODAY IS OURS                              Coates
329   TOM JONES (SIn)                            German
622   TOP HAT (SIn)                              Berlin
677   TOP OF THE'WORLD (SIn)                     Parr Davies & Leslie Smith,
860   TORONTO CITY                               Farnon
827   TOUCHDOWN                                  Williams
748   TOUGH AT THE TOP (SIn)                     Ellis
843   TRAPEZE WALTZ                              Torch
333   TRAUME (Cornet Solo)                       Wagner
643   TREES                                      Rasbach
725   TRIAL BY JURY ,(SIn)                       Sullivan
649   TRIP TO TOY TOWN, A (Suite)                Ashley
459   YES UNCLE (SIn)                            Ayer
493   YOU CAME TO ME                             d'Hardelot
555   YOU GAVE ME ALL MY SUNSHINE                Wood
697   YOU'RE MINE                                De Rance
731   YOUTH TRIUMPHANT                           willcocks
765   ZIP GOES A MILLION (SIn)                   Posford
805   ZULEIKA                                    Tranchell

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