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card loyalty
program: “cash back”
                                                                                            card loyalty program
                                                                                            “cash back” rewards

                                                                                            benefits to your business

                                                                                                 Increase credit card usage
                                                                                           P     among existing cardholders

                                                                                                 Strengthen your customer
                                                                                           P     retention strategy

                                                                                           P     Attract new cardholders

                                                                                           P     Cost-effective

                                                                                           P     Flexible value-added service

                                                                                           benefits to your customers

                                                                                           P     Redemption of points may be
                                                                                                 directly credited to their accounts

                                                                                           P     Ability to view and
                                                                                                 redeem points online

                                                                                                 Freedom of choice for their
                                                                                           P     rewards

        uscal announces the launch of a     redemption frequency in line with your
        flexible credit card “Cash Back”    cardholder’s spending preferences. You
        Rewards. This program is tailored   also have the ability to cap the rewards      costs less than acquiring new customers.
to your specific business needs.            points at your discretion. The online         This is where “Cash Back” Rewards
    “Cash Back” Rewards will allow your     service to view and redeem reward points      adds value. The cost of the program
cardholders to redeem points for cash.      is presented to the cardholder with your      is easily outweighed by the increase
Rewards points are accrued according to     branding.                                     in the number of transactions and it is
the size of monthly spend.                      The management of this program is         also a good opportunity to acquire new
    This loyalty program is an effective    partially outsourced which minimises the      cardholders”. n
tool to support your customer retention     use of your resources and staff. It is very
strategy as well as to attract new          simple for your business to implement
                                                                                          For more information, please contact your
customers.                                  and manage.                                   Cuscal Relationship Manager or Business
    This program is very flexible and           Chris Malcolm, Business Development       Development Manager. Contact details can
allows you to tailor the program’s terms    Manager from Cuscal said: “Everyone           be found at
and conditions, rate of rewards and         knows that retaining existing customers

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