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					                 S o c i a l   S e r v i c e s


          A scheme for Haringey’s
               unpaid carers
Take-a-Break is designed to give carers an enjoyable
break from caring. As a carer, you choose the time and
kind of break which suits you.
There are two schemes for carers who provide substantial care on a
regular basis.

Take-a-Break …… up to £100

This service is for those carers who may not want to take a holiday away
from the person they care for. It lets you take a break for a few hours,
perhaps while the person you care for receives a sitting service. You may
decide to take a day trip, go to a show or have dinner with friends. You

Take-a-Break PLUS…… up to £300

This service enables carers to have a planned break without the person
they care for. As a carer, you take a holiday while the person you care for
receives some form of respite care.

This sum could pay for all or part of your travel and/or accommodation.
You will need to provide receipts to show that you have been away. Only
one payment is made per household.

To qualify for either Take-a-Break or Take-a-Break PLUS, you must:

     Meet Haringey Council’s eligibility criteria for unpaid carers

     be aged 18 or over

     care for someone aged 18 or over who lives in Haringey

     obtain the recommendation of a care manager or care co-ordinator
     as part of your carer’s assessment.
To find out more about this scheme, contact the care manager or team
of the person you care for. If you are not in touch with someone from
Social Services, contact:
Carers Support Team
Adult Social Care, Haringey Council
40 Cumberland Road
London N22 7SG
Tel: 020 8489 3967

Take-a-Break is reviewed annually and is subject to change and
availability of funds.

Also ask about Gardening Kick-Start, another of the Council’s
schemes for unpaid carers
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