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To offer highly competitive, effective mortgage loans in an environment of respect,
integrity and transparency.

Baseline Principle
Radical Abundance: When faced with the opportunity to act from Abundance or from
Scarcity – to always choose the path reflecting the principle of Abundance.

“Do what is right for the client – the rewards shall surely follow.”

Our clientele knows that we are competent, knowledgeable, trustworthy and
effective. They refer their respected colleagues, best friends and closest family
members to us because they are highly confident that we will provide well-matched
products and services, with a strong component of personal relationship. Our
clients contact us for referrals for all manner of topics, because we are known for our
inventory of top-flight professionals to address a wide variety of needs.

Chris Brown
Lender Extraordinaire
“Your Mortgage Loan Advocate”
(408) 781-9090
                     Here’s what Clients are saying about
                     Chris Brown, Lender Extraordinaire!

“Chris Brown helps people for whom it would be very difficult to buy their own house without
the extensive creative help she provides. This year, she helped me refinance my home and get
out of a loan I absolutely hated because the interest rate was rapidly increasing and so was the
size of the payments. While I had to pay heavy pre-payment penalties to the previous lending
bank, Chris did everything to help me get out of that loan and then worked very hard to get me a
30-year loan at a very low fixed rate.

 The refinance at a much lower rate made it possible for me to pay off some bills and get some
things organized. It was great that I was also able to get cash out to buy another property. When
I had a challenge in coming up with some required reserves, Chris was instrumental in helping
me with a hard-money loan, too. I truly believe that she looks for the very best for her clients
and doesn’t concern herself about her commission; she really bends over backwards to ensure
you get a great loan!

During the loan process, Chris definitely expanded my understanding of loans. She was 100%
responsive, and even her office kept me updated while I was out of town.

Chris also helped me in a way I never expected from a loan consultant. She helped me be
spoiled and go through my mid-life crisis when I purchased a hot little vehicle I wanted and the
loan didn’t close in time for me to acquire it. Without her intervention, I would have lost the
chance at purchasing that vehicle, but Chris got me a short-term loan to secure the purchase of
the vehicle before the loan closed.

I adore Chris Brown and would recommend her to absolutely anyone! I respect her and think
she’s fabulous as a loan and real estate consultant and as a human being. I don’t trust a lot of
people, but I would highly recommend her, because on a personal basis, I feel she cares about
me and truly about other people, as well, as demonstrated in the volunteer work she does.”

                                                                             Teri Morrow
                                                                Teacher, Special Education

                    Here’s what Clients are saying about
                    Chris Brown, Lender Extraordinaire!

“I needed a Home Equity Line of Credit to remodel a 25-year-old townhouse. She got me a
great rate. Chris also helped me refinance my existing loan and go from a variable to a fixed
loan, which over the long term, meant lower and more manageable payments and was much
better for my financial situation. The loan was for a deed-restricted property that the city in
which I live sponsors, which is difficult to explain to the lender.

Her ability to provide education on the loan made the process seem straightforward. Chris
helped me learn how to talk to lenders in a language they would understand. Prior to meeting
with Chris, I was not very knowledgeable, but with her help, the process became not so daunting
or overwhelming.

I needed this loan fast, too, because the way the rates were varying, we wanted to catch it as low
as we could and Chris managed to accomplish that. She advocated for me, too, in that she went
with me to a lender. She knows a lot of different lenders. When I got the HELOC, she knew all
kinds of people at Washington Mutual.

Her personality, her style and her approach make it easy to do business with her. For example,
my former lender was very formal and I had to come to his office. But Chris was willing to
come to my home, review papers, go to the lender, and made it more personal. She was also
more available and accessible. I could ask her things and it was okay that I didn’t know enough.
If I needed her to go out of her way, she would do it. She was very matter-of-fact and made
everything clear and provided information on the spot. And all of that with very reasonable fees.

Chris’ negotiation skills are excellent! Because of who she is as a caring person, she helped me
with a car financing one time and was willing to talk with the people who were lending and she
advocated for me just to be of service.

I really value my comfort in talking with Chris Brown. I have confidence in her honesty and
integrity -- personally and professionally. “

                                                                    Sandra O’Neil
                                                                    Nurse Practitioner

                     Here’s what Clients are saying about
                     Chris Brown, Lender Extraordinaire!

“Chris Brown was very supportive in helping us come to a difficult decision of having to sell
our home after being there for 24 years. Emotionally, it was very difficult. At a time when we
were having a challenge in keeping up with our current mortgage payments, through her creative
financing, Chris enabled us to hold on to our home long enough to put it on the market at a more
opportune time. Without her creative financing, we would have probably lost our home!

She worked hours and hours on our behalf, and if something needed to be signed or needed to be
done, she would put a lot of time to hold open houses to help us sell our home. I do know that
when Chris was helping us sell our home, she and her Realtor partner cut back the percentage of
their commission in order for us to clear more profit, which we needed in order to buy our new
home and have the 10% down required for the down payment.

We learned quite a lot from our lender, Chris Brown. On a scale of 1-10, I would put her at 15.
She is very, very creative when it comes to crossing barriers. She is very clear about advising on
only taking out a loan that you can realistically handle. She will go the extra mile to get the right
loan, even when it would be easier for her to get a simple loan.

Chris spent a lot of time explaining the material to us and showing spreadsheets. I am in
complete awe at how much time she would spend to ensure you knew what you were doing.
There are a lot of brokers who would just not do that. That is a rare quality to be cherished.

When we were in process of trying to buy a home, Chris did a phenomenal amount of
negotiating for us. It was incredible! She also was totally responsible in working out a superb

We recently bought a new home, where we had an agreement with the home builder’s broker to
get our loan from them. However, Chris Brown was instrumental in setting up a back-up loan
for us that we could use in the event that the builder’s broker couldn’t come through. On an
emotional and security level, her providing a back up loan was priceless! There aren’t many
loan consultants who would be willing to go to that extent.

It was very critical to have fast turnaround on the loan. Her ability to act quickly made it
possible for us to get a great deal on the property – we got $50,000 off the purchase price and
$7500 discount on the closing costs.


                     Here’s what Clients are saying about
                     Chris Brown, Lender Extraordinaire!


Chris’s integrity and honesty are stellar. Every step of the way, she told us and was upfront
about what she was doing. We could see everything on the spreadsheets. Chris’s documentation
and reporting are very thorough and very clear. The fact that she was able to get us a really good
loan was amazing. She put hours and hours into it. She was an emotional rock when things
were falling about our ears.

When we were trying to get our home for sale, she showed up all the facets of staging our house
and loaned us a book on staging. She even helped dig and trim in the backyard to get it ready for
sale. And what she couldn’t do, she found people to do it. I have treasured memories of her
pulling things off the wall and making the yard look really good. She bought a whole set of
china to dress the dining room table, as the staging professional hadn’t like our china. I sat in on
some of the open houses and I was amazed at some of the efforts she made to put people in touch
with others if she couldn’t help them.


                                                                   (Lending & Realty Client)

                    Here’s what Clients are saying about
                    Chris Brown, Lender Extraordinaire!

“I had sold a previous home after parting ways with my partner and needed to buy again rather
than rent in order to get a tax break. I wanted to purchase a townhouse, but had some
challenges in that I had been unemployed for some time and was only back at work for a few

 While I had a fair amount for the down payment, the biggest problem was not having a history
of recent income, because a lot of lenders don’t even want to talk to you when you don’t have
that history. So my lender Chris Brown helped me get an interest-only loan with a reputable
bank. She was tenacious and kept looking until she found a lender who would provide the right
loan. In addition, since I didn’t have the full down payment, I needed more cash to get a 2nd
loan. Chris helped me with that, too.

When I put the offer on the townhouse, as an incentive to the seller, I waived some of the
contingencies and said I would be willing to close within a couple of weeks. Chris had already
done a lot of the upfront work, because it allowed me to move through the loan quicker. During
the process, she let me know how things were progressing and what information I needed to
provide upfront so that I could gather everything. Chris is also a stickler for detail and very
organized. She would make sure to call all of the relevant people to ensure that the loan went
through quickly and was very diligent about staying on top of it. Chris was great at answering
questions. This enabled me to make informed decisions.

Chris was very upfront about her fees and how that works. She’s one of the most ethical people
I’ve ever met. I felt I could trust her and had no qualms about that whatsoever. There were
times when I felt really discouraged about finding a place that I could afford and it was really
good to have somebody like Chris whom I could trust. This made a big difference to have her in
my corner. Chris made me feel like I was her only client. I always felt like I was her top
priority. It never occurred to me to go anywhere else, because this was a very difficult emotional
thing to go through and going with someone like Chris was more important than the money end
of it.

Even if she hadn’t saved me money, I would have still gone with her. Her sense of ethics makes
it worth it and you know she’s going to go for your best interest. She’s a real advocate for
people who have challenging situations.”

                                                                          Regina Morec

                    Here’s what Clients are saying about
                    Chris Brown, Lender Extraordinaire!

“When I needed a loan, I was struggling for money. Due to surgery for cancer and doctor bills
that weren’t all covered by my insurance, I had bills I was paying on high-interest credit cards.
Also, while I did have really good credit, I had a home mortgage where the interest rate was on
its way up. I needed relief! So with my lender, Chris Brown, I was able to take money out on
the house to pay off the credit cards and reduce my expenses by combining my main mortgage
and a home equity line of credit at a lower interest rate. And the cost was not as high as getting
it from a bank.

 Chris did this first by helping me get connections for whom to go to and she did all the work to
find the right banks to select from. I didn’t really know much about loans and Chris really
educated me on what to do and how to get the loan. To me, Chris Brown is like a doctor who
knows more about a body than I do. I let her explain things to me and would go with what she
recommended, because she knows more about it and she’s very trustworthy. She is very
intelligent, knows all the different terminology, and is constantly thinking about ideas. She was
managing the money, so I let her make the decisions.

 I felt comfortable going with her to sign papers. She actually went there to be with me when I
signed the documents. Most people don’t do that. That’s important and it means that she cares.
It made me feel good that she was holding my hand and gave me more confidence in what I was
doing in the steps to get the loan.

 I’ve never met anybody who has done something like this that shows she cares about other
people. She helps people who are in a different situation where they need support. She helps
people more than herself. She’s a very honest person and she’s making some money, but that’s
not her main concern. Her main concern is to help them with their financial situation. She will
do all the homework to talk to the right banks and the right people, but what she does behind the
scenes is transparent.

 Chris really went above and beyond to help me. I feel like I’m doing something I should have
done in the past. Especially being a woman and being alone, I felt it was great that she had all
this knowledge and could help me with her background. I would definitely go through her again
in the future.”

                                                                        Olga Sanchez

                     Here’s what Clients are saying about
                     Chris Brown, Lender Extraordinaire!

“I have known Chris Brown for many years. I send people to her because I believe she’ll give
100% of everything she has to help them. So, I recommended her to help my daughter and her
husband with their refinance so that they could pay off a lot of debt quickly. It was critical for
them to get out of debt, stay afloat and not risk losing their house.

I have a lot of respect for Chris’s knowledge. What I like about her is that when you and I are on
Step 1 or 2, she’s on Step 10, and she can tell you all the ins and outs of each step. She makes
sure you really understand things. She went to many different lenders, compared prices and
worked out what was the best way for them to go. She took a lot of time, energy and trouble to
help. Her negotiation skills were very in character. I’m always impressed with how far she’s
willing to go. She does her homework, does the comparisons and goes through more detail than
you’d ever want to know. But by the time you’re done, you’re very well educated. She is
conscientious and very quick!

Chris is a warm, genuine and caring person. She cares about the client. It’s more important the
people part of it. She’s chosen to do that. I see her working to fulfill what she wants to do. I
don’t hesitate to send anyone in trouble to her. She approaches what she does with a lot of
integrity and I would send anybody I knew to her in a heart beat!”

I would also like to add that I found Chris's help invaluable in securing a 2nd mortgage on my
home. She found me the right loan from the right people and got me the help I needed. She sent
me to the right place even though it meant no commission for her. She sent me because she
believes it's the right thing to do. I admire and trust her ethics.

                                                                            Paula Brandon
                                                                              Business Owner
                                                                           Ultrasound Services

                    Here’s what Clients are saying about
                    Chris Brown, Lender Extraordinaire!

“I needed a commercial loan to buy a property for my art business in Pleasant Hill. It had to be
an SBA loan, which is more difficult to secure, because it’s a business loan and is based on the
viability of your business, not just on your personal finances. Also, I didn’t have a lot of
money to put down.

I went to Chris Brown for help. She is very good at assessing people and finding them what they
need. She is very smart and very knowledgeable. She learns quickly and can find loopholes
and finds her way around hurdles. She is creative and resourceful.

With my needs in mind, she was able to immediately get the right commercial lender who could
help me and I got the best loan to enable me to buy my commercial property. Afterwards, Chris
did a follow up and made sure that I was taken care of. She is so ethical. She demonstrated that
she is out for what’s best for the client as opposed to what’s best for her. She was concerned that
I am getting my needs met. That is what motivates her. She’s the greatest!”

                                                                Christine Paris, Founder

                    Here’s what Clients are saying about
                    Chris Brown, Lender Extraordinaire!

“In my case, it wasn’t just purchasing a home; it was a business investment in another state,
which would secure my financial future. Throughout the process, I was amazed at her ability to
be attentive and interested in making things happen quickly. I don’t think she slept much. She
always had her fingers on the pulse of what was going on with my situation. And her
collaborative style and approach of working on things together helped me feel empowered and
eased my anxiety about the purchase. If something was out of my league, she would volunteer
to contact different people and speak on my behalf. It helped take away the stress.

There were times when I was on the verge of giving up. Then, just like an administrator, she
would get on the phone from California with some of the people in Washington State where I
live and remotely guide them to figure out how to help me get a loan to buy an apartment

As a lender, Chris Brown provides moral and intellectual support. In helping her clients, she
doesn’t see hurdles. I think Chris approaches a problem as an opportunity. In her mind, there’s
always a way. If someone is having difficulty qualifying, they would want Chris on their team.
She finds a way to get you qualified.

I give Chris an A+ on her understanding of loans. I’ve known her for 30 years and she has the
highest level of integrity and is one of the brightest people I know. There is nothing beyond her
ability to grasp. For Chris, it’s not about the deal. It’s about creating a positive outcome for
everyone involved. I think that’s the difference between her and other lenders who are really
more concerned about how many deals they can close. Chris really likes what she’s doing. She
never gives up and will make it happen.”

                                                                              Patricia Corbin
                                                       Property Manager & Real Estate Investor

                                              - 10 -
                    Here’s what Clients are saying about
                    Chris Brown, Lender Extraordinaire!

“I wanted to make a decision on whether to embark on an Equity Share opportunity that had
been presented to me. It was highly out of the ordinary, from my experience as an investor, and
a decision needed to be made quickly if I wanted it. I mentioned this to Chris Brown, Lender
Extraordinaire, and she readily offered to take a look at the agreement and help me with my

‘Totally-amazed and stunned!’ is not a strong enough expression to describe how completely
impressed I was that Chris had very rapidly (overnight with no notice) reviewed the lengthy
contract and given due diligence to completely and thorough analyzing the pros and cons of this
deal. She methodically combed through it in laser detail, much like an attorney would, and
pointed out areas of missing information and risk. She outlined in a well-organized and clear
written report to me all of the upsides of the deal and what to anticipate with various optional
scenarios. What I didn’t expect, where Chris went way above and beyond expectations, is that
she took delight in projecting various possible financial outcomes from the purchase and
subsequent sale of the property for me to consider. She is future-oriented and is deeply-
interested in people’s financial security, comfort and happiness.

The projections Chris came up with were very realistic and her overall analysis helped me to
think through the return-on-investment vs. the risk and time/energy involved. That’s when I
realized why they call Chris Brown, “Lender Extraordinaire”. Everything she does is
supremely extra and beyond what anyone I know would do for a person, even when there is yet
no apparent deal on the table. Her service orientation towards people is bar none! Her sound and
well-seasoned financial, investigative and analytical skills in helping someone to make a
property or lending decision are stellar and exceptional! I wouldn’t waste a lot of time
comparing lenders when there’s a Top Gun like Chris Brown on your side.”

                                                                           Louise La Fosse
                                                       High-Achievement Coach & Consultant

                                              - 11 -
                    Here’s what Clients are saying about
                    Chris Brown, Lender Extraordinaire!

“I have referred clients to Chris who are looking to refinance their existing loans. Lending is a
time-sensitive business in which rates can change quickly, so her fast turn-around has been much
appreciated by my clients.

As a loan consultant, Chris is very knowledgeable and technical. She is very good at educating
her clients on the components of a loan. Also, when it comes to her fees, by comparison with
others, she is extremely reasonable.

Integrity is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Chris Brown as a lender. She has
solid values and unquestioned ethics. She willingly volunteers her compensation to clients to
help them feel at ease with the transaction. She also makes it transparent she does a great deal of
work "behind the scenes" without charging more. She is more interested in her clients meeting
their goals than in her own compensation.

She never looks for a quick transaction; instead, she takes her passion and her commitment to
developing long-term client relationships. Chris is different from other lenders I've known and is
willing to meet wherever or whenever, including early in the morning or late at night, if needed.
She is incredibly flexible. Overall, I believe she brings an honest and open intent to educate
clients and help them make a very good choice in their decisions.”

                                                          David R. Farkouh, CFS, CRPC, AAMS
                                                                              Financial Advisor

                                              - 12 -

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