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									Real Estate Solutions Since 1968                      Retail • Office • Multi-Family
                                                       Retail • Office • Multi-Family

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McKinley, a well respected real estate investment firm, has the national market knowledge to understand

intricate situations and structure complex transactions. With 40 years of experience, McKinley’s
                                                    professionals acquire, plan, redevelop, lease, manage,
                                                    finance, and market apartment homes and
                                                    commercial real estate (retail, office and mixed-use).

                                                    McKinley manages over $1.93 billion in assets
                                                    including 17,371 apartments and 6.2 million square
                                                    feet of commercial space in eight states and with 751
                                                    full-time team members. Our corporate office is located
                                                    in Ann Arbor, MI, with regional commercial offices in
                                                    Chicago, Akron, Indianapolis, Norfolk, and Winter Park.

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                                           Ambassador Ronald N.                                            Albert M. Berriz is Chief

                                           Weiser (Ret.) founded                                           Executive Officer for McKinley.
                                           McKinley in 1968 and remains                                    Mr. Berriz has extensive
                                           its principal shareholder. He                                   experience in the acquisition,
                                           recently left his post as the                                   disposition, financing,
                                           United States Ambassador                                        management, development and
                                           to the Slovak Republic. He                                      redevelopment of real estate
                                           was appointed by President                                      assets. He is responsible for
                                           George W. Bush and sworn                                        acquiring and managing assets
                                           in on November 27, 2001 by                                      in excess of $4 billion during
                                            Secretary of State Colin Powell.         Albert M. Berriz      his career.
           Ambassador Ronald N. Weiser

           Ambassador Weiser is a graduate of the University of                  Mr. Berriz holds a Masters of Management degree with
           Michigan Business School and completed post-graduate                  honors in marketing and finance from the J.L. Kellogg
           work at the Business and Law Schools. Ambassador                      Graduate School of Management --- Northwestern
           Weiser has extensive experience in the acquisition                    University in Evanston, IL. He also holds a Bachelor of
           and management of real estate assets. He has been                     Architecture Professional degree with high honors from
           responsible for acquiring and managing assets valued                  the University of Miami School of Engineering.
           in excess of $4 billion.

            Board of Directors
            Paul Dimond, Chair           Eugene A. Miller   C. Wendell Dunbar,         Marc Weiser          Steven K. Hamp       Albert M. Berriz
            Senior Counsel               Retired Chairman   CPA                        Managing Partner     Principal            Chief Executive
            Miller, Canfield,            Comerica Bank      Dunbar & Martel, CPA’s     RPM Ventures, LLC    Hamp Advisors, LLC   Officer
            Paddock and Stone                                                                                                    McKinley
            Organization and             Organization and   Finance Committee          Finance              Organization and
            Compensation                 Compensation       Chair                      Committee            Compensation
            Committee                    Committee Chair                                                    Committee
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McKinley’s platform provides a multi-disciplinary team

                                                         disciplined business model
approach to solving complex real estate problems.

Who We Are
• Creative and entrepreneurial
• Opportunistic
• Speed is a key driver
• Results oriented culture
• High touch customer and client service
• Invest in people and real estate
• Disciplined business model
What We Do
• Opportunistic value added investments
• Premium client services
Core Products
• Garden apartments
• Shopping centers
• Office buildings
Core Markets
Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia,
Georgia, Kentucky

 “Magic occurs when you have a spirit of
 entrepreneurialism and a culture of discipline…”

 Jim Collins, Business Author & Consultant

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                          McKinley delivers “Premium Client Services” and
premium client services

                          extraordinary results using our entire arsenal of resources.           Select Clientele
                                                                                                 •   Capmark
                          Core Clients                                                           •   Island Capital
                          Our focus is financial institutions, municipalities and private        •   Freddie Mac
                          equity capital.                                                        •   Morgan Stanley
                                                                                                 •   Nationwide Insurance
                          Core Client Services                                                   •   Midland Loan Services
                          • Receivership Services                                                •   GMAC
                          • Property Management                                                  •   City of Taylor
                          • Acquisition and Disposition                                          •   Key Bank
                          • Leasing and Marketing                                                •   JP Morgan Chase
                          • Commercial Brokerage                                                 •   Merrill Lynch
                          • Construction Management                                              •   Flagstar Bank
                          • Facilities Management                                                •   TCF Bank
                          • Real Estate Advisory Services                                        •   John Hancock
                          • Capital Solutions                                                    •   Private Owners in Florida,
                          • Asset Management                                                         Ohio, Michigan and Indiana

                          Core Client Service Beliefs
                          • Attack every real estate transaction passionately and with the
                            entire arsenal of McKinley resources.
                          • Provide clients with a high touch, results-oriented relationship.
                          • Deliver superior results.
                          • Add intellectual capital from a highly sophisticated real estate
                            investment company.
                          • Respond and adapt to real-time change to achieve objectives.
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McKinley Towne Centre

                                                                                               results oriented
“The Nexus of Ann Arbor”
McKinley acquired this 125,000 square foot office building and three
development parcels located in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. In less than
30 days, due diligence was completed, including a full physical inspection,
legal review and development analysis. Simultaneously, we completed a
complex lease negotiation with the seller incorporating office space, retail
space and affiliated parking. McKinley converted surface parking and under
utilized common areas into 22,000 square foot of ground floor retail. Adjacent
parcels are under development as “for rent” luxury student apartments and
support retail.
Located in the heart of the Central Business District and the University of Michigan campus,
McKinley Towne Centre is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of urban professionals and
students alike. New office tenants include Google, Inc. and Bodman, LLP. New retail tenants
include Cingular Wireless, Salsarita’s, Bar Louie and TCF Bank.

BIO . . .
• Responsible for McKinley’s 6.2 million
  square foot commercial portfolio across
  six states

• Proven track record in commercial
  leasing, new construction,
  redevelopment, asset repositioning and
  investment strategy

• BA Government, UT Austin; MPA Policy
  Analysis, IU Bloomington; certified in          Royal Caswell
  Financial Leadership, USC                  Executive Vice President
                                           Managing Director, Commercial                       page 5

                        Pike Plaza Shopping Center
receivership services

                        McKinley stepped into the role of Receiver for this
                        200,000 square foot regional shopping center
                        located in Indianapolis. We provide property
                        accounting, leasing,
                        construction and
                        asset management

                                                                                 Genessee Crossing
                                                                                 Shopping Center
                         BIO . . .                                               McKinley served as
                         • Oversees commercial
                           client services division                              Receiver for this
                           working with third-party                              119,000 square foot
                           owners and financial                                  shopping center in Flint, Michigan on behalf of
                           institutions                                          Nationwide Insurance. We completed
                         • Responsible for                                       extensive exterior improvements, renewed
                           commercial acquisitions                               several tenants and successfully leased
                           and portfolio-wide leasing                            vacancies. We achieved a 94% occupancy
                                                                                 rate, allowing us to sell the property for 99%
                         • A graduate of Cooley Law     Matthew D. Mason, CCIM
                           School with a background         Vice President,
                                                                                 of the original asking price and recovering
                           in acquisitions and real      Director of Sales and   Nationwide’s capital investment in full.
                           estate disposition                 Acquisitions

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Huron Village Shopping

                                                                                                                 property management
McKinley secured debt and equity
financing for this 125,000 square
foot power center. Financing for
this multi-phase development
included construction financing,
mezzanine debt, participating
debt and securitized debt. Anchor
tenants include Whole Foods and
Barnes and Noble Booksellers. McKinley is also responsible
for leasing and management of this Class A property.

                                                             Charlestowne Mall
                                                             This 850,000 square
 BIO . . .
 • Effective at contract                                     foot super-regional mall
   negotiations, business                                    located in St. Charles,
   development, building                                     Illinois, is anchored
   positive client and
                                                             by Carson Pirie Scott,
   customer relationships
                                                             Kohl’s, Sears, Von
 • Maximizes profitability of                                Maur and an 18-screen
   business units through                                    movie theater. In six short months after McKinley
   effective team building
   strategies                                                was selected to provide property management,
                                 Leonard Cercone, Jr.        leasing and redevelopment services, the property
 • A graduate of Youngstown         Vice President,          experienced a value creation of $13,802,887,
   State University with a      Director of Commercial
   Bachelor of Science in             Operations             a 119% increase in net asset value.
   Business Administration
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                   O’Niells 222                                                   Michigan Orthopedic Center
asset management

                   McKinley has operated                                          and Michigan Heart and Vascular
                   this premier 180,000
                                                                                  McKinley has proudly provided property manage-
                   square foot Class A
                                                                                  ment, asset management and construction
                   office condominium for
                                                                                  services for two
                   over 6 years. We provide
                                                                                  owner occupied,
                   property management for
                                                                                  Class A medical
                   the building and financial
                                                                                  office buildings.
                   management services
                                                                                  They are located
                   for the condominium
                                                                                  on the St. Joseph
                   association. The majority
                                                                                  Hospital campus
                   owner is Roetzel and
                                                                                  in Ypsilanti,
                   Andress, a large law firm based in Akron with offices

                    BIO . . .
                    • Over 20 years experience
                      in all facets of commercial
                      and residential property

                    • Manages 1.4 million square feet
                      of retail and office real estate in
                      Ohio and Indiana

                    • Manages McKinley’s relationship
                      with its largest commercial
                      tenant -- FirstEnergy. This
                      company is the fifth-largest          Scott Kenney
                      utility in the U.S. and is a     Assistant Vice President
                      Fortune 200 company.            Regional Property Manager

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JANAF Crossings                                         Citrus Center

                                                                                                                               construction management
McKinley proactively took an under utilized parking     In 2007, McKinley renovated one
area at JANAF Shopping Center and constructed a         of its Florida shopping centers
42,000 square foot “out parcel” shopping center.        in Inverness. Citrus Center is a
JANAF is a 1 million square foot super regional power   140,000 square foot regional
center in Norfolk, Virginia. Leasing hit 100% before    center uniquely positioned and
construction was completed. National tenants include    located in Citrus County. After
Circuit City, Panera Bread and Qdoba.                   Winn Dixie rejected its lease out of
                                                        bankruptcy, McKinley immediately
                                                        and successfully retenanted the shopping center with TJ Maxx
                                                        and Office Max. Post renovation, this asset will increase in value
                                                        by over $8 million.

                                                                    BIO . . .
                                                                    • Senior Vice President and
                                                                      General Manager

                                                                    • Over 20 years of extensive
                                                                      experience in property
                                                                      management, including
                                                                      redevelopment and
                                                                      marketing of shopping

                                                                    • Manages 1.3 million
                                                                      square feet of commercial
                                                                      properties in Virginia and     Diane O’Brien-Bolin
                                                                      Florida                      Senior Vice President and
                                                                                                       General Manager

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                    Paint Creek Shopping Center
capital solutions

                    At this 120,000 square foot shopping center
                    in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan, McKinley
                    acted as Receiver for JP Morgan Chase.
                    McKinley uses its high touch customer
                    care approach in every assignment. This
                    center was immediately cleaned and tenant
                    maintenance concerns addressed.

                     BIO . . .                                           Capital Solutions
                     • Oversees financial analysis
                       and pro-forma development                         McKinley has extensive expe-
                       of the commercial portfolio                       rience in real estate capital
                                                                         markets, including debt and
                     • Responsible for asset
                       management, acquisition
                                                                         equity products such as con-
                       due diligence and commer-                         struction financing, acquisi-
                       cial client services reporting                    tion and renovation financing,
                                                                         securitized debt, tax-exempt
                     • A graduate of the University
                       of Michigan with a back-                          financing, affordable hous-
                       ground in real estate devel-
                                                        Thomas Gritter
                                                                         ing financing, tax-credit equity, institutional portfolio debt,
                       opment and management            Asset Manager    FNMA DUS, FHLMC and HUD financing, mezzanine debt,
                                                                         participating debt and joint venture capital solutions.

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Signs of Our Success

                                                        leasing and marketing
BIO . . .
• Responsible for leasing
  the McKinley owned and
  managed commercial portfolio
  consisting of over 6.2 million
  square feet

• Proven track record of closing
  lease transactions and
  managing relationships with
  third-party brokerage partners

• Over 15 years of real estate
                                      April Davis
  experience in the areas of land
                                    National Leasing
  management, acquisitions and
  divestitures, re-developement,
  due diligence and marketing

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w w w . m c k i
320 N. Main, St., Suite 200 • Ann Arbor, MI 48104 • Ph: 734.769.8520 • Fax: 734.769.6814

                              c o m m e r c i al r e al e s t at e s e r v i c e s

                                                                 Real Estate Solutions Since 1968

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