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14 February 2005

Great Parramatta Stores join Powerful Loyalty Service.
I now get more than friendly service and good products.
I also get 5% Cash Rewards.
More than a new loyalty rewards program; TECHNOCASH CashBack™ is innovative and will soon expand
to an area near you. Parramatta CashBack is now running with dozens of great businesses.

Backed by a powerful and easy to use internet access account you get the best rewards program “cash”
can buy.

Alternative loyalty programs should now be compared to TECHNOCASH CashBack in terms of customer
benefit. Everyone really wants their specials, discounts, competitions and of course rewards. With
TECHNOCASH CashBack you get it all. Shop as normal, buy your specials and still get your Credit Card
points and now get the ultimate reward of Cash added.

Cash, Yes 5% cash.

Shops, retailers and businesses are joining the TECHNOCASH CashBack program, as they want to be in
the new exclusive Cash powered marketing program. Retailers love to see their loyal customers smile. All
businesses thrive with loyal customers who have a reason to come back.

All great ideas and schemes start somewhere and then expand, so lets get going.

“We believe all the points schemes have hypnotised the consumer into believing points are a must have,”
said Paul Monsted, “ What we think is they must get a better alternative like TECHNOCASH CashBack
which is quick, easy and has real tangible value.”

He pointed out “Points schemes cost retailers enormous amounts so our program makes more sense and
hopefully more cents for the retailers”.

Ask anyone in the street how much cash value they believe points are worth. How many thousands of
dollars and how much redemption stress did you go through to get that airplane seat? So now join
TECHNOCASH CashBack, “You Beauty!”

TECHNOCASH is based in the ANZ Bank Building in Parramatta so the first CashBack zone is naturally
near us. With agents across the country we will work to roll out other centres quickly. Get a Card Now. Get
your store to think CASH - not points. Your customers deserve more.

Consumers can now ask their favourite store “I want my TECHNOCASH CashBack!”

Shop Now in Parramatta. Because you deserve more.

Tired of the same clichéd rewards schemes? Want more spending money?

Now with the TECHNOCASH CashBack card you can say good-bye to your boring rewards schemes,
because you deserve more. Technocash CashBack allows you to earn 5 per cent cash back when
purchasing at all participating merchants in Parramatta. You don’t have to worry about disappearing points,
because we offer you real cash back. Using our exciting patent pending IMSE terminal, we make your
CashBack experience enjoyable, fun, exciting and colourful.
Registration is FREE and quick when you log on to or come to the processing centre
on 37 George Street (BusinessWorld) Parramatta. Once you’re registered you can start receiving the
benefits by purchasing at the participating merchants. Retailers without an IMSE terminal simply stamp
your receipt which you bring to the nearby processing centre, don’t forget your CashBack card. Shop today
so you can enjoy the IMSE experience. You can then log in to your account at and
access your cash. Register now and receive a free coffee and donut from ParraMall donuts.

Look out for our Interactive Multimedia Sales Event terminal or “IMSE” it’s one of a kind and custom
designed to literally light up your day. Its blue and yellow appearance makes it stand out showing you the
way to receive CashBack. In any case, hear more about our patent pending IMSE terminal later.

Please note this loyalty program is operated by Technocash Pty Ltd who has been handling financial
transactions since 2000. Technocash Pty Ltd is AFS licensed (No: 247299) so you MUST read the Product
Disclosure Statement before considering using our services.

You can contact Paul Monsted on (02) 9687 1900 or visit our website at

For further information, contact:
Paul Monsted
Managing Director
+61 2 96871900

To unsubscribe – send a return email with “Unsubscribe” in the Subject field. Technocash Pty Ltd, AFS
Licence No. 247299. Customers should consider the Product Disclosure Statement available from or by phoning (02) 9687 1900, when deciding whether to acquire or hold this product.

Get great service, excellent products and 5% TECHNOCASH
CashBack from these Parramatta retail stores now…

Current List of Stores at and shown below:


AFS Licence No: 247299
Level 5, 20 Smith Street, Parramatta, NSW, 2150
PO Box 618, Parramatta, New South Wales, 2124, AUSTRALIA
Phone: 612 96871900 Facsimile 612 96871911 Email:

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