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					          Building Your Business with
                 Keyword Advertising

June 07, 2006
Rajat Kumar
 With the explosive proliferation of websites on the Internet, It has
     become really hard to establish your presence on the web.

  Millions of people are using search engines for searching various
 products and services, but the problem is that your Web sites don’t
feature in the search results as a result you don’t get any customer

 Using Bulk mailing is not helping either as most of the email Lists
            have dried up, and spam filters are in place.

   Using Banner ads is also a lost cause with click-throughs going
from 2% to 0.2% and CPM* rates climbing, the waste is getting higher.

 * Cost per thousand impressions
   Search – essential to any online marketing strategy

• Approximately 50% of online purchases are preceded by research on a
  search engine*
• 82.8% of IT marketers say websites are their most effective tool for lead
• 85.7% searched with intent to buy***

*DoubleClick 'Search Before the Purchase', 2005
**MarketingSherpa, IT Marketing Survey Results, 2004
***Interactive Advertising Bureau, 2005
The Element of a Search Engine
But do these “sponsored links” work?

About 10% to 40% of visitors searching for a term click on the
ads instead of the search results.

And 0.5% to 10% of the total typically click on OUR ads.

So what do we do?
     So what Does ProfitBySearch do?

  First we understand your products, offerings and
target audiences and strategize a campaign for each.
  We add campaigns when appropriate, over time.
How Do We Do It ?

                                              KW Group
Selecting Keywords

Our analysts create sets of keywords likely
to be used by each target segment, We
keep adding and fine-tuning using
automated proprietary technology Profit
Tracker, A campaign could use between
500 and 1,000,000 keywords.
                                      Typical CPC


                      1   2   3   4       5      6   7   8   9     10

     In the typical CPC* graph, the cost per position declines with position
                 making all the top-position ads very expensive…

* Cost per Click in US$
                              ProfitBySearchs's CPC


                  1   2   3    4     5      6       7   8   9   10    11

Our technology Profit Tracker ensures the opposite: we pay the least for the
   words that work the best. This gives our clients an unfair advantage.







                          1   2   3   4      5      6   7   8   9    10

We also see an interesting phenomenon we call tail-wagging. Clickthroughs go UP a bit
             when you go below position 5 on highly-competitive words.
                   So here, we reduce bids to increase performance.
          This varies by industry, though, and our systems learn all the time.
  * Click through Rate

        ProfitBySearch operates in 41 countries around the globe in
                         18 different languages.
Benefits of Pay Per Click

According to a SEMPO survey, the purpose of companies
using ’PPC’ is as follows:

• 61% on average wished to increase or enhance brand awareness.
• 58% on average wished to sell products, services or content directly online.
• 54% on average wished to generate leads to be closed via another channel.
• 44% on average wished to drive traffic to websites for which the revenue
  model was online advertising.
• 21% wished to generate leads for a dealer or distributor to close.
• 14% wished to provide informational or educational content.
Why do you need us?

•   Managing paid search campaigns is complicated:
     – There are 5 engines to deal with, therefore managing listings is difficult
        • Log in to 5 engines
        • Many thousands of keywords to monitor and update bids for
     – Each engine has different management structure
        • Character limits for copy
        • Method for determining rank
              – for Overture Max CPC = Ranking
              – for Google CTR x Max CPC = Ranking
     – Visibility
        • Difficult and time consuming to collate and contrast results from campaigns
     – Many Related Search Products
        • Sponsored Links, Paid Inclusion, Local Search, Trusted Feed
What makes us Different
•   Proprietary tools & technologies

    Search Trail has invested heavily in the development of supporting technology called Profit Tracker to
    enable its consultants to do more, and to deliver better results, whilst creating greater transparency in our
    work, and providing better management information to our clients.
     Campaign Analytics
     – Profit Tracker can track the effectiveness of all online marketing campaigns natural as well as paid-for
     – It provides comprehensive real-time ROI tracking and cost per sale analysis by referrer, and keyword.
     – This enables the cost and performance of each campaign to be assessed and adapted accordingly to
         meet online marketing strategies and budgets.

     –   Bid management technology
         Search Trail is one of few agencies to posses its own bid management toolset, with direct API access
         to all major pay per click engines, and capable of executing advanced bidding rules and updates on
         millions of bids as frequently as every half hour.

     –   Reporting Services
           Using our client Extranet , Our clients can view consolidated reporting for both their
           organic search optimisation and Pay-Per-Click search engine advertising. Reports
           could be generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
A Sample Case Study
•   Driving Traffic to their Credit Card Landing Page
Ad Creative that Works


                                            {Keyword: Credit Cards}
•   Keywords placed in heading of message   Great low rate credit cards.
•   Clear benefit statement to user         60 second response. Apply online
•   Strong call to action         
      Finding What Keywords Work

      200+ relevant keyword list built by ProfitBySearch services on basis of
      feedback from Advertiser

                                                                                                                    lowest rate credit cards
credit card promotions in singapore    accept credit cards                       capital one credit cards
                                                                                                                    best credit cards after bankruptcy
dinners club credit card singapore     secured credit cards                      credit cards merchant account
                                                                                                                    low intrest credit cards
card citibank credit singapore         prepaid credit cards                      credit cards Singapore             pay off credit cards
accept credit cards                    student credit cards                      online credit cards                american express credit cards
secured credit cards                   best credit cards                         credit cards after bankruptcy      capital one secured credit cards
prepaid credit cards                   credit cards for bad credit               low interest rate credit cards     no credit check credit cards
student credit cards                   business credit cards                     free credit cards                  reward credit cards
best credit cards                      instant approval credit cards             balance transfer credit cards      card applications credit cards
credit cards for bad credit            accept credit cards online                pre-paid credit cards              best low interest credit cards
business credit cards                  cash back credit cards                    low apr credit cards               pre approved credit cards
instant approval credit cards          compare credit cards                      corporate credit cards             fixed low interest credit cards
accept credit cards online             visa credit cards                         consolidate credit cards           bank of america credit cards
cash back credit cards                 credit cards guaranteed                   0 interest credit cards            credit cards instant approval
compare credit cards                   credit cards for people with bad credit   small business credit cards        credit cards for college students
visa credit cards                      gas credit cards                          debt negotiation on credit cards   fleet credit cards
credit cards guaranteed                accepting credit cards                    instant credit cards               fixed rate credit cards
instant online approval credit cards   unsecured credit cards                    low rate credit cards              prepaid visa credit cards
easy to get credit cards               credit cards for teens                    interest free credit cards         citi bank credit cards
rebate credit cards                    citibank credit cards                     apply for credit cards
                                                                                 gasoline credit cards
                                                                                 airline credit cards
Advertisement positioned at the First key slot
  Landing Pages: Deliver on Message Promise

   •   Lead users to the advertised product, service or solution
        – Create a smooth transition from your ad to your site:
        – Make it easy for the user to act on the advertisement

                                                                   Landing Page

{Keyword: Credit Cards}
Great low rate credit cards.
60 second response. Apply online
Results: Quadrupled the number of Visits

•   CTR = 2.2%
•   ProfitBySearch has quadrupled the number of customer visits in just over a month.
•   There has been a three fold increase in the number of people subscribing for credit
Search Engine API’s We Work With
Rajat Kumar

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