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									                                                                                           February 2005

                                      From the General Secretariat

    CIB KPI’s - Key Performance Indicators for the year 2004 with
                  comparative data over the period 2002 – 2003

                                                         However, in relative terms the least loss is among
The present News article on Key Performance              Universities.
Indicators (KPI’s) gives some data on a number of
items including:                                         Fee Payments
•    Membership
                                                         Figure 6 shows that the introduction of the extra 10%
•    Fee Payment Behaviour
                                                         “up-charge” for late payment in 2002, has resulted in
•    Meetings
                                                         earlier payments in 2004 as well.
•    Task Groups and Working Commissions
•    Publications
•    Income and Expenditures
•    Membership Satisfaction                             Figure 8 shows the repartition of meetings over the
                                                         regions. The sudden big increase in North America in
In the following figures, the KPI’s are shown with       2004 is due to the cluster of events that took place
comparative date on CIB’s performances over the          during the CIB World Triennial Congress in May 2004
years 2002, 2003 and 2004. The figures are preceded      in Toronto, Canada.
by some short comments. An explanatory text to the
presented data is included as an annex.                  Task Groups and Working Commissions

Short comments over the figures presented                The total number of commissions is roughly unchanged
in the current document:                                 (Figure 9), but the number of participating members in
                                                         Working Commissions as shown in Figure 10 has
                                                         slightly gone down.
Figure 1, shows a steady net loss of members for 3
consecutive years, with an average annual loss           Publications
percentage of nearly 10%. As shown in Figure 2, this
negative development concerned all three Membership      For the 3rd year in a row, there was no need for
Categories that is Full Members (FM), Associate          publication services from SPON (the CIB preferred
Members (AM) and Individual Members (IM). As a           commercial publisher) as indicated by Figure 11. From
result of the net membership loss, the volume of         Figure 13, it appears that Proceedings remain the most
invoiced income over the considered years has also       common type of publication.
decreased (see Figure 5). From Figure 3, the trend in
net loss of members in Europe can be noticed. Figure 4
confirms the negative trend across all membership
types (Research, University, Industry and Other).
CIB Information Bulletin

Income and Expenditures

Figure 14 shows the persisting trend on budget deficits
and the relatively big deficit in 2004.

Membership Satisfaction
A Membership Satisfaction Survey was conducted
among CIB Full, Associate and Individual Members.
Members were asked about their level of overall
satisfaction regarding the services offered by CIB from
the scientific, organizational and managerial aspects.
Members were to answer by selecting one of the
following: Agree strongly, Agree, Neutral, Disagree
and Disagree strongly respectively.

62 out of the 360 who received the survey replied.
Their opinion is reflected in Figure 15 and Figure 16.
                                                          Figure 2: Development per membership category

Figure 1: Membership Development in total                 Figure 3: Membership development per region

                                                          Figure 4: Development per type of organizations

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Figure 5: Membership development and invoiced
fees                                            Figure 8: Trend over meetings per region

Figure 6: Trend over Fee Payment Behaviour in
2002-2004                                       Figure 9: Number of commissions in 2002-2004

Figure 7: Trend over number of meetings in
2002-2004                                       Figure 10: Active commissions members 2002-

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Figure 11: Trend in number of publications

Figure 12: Trend in preferred publication formats

                                                    Figure 14: Trend over Income/Expenditures

Figure 13: Trend on type of publications

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                                          Annex: CIB KPI’s - Key Performance Indicators

                                          The type of information included in the KPI tables
                                          concern the following:

                                          Membership Development
                                            1.   Membership development – Total
                                            2.   Membership development – Membership
                                            3.   Membership development – Regions

                                             4.    Membership development – Type of

                                          Income from Membership Fees
                                             5.    Membership fees invoiced
                                             6.    Fee payment behaviour – Payments received

                                            7.     Meetings – Type of meeting
                                            8.     Meetings - Region

                                          Task Groups and Working Commissions
                                             9.   Task Groups and Working Commissions
                                             10.  Task Groups and Working Commissions –
                                                  Participating Members
Figure 15: Membership satisfaction from
corporate members
                                             11.    Publications – Published
                                             12.    Publications – Format
                                             13.    Publications - Type

                                          Comparison over Income and Expenditure
                                            14.   Income / expenditure

                                          Overall Membership Satisfaction
                                            15.    FM/AM Overall Membership satisfaction
                                            16.    IM Overall Membership satisfaction

                                          In the past, statistics on hits over CIB Home Page
                                          were also presented. As the Home page has not
                                          functioned properly over the past year or so, this data
                                          is not available. It will be reintroduced after the
                                          production of the new re-designed CIB website.

Figure 16: Membership satisfaction from

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